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Unresolved, formerly The Unresolved Podcast, is a horror and True Crime-based podcast hosted by Michael Whelan. The show covers unsolved disappearances, mysterious murders, and truly bizarre crimes that defy rational explanation, along with the occasional supernatural mystery. Imagine if Rob Dyke hosted This American Life, and you get a decent summary of this podcast. Whelan also hosted a companion podcast called Hoax, which delves into famous hoaxes.

Unresolved provides examples of:

  • Adult Fear: The circumstances surrounding Franklin Delano Floyd's abduction of Suzanne Sevakis. Imagine you are their mother and you find yourself in jail because you passed a bad check. You get out only to find that your husband, their stepfather, has completely vanished and taken all of your children with him. You find two of them in a church-run orphanage, but you never see the other two again. Then years later, you learn that the stepfather raised your daughter to be his next wife while your infant son has disappeared, in all likelihood murdered by said stepfather. And you couldn't stop it because of a bad check.
  • Serial Killer: Several well-known ones, like the Zodiac and the Golden State Killer, and some not-so-well-known ones, like Bible John and the Shaw Creek Killer.
    • Israel Keyes is a unique case where he claimed to be a serial killer and there was enough corroborating evidence to back him up, but he committed suicide before he could be further questioned and the full extent of his crimes may never be known.
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  • Would Hurt a Child: Franklin Delano Floyd to his stepson Michael Anthony Hughes, and quite possibly Suzanne Sevakis's little brother.

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