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Are you ready to confront The Tritone Gambit?

"Welcome to the Caesin Sector, a recently settled region of space on the galactic north-east. Discovered by the Rogue Trader Cladius Fivreaous Harron, the sector has been undergoing rapid colonization as the Imperium lays claim to its resources. But frontiers are dangerous, and not only from without. The Inquisition is the shadow organization charged with rooting out the more subversive threats against the Imperium of Man, and a newly colonized sector requires the creation of infrastructure to support such duties. The hastily formed Caesin Conclave has called in every favour available to it to swiftly establish itself in the sector. With the lack of Inquisitorial Agents, several newly recruited acolytes have been dispatched to the Caesin Sector to assist..."

The Tritone Gambit is an adventurecast featuring six friends playing Dark Heresy , the now-discontinued Warhammer 40,000 RPG. The story follows a group of young recruits in the Inquisition, a shadow organisation that defends the Imperium of Man from threats without and within, as they run errands throughout a recently colonised part of space. But as time goes on, they start uncovering mounting evidence of that something is not quite right...

The current cast includes:

  • Rosa Ytterdal: An Imperial Assassin. The last survivor of a Noble House, who fled to the Underhive as a child and learned the ways of killing before taking her revenge. Played by Steven.
  • Sha Mortz: A Voidborn Psyker. A reserved young woman who has gone through much, and ended up with a snarky attitude as a result. Played by Jaz.
  • Anya Shaw: An Imperial Guardsman. A somewhat callous and fatalistic woman from a planet long lost to the Tyranids. Played by Rob.
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  • Kadis ‘Blaze’ Beatrix: A Feral Guardsman. Once a warrior in a primitive tribe, now a soldier of the Emperor. Bit clueless at times, but has taken to her new life with a lot of enthusiasm. Played by Georgie.
  • Sylveria ‘Sylvie’ Aurelis: An Imperial Adept. A Scribe who joined the party after their first mission in the ruined city of Shipfall. Eager to increase her knowledge of all things, and with a well-founded wariness of combat. Played by Ben.

Can be found on iTunes and Podbean.

Currently, the story consists of the following arcs:

  • Recruitment: (01 - 07) A collection of brief adventures focusing on each character and how they joined the Inquistion.
  • The Archive: (08 - 11) Arriving at their destination, the acolytes are thrown headfirst into an emergency...
  • In the Shadow of Shipfall: (12 - 21) With the Archive secure, the acolytes are given their first mission - establishing an Inquisitorial safe house in the settlement known as Shipfall.
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  • The First Archived Aside: (22 - 23)
  • The Ghostfire Incident: (24 - ???) A missing psyker has the acolytes travel to Floria IV to investigate a cathedral under construction.

Members of the group have also played one shots of other games, such as Dungeons & Dragons.

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