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"Always tell your mommy before you go off murdering people."

The Old Oilhouse is a UK based fortnightly podcast which started out as being only Transformers orientated but has since broadened itself out to include almost everything relating to geekness. The Old Oilhouse went online on the 3rd of October 2009 with Episode 2, Episode 1 was never released after two very unsuccessful recording sessions, one filled with drunken offensive ramblings and one with nonsensical geeky ramblings regarding "The god-damned Batman". The podcast is hosted by Adam, aka "Grufflock" and his two co-hosts Stu, aka "Darkageis" and Rob, aka "khaosenvy". While the main feature is The Old Oilhouse podcast the site offers more smaller shows, video game reviews and a webcomic.

NOTE: Some quotes might be incorrect, but feel free to listen to the shows if you feel like double-checking.


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