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One of the thousands of internet wrestling podcasts out there, The C Show actually holds a rather unique place as it is a reaction to a reaction to a wrestling show.

Over all the general tone of The C Show tends to be an optimistic one, due to the fact that most of its members are newer fans but as time goes on it has been getting a bit more cynical, a fact which cannot be helped by them starting to watch more TNA Impact. You can find episodes over at their blip page or on The Spoony Experiment wrestle wrestle forums. After a series of arguments, the C-Show would eventually work with the Dark Match before being fired and returning to working solo, adding former Darkmatchers Alli, Lord Star and Megafighter3 to their ranks.


Like Dark Match, the C-Show has many sideshows that they do.

  • Wrassle Trax: A Riff Trax style riffing of various wrestling PP Vs and shows, good or bad.
  • Stroke My American Footballs: A football podcast.
  • WABAAM: A podcast detailing news in the video game industry.
  • The Rope Break Podcast: A podcast covering random topics on wrestling (i.e, Managers, the history of Monday Night Raw)

This podcast provides examples of:

  • Berserk Button: Michael Cole for the entire show but especially for Slick-Rob
  • Catchphrase: HELLLLOOOOOO INTERNET! (For Riddler)


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