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Good evening, and "Ia, Ia", Wendigos!

The Alexandria Archives is a supernatural/cosmic horror/comedy podcast created by Nicole Jorge, Uri Sacharow and Aaron Rehdactedd. The framing story is told mostly through the titular late night college radio show of Alexandria University, hosted by Morning Wood. Described as the South's answer to Miskatonic University, AU, located in the town Alexandria near the North Carolina border, is filled with monsters and supernatural entities who co-exist, some more easily than others, with humans. The story is largely a Framing Device for the horror stories MW plays during her show. The stories themselves vary widely, despite featuring supernatural elements; some are horrific and some are fairly lighthearted. As the show progresses, we get to know the supporting cast, like the vampire Gore, the BOBs and more.


You can find the podcast's website here, and its Twitter here.

Tropes (related to the Myth Arc)

  • Anthology: The podcast is basically a horror anthology series.
  • Gainax Ending: Gore and the Bobs find themselves in the universe of Cassidy Nightingale, where they are detained by agents of the SCP Foundation.
  • Halloween Special: Of a sort; the podcast is already a horror series, but episodes released on or around Halloween have usually featured more visceral stories than usual.
  • No Party Like a Donner Party: Apparently, AU's mascot, the Wendigo, was chosen because the original founders of the town got stuck in a snowstorm and had to resort to cannibalism.
  • Opposing Sports Team: AU's sports team, the Wendigos, have an ongoing rivalry with Miskatonic University's Cephalopods.
  • Show Within a Show: MW's late night show. Also other AU radio shows, like The Skies Have Eyes with the Revelator and The Morning Munch with Frankie and the Buzz.
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  • What Measure Is a Non-Human?: In "The Long Game Part I", someone, pretty derisively, refers to Gore as a "bloodsucker", referring to him being a vampire. Morning Wood takes issue with it, considering Gore a friend and thinking of him as "a human with very specific dietary requirements".

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