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"Almost thirty years ago, the governments of the world banded together to enact a secret plan: to study and catalogue storytelling conventions and motifs. The goal was to discover certain patterns, the so-called 'tropes'. In controlling story-telling itself, these corrupt governments would control the world. And so 'On The Tropes', a term coined by project head Professor Gary Goldstein, was born.

They soon realized that none of the scientists of the era possessed the massive levels of bravery and intellect required for the study. Having no other option, the government leaders turned to their only possible course of action: dark science, and even darker sorcery."

On the Tropes is a podcast about TV Tropes (you can see an advertisement next to you).

Now with a Recap page for the most recent episodes detailing the Top Five picks and other things mentioned in case you want to find out more about the stuff that gets talked about on the show.

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