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Podcast / No Such Thing As A Fish

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Left to Right: Andrew Hunter Murray, Dan Schrieber, Anna Ptaszynski, and James Harkin

A weekly podcast coming from the QI offices in "Covernt" Garden in London, join Dan Schrieber, Anna Ptaszynski, James Harkin, and Andrew "Lightning" Murray as they gather around the microphone and share their four favorite facts from the last week and discuss and explore related facts and ideas.

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"There are fish called Grunion and to have sex they throw themselves on land—which is inconvenient because they are fish..."
  • Metaphorgotten: From an attempted explanation of the layers of skin in episode 203:
"So, we're like a meaty cake with pritt stick on it?"
  • Running Gag: Andy trying to give himself the nickname 'Lightning'.


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