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Stay Sexy. Don't Get Murdered.

"Toxic masculinity ruins the party again."
Upon reading another serial killer's tragic backstory

My Favorite Murder is a weekly true crime and comedy podcast hosted by Karen Kilgariff & Georgia Hardstark. They discuss murder cases, shows and documentaries featuring true crime, the criminal justice system, and feature local murder cases from listeners in a segment called Hometown Murders.

Regular episodes are released Thursdays and run roughly an hour and a half to two hours. Mini episodes are released on Mondays, running around half an hour to an hour, and feature stories sent in to them from listeners. Episodes were released by Feral Audio until September 2017 when they moved to Midroll Media. In November 2018, Karen and Georgia introduced their own podcast network, Exactly Right.

They interact with their fans on their Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram, as well as on their official website.


  • Awesome Mc Coolname: In-show we have Paul Onions, the most beautiful man in the world (based solely on his name).
  • Badass Mustache: Steven has one.
  • Bittersweet Ending: While every case discussed is in some way tragic, sometimes the surviving victims will go on to fight for other victims, or the case will result in legislation to prevent further deaths.
  • Catchphrase: Several.
    • "Stay Sexy, Don't Get Murdered" is the most common one.
    • "Look." "Listen." "Look and Listen".
    • "Fuck politeness."
    • "It goes all the way to the top!"
    • "That's exactly right!" which was common enough to become the name of their own Podcast Network.
  • Corpsing: Despite the serious subject matter, sometimes a particularly ridiculous hometown story or well-executed joke will set one or both of them off laughing.
  • Crossover: With Anna Faris's podcast Unqualified. Dave Anthony of The Dollop also guest starred in one of their live shows. Georgia and Karen have also appeared on The Last Podcast on the Left.
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  • Cute, but Cacophonic: Georgia's cat Elvis.
    Georgia: Elvis, want a cookie?
    Elvis: *yowls*
  • Disposable Sex Worker: Frequently discussed and criticized in-show.
  • Don't Go in the Woods: "Get a job. Buy your own shit. Stay out of the forest."
  • Downer Ending: Kind of inevitable when you're talking about murder. Karen and Georgia began ending main shows with a brief segment about something that makes them happy to help avert this, subsequently named “Fucking Hooray” with input from listeners.
  • Do Wrong, Right: Sometimes comes up. For example, when talking about the Eyeball Killer, who had a noted creepy fixation with eyeballs in his personal life, they joke that if you're obsessed with something and you want to murder people, you should murder them in relation to a different thing.
    Karen: People tell on themselves. I don't want to educate criminals, or make them better...but how about just shut up for two weeks? Could you?
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Early on, there aren't separate minisodes, so hometown murders just come at the end of regular episodes. There's also no Fucking Hooray segment (which itself took a little bit to get a name).
  • Freaky Is Cool: Karen, Georgia and their fans bond over their fascination with murder. Sometimes dips into Freakiness Shame and then is validated by each other or the community
  • Good Victims, Bad Victims: Discussed; Karen and Georgia will not hesitate to point out when this mentality is at play, and the negative effect it can have on the case (i.e. serial killers getting away with their crimes because the victims were assumed to be runaways or part of a minority population).
  • Hypercompetent Sidekick: Steven Ray Morris, their producer.
  • Insistent Terminology: As the show progressed, they became more careful about saying "sex worker" vs. "prostitute."
  • Malaproper: Georgia, occasionally. For example, she's combined "proclivity" and "propensity" into "proclensity," and "entangled" and "intertwined" into "intertwangled."
  • Missing White Woman Syndrome: Discussed and averted in-podcast; cases involving non-white/young/female victims have been used.
  • Pun-Based Title: Early episodes were titled using puns based on the episode number. Eventually they switched to naming episodes after particularly memorable quotes or moments from the show.
  • Running Gag: At live shows: "And here he is now!"
    • "Why, there hasn't been an [X] in these parts for twenty-five years!"
    • Suddenly singing about any given joke.
    • Karen's fake drunk voice.
    • When any amount of money comes up in a story from several decades earlier, they'll ask how much that is in today's money and often come up with a ridiculously high value. Later on this expanded to any number.
    • Whenever a university or college is mentioned, they'll try to create their sports team. It always starts with "the fighting..." and is finished off by either a reference from earlier in the episode or simply whatever noun they can think of.
  • Scam Religion: On Scientology: "You're in a cult, call your dad."
  • Signing-Off Catchphrase: Stay sexy. And don't get murdered!
    • "Elvis, you want a cookie?" "MEOWWOWWLLRRL."
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: Both Karen and Georgia, leading one listener's dad to call MFM the "Fuck Word Murder Mystery Show."
  • Small, Annoying Creature: Elvis, a very loud and slightly cross-eyed siamese cat.
  • Something Completely Different: The crossover with Unqualified, which combined the segments of both shows across two episodes.
    • The Halloween 2017 episode featured primarily listener-submitted ghost or supernatural stories.
    • The minisodes in general can vary in content, and will sometimes feature local true crime stories that don't involve murder. First responder stories are also popular, and have been specifically requested by the hosts in the past. These days the topics run a very large gamut of hometown murders, crimes, first-responder stories, strange encounters, ghost stories, things found in walls, and deathbed confessions.
    • They also devoted two episodes to the then-recent developments in the Golden State Killer case.
  • Sympathetic Murder Backstory: Downplayed; while Karen and Georgia will discuss any abuse, mental illness, or head trauma the killer has been through, they never use it to excuse their actions or woobify them.
  • Team Pet: Georgia's cats, Elvis, Mimi and Dot (but especially Elvis).
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: While Karen and Georgia do bully Steven, it's all in good jest and they are just as quick to say that they appreciate the hard work he does for them.



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