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"The galaxy is listening..."

The most downloaded Star Wars podcast on the net. The official podcast of Star Wars fansite The Force.Net and Rebel Scum.Com, it's hosted by Ohio-ite Jason Swank and Chicago-area Radio producer Jimmy "Mac" McInerney. The show has had numerous well-known Star Wars celebrities as guest stars, including Mark Hamill, Frank Oz, Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams...also, oddly enough, Chris Rock.

Notable segments on the show include News, Star Wars in Pop Culture, the "Outrageous, Unthinkable" news story of the week (which, oddly enough, always seem to be from a certain corner of the world), and the "Billy Dee Quote of the Week." The hosts also do a roundtable discussion of each new episode of the Cartoon Network show The Clone Wars with other members of the "Star Wars Community", such as Ascended Fanboy Kyle Newman (director of the movie Fanboys), Dan Curto and "Jovial" Jay Shepard.


A link to their official website can be found here.

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