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"What about, and I'll have to make sure this isn't already a thing, what about Elwood City Limits?"

-Will Young, Episode One

Elwood City Limits is a podcast created by Will Young where two hosts, Will and his friend Lucas Mancini, review every episode of the children's cartoon Arthur.

The show started in 2016 and has since mostly aired on a weekly basis and is available on many streaming services. They are currently on season seven out of the twenty-two available seasons.


Elwood City Limits Contains Examples Of...

  • Abandoned Catchphrase: For the first few episodes, Lucas is noted as stating "And My Free Time" when listing what the podcast is "Provided By". Though this joke ends by episode 30.
  • Aluminum Christmas Trees: In episode covering Muffy Goes Metropolitan, Will and Lucas are shocked that to discover that not only is there an Ethiopian restaurant nearby but that it shares the same name as the restaurant Muffy dines at in the episode. Granted both restaurants are named Addis Ababa, after the capital of Ethiopia.
  • Canada, Eh?: Both Will and Lucas are Canadian and podcast from Halifax, Nova Scotia. There are frequent references to YTV as well as a saga on bagged milk.
  • Furry Confusion: A frequent discussion topic in early episodes. Referred to by the hosts as "Animal Hierarchy," it is generally handwaved and set aside in current episodes, but an egregious enough incident can bring one of them (usually Lucas) to speculate on it again.
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  • The Ghost: Will's wife Jenna is frequently mentioned but has not appeared on the podcast.
  • Humble Goal: Played straight with their Patreon goals.
  • Once per Episode: In recent episodes, Will and Lucas have started to award 'Throwaway Character of the Week' to a notable character who they do not believe will reappear in the series.
  • Spin-Off: The show has had a few series come out of the main series. Most notably the Patreon exclusive show Fil-A-Buster, which is a fill in for weeks without episodes. The premise is Will and Lucas talking about non-Arthur related topics. Other ones are Elwood City Presents For interviews with current and former Arthur cast as well as the new one ELC Flashforward, where they cover notable episodes that they have not gotten to yet.
  • Strictly Professional Relationship: Averted. Despite having worked in radio together and both running the show, they are friends outside of work.


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