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DVD Podblast is an Alternate DVD Commentary group out of Los Angeles. Like Rifftrax, they provide amusing commentary on bad movies. Unlike Rifftrax, their riffs (which they call Blasts) are free to download, and they're unscripted, which can provoke some hilarity in its own right. Formerly "Adudathuda DVD Podblast", named after "Adudathuda Studios", the group's independent film label.

To listen to or download any of the blasts, use these links: Season 1 blasts; Season 2 blasts; Season 3 blasts; Season 4 blasts.


The Blasters:

  • Mike Walsh. aka PB Walsho, The Shill, the Techno God. Pretty much the straight man for the group, he's the guy in charge of making sure all the equipment works (something he epically failed at in the group's 100th Blast...) His dayjob is as a post-production supervisor; you may have seen his work if you've seen Deadliest Catch or Ice Road Truckers.
  • Darren T. Mangler. aka Da Mangler, aka (defunct). The big, loud, boisterous one. Most likely to say something the rest of the Blasters will have to apologize for. As of 2011, sports killer mutton chops. His day job is working at the same post-production company as Walsho. He's also done some acting work in a few commercials, most notably as the big German who goes "STRUSSEL!" in an IHOP commercial. And, more recently, smuggled a grenade up his ass.
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  • William Koenig. aka The Kaiser, (Rear) Admiral Sidekick (interchangeably with his mobile device), aka Dozey McNapperson. He comes up with stats on the fly, brings the vile snacks that the Blasters eat on occasion, and defends anything with Steven Seagal in it. Otherwise is a pretty quiet dude. His job for most of the first two seasons was with Kaiser Permanente (thus his first nickname). Nowadays, he also works with Walsho in post-production.
  • Matthew Senko. aka PB2, PB3, PB4. The pedantic of the group. He does his research before the blast and brings the stats with him; the others made up a short segment jingle to announce "Senko's STATS!" Famously not present for some of the worst movies Blasted, especially Dirty Love. As of 2011, he resides in New England, but has called in to drop more knowledge in the first few Blasts of the new season.
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  • Stephen Sonneveld. aka Darth Fabulous. Little is known of this enigmatic member, except for his penchant for silly voices (He read the opening crawl of Star Wars Episode II in the voice of Bill Cosby, then turn around and intro'd Episode III as Richard Nixon.) Bailed out on the gang after a recording problem made them re-blast Blair Witch 2. Currently resides in Chicago.
  • Dain Kloner. aka DK, "Shut the f**k up, Dain!" Unofficial Blaster. Co-rented "Adudathuda Studios East" with Darren, so you could hear him in the background in some of the Season 3 Blasts. Manned the live chatroom used in PodBlast #100.

Movies blasted by DVD Podblast:

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    Season 1 (2006) 

    Season 2 (2007) 

    Season 3 (2008) 

    Season 4 (2011) 

    Season 5 (2012-13) 

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