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"The history of television is a history of failure. For every series that lasted years and years, there are dozens that lasted only one season or less. But did they deserve to die? Or were they... Canceled Too Soon?"

Canceled Too Soon is a podcast hosted by film critics William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold that is devoted to reviewing television series that lasted one season or less, as well as assorted unique one-off TV specials which have since faded into semi-obscurity.

The show tends to alternate between well-known bombs and more obscure series that may not have had a proper opportunity to gather an audience, and as such have covered a range of material such as action/adventure, game shows, animated shorts, and epic miniseries, among many others.

The show releases regular episodes weekly (usually on Wednesdays or Thursdays), while subscribers to the show's Patreon page receive those as well as reviews of content that doesn't necessarily fit into the show's typical parameters.


Shows Reviewed By Canceled Too Soon

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     Regular Episodes 
  • Poochinski: Failed 1990 sitcom pilot starring Peter Boyle as a police detective whose spirit is transferred into a bulldog after he is killed in the line of duty. Co-starring George Newbern.
  • Perversions of Science: 10-episode Genre Anthology spun off of Tales from the Crypt in 1997, focusing more on science fiction themes.
  • Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars: 13-episode animated series from 1991 based on the cult comic series.
  • Lookwell: Legendary failed sitcom pilot from 1991 created by Conan O'Brien and Robert Smigel about a washed-up TV actor played by Adam West who tries to solve crimes in real life.
  • The Muppets: 17-episode live action sitcom from 2015 that aired on ABC in the Mockumentary style of The Office about the behind the scenes creation of a Miss Piggy talk show.
  • Hot Springs Hotel: 15-episode Porn with Plot sitcom that aired on HBO from 1997-1998.
  • Darknet: 6-episode anthology horror series from 2013 with each episode consisting of multiple stories told in Anachronic Order and based around a mysterious internet forum.
  • Birds of Prey: 13-episode live action superhero series that aired on the WB in 2002, loosely based on the DC comic book series of the same name.
  • Mann & Machine: 9-episode crime drama from 1992 set in the future about a police detective and his robotic female partner.
  • Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos: 5-episode animated action series from 1986 produced by Ruby Spears starring Chuck Norris As Himself as the head of a commando unit.
  • Black Bart: 1975 TV series based on Blazing Saddles, with a pilot and six additional episodes filmed that were never aired.
  • Vinyl: 10-episode HBO series from 2016 created by Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger about a fictional 1970s record executive trying to reinvigorate his career.
  • The Incredible Crash Dummies: Failed CGI animated pilot from 1993 based on the toy line of the same name.
  • On the Air: 7-episode sitcom from 1992 created by David Lynch set in the 1950s about the creation of a fictional television variety series.
  • The Halloween That Almost Wasn't (aka The Night Dracula Saved the World): 1979 Halloween special starring Judd Hirsch as Dracula, who tries to save Halloween from the grasps of an evil witch.
  • Dracula: the Series: Canadian syndicated adventure series from 1990 about a group of kids who do battle against Dracula in a modern setting.
  • Cry Baby Lane Made-for-TV horror movie produced by Nickelodeon that aired once in 2000 and disappeared for years, widely believed to have been hidden from view due to controversies surrounding its content.
  • Nightmare Cafe 6-episode anthology horror series from 1992 created for NBC by Wes Craven and starring Robert Englund about a haunted cafe that travels through space and time passing through the lives of various people.
  • Tales From the Far Side: Half-hour animated special from 1994 based on the comic strip by Gary Larson.
  • Sam & Max: Freelance Police: 24-episode animated comedy from 1997 based on the comic book series by Steve Purcell.
  • Doctor Strange: Failed live-action pilot from 1978 based on the Marvel Comics character.
  • Guilt: 10-episode murder mystery series from 2016 that aired on Freeform.
  • Young MacGyver: Failed pilot from 2003 starring Jared Padalecki as the nephew of the famous secret agent who follows in his uncle's footsteps.
  • Profit: 8-episode Fox drama from 1996 about a sociopathic antihero who will go to any length to advance in the world of high-end business, often seen as a precursor to the likes of Mad Men and Breaking Bad.
  • Baffled!: 1978 made-for-TV movie meant as a pilot for a series starring Leonard Nimoy as a race car driver who starts seeing psychic visions and becomes unlikely partners with a paranormal investigator.
  • Beyond Westworld: 5-episode sci-fi series from 1980 following the movie by Michael Crichton about a Delos security specialist who tries to stop a rogue scientist from conquering the world via infiltrating society with lifelike androids.
  • Of Kings and Prophets: Epic biblical drama produced by ABC(!!!) in 2016 that attempted to do for the story of David and Saul what Game of Thrones did for A Song of Ice and Firenote .
  • Rubicon: 13-episode conspiracy thriller from 2010 from AMC about an intelligence analyst who begins to suspect members of the agency he works with may be part of a secret society.
  • The Warlord: Battle for the Galaxy (aka The Osiris Adventures): Made-for-TV sci-fi/fantasy movie from 1998 meant to be a pilot for an ongoing series directed by Joe Dante.
  • The 100 Lives Of Blackjack Savage: 7-episode adventure series from 1991 produced by Disney about a Corrupt Corporate Executive, clearly inspired by Donald Trump, who teams up with the ghost of a dead pirate to save 100 lives and redeem their souls with the help of a high-tech boat. Yes.
  • Casablanca: 5-episode drama series from 1983 based on the classic film of the same name.
  • Dragon Half: 2-episode Anime comedy series from 1992 based on the Manga of the same name about a half-human half-dragon girl who tries to find a potion that will make her into a full human so she can be with the dragon slayer she loves.
  • Point Pleasant: 13-episode supernatural soap opera from 2005 about an amnesiac teen girl who is taken in by a family who lives in the titular New Jersey community. Oh, and she's The Anti-Christ.
  • Pryde of the X-Men: Failed animated pilot from 1989.
  • Police Squad!: 6-episode parody of cop shows from 1982 created by Zucker, Abrahams and Zucker; later inspired the film series The Naked Gun.
  • Alcatraz: 13-episode conspiracy thriller from 20012 produced by J. J. Abrams where criminals imprisoned in Alcatraz in the distant past find themselves transported into the present day.
  • Bill And Teds Excellent Adventures: 7-episode live-action sitcom from 1992 based on the classic 80s movie. Note: not the animated series of the same title.
  • Manimal:Notorious 8-episode bomb from 1983 about a professor who uses his ability to change into whatever animal he chooses to fight crime.
  • Space Rangers 1993: 6-episode Sci-fi series about a paramilitary group tasked with protecting a distant colony from the dangers associated with space exploration.
  • Doubt: 2017 Legal procedural starring Katherine Heigl and Laverne Cox about an attorney who falls in love with the client who she is defending from a murder charge note .
  • Master Ninja: 13-episode adventure series from 1984 about a wanderer who teams up with an aging Ninjutsu master (Lee Van Cleef) to fight crime. Some episodes were later re-edited into movies that were featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000.
  • The TV Wheel: An Ambitious variety show pilot from 1995 produced by Joel Hodgson built around a revolving set, requiring a rapid and inventive pace to the comedy.
  • Earth 2: 22-episode Sci-fi series from 1993-1994 about a group of colonists who have to survive after crash-landing on an Earth-like planet.
  • My Mother the Car: Legendary failed sitcom about a man whose mother is reincarnated in the form of a vintage automobile that aired for 30 episodes from 1965-1966.
  • L.A. Confidential: Failed pilot from 2003 based on the movie from 1997.
  • Journeyman: 13-episode science fiction series from 2007 about a newspaper reporter who involuntarily travels through time.
  • Terror Vision: 7-episode microbudget anthology horror series from 1988 produced by Lifetime.
  • Wonder Woman: Three different failed pilots based on the DC comic book character from 1967, 1974, and 2011.
  • Battlestar Galactica (1978): Highly influential 24-episode Sci-fi series about a ship full of humans travelling through space while on the run from killer robots.
  • Galactica 1980: Much-reviled 10-episode spin-off of the above series.
  • Charlie Jade: 20-episode sci-fi series from 2005 about a detective who finds himself trapped in a series of alternate universes.
  • The Last Precinct: 8-episode sitcom from 1986 produced by Stephen J. Cannell about a police precinct filled with academy rejects, led by a captain played by Adam West.
  • Tequila and Bonetti: 12-episode comedy-drama from 1992 produced by Donald P. Bellisario about a tough italian police officer with a tragic past who is transferred to LA and teams up with a talking dog.
  • Cliffhangers!: 10-episode series from 1979 where each episode would cycle through different segments inspired by old fashioned movie serials: one about an Intrepid Reporter, one set in the Old West about a US Marshal facing off against aliens, and a third about Dracula.
  • Whiz Kids: 18-episode sci-fi adventure series from 1983-1984 about a group of high school computer geeks who become cyber vigilantes.
  • Defenders of Dynatron City: Failed 1992 animated pilot based on the NES game.
  • You Don't Know Jack: Short-lived tongue-in-cheek game show from 2001 hosted by Paul Reubens based on the computer game series.
  • Game Over: 6-episode CGI animated sitcom from 2004 about a suburban family of video game characters.
  • Danger Theatre: 7-episode comedy anthology series from 1993 hosted by Robert Vaughn consisting of several segments parodying different crime shows: The Searcher, a parody of adventure series like Renegade starring Diedrich Bader, Tropic Punch, a parody of Hawaii Five-O starring Adam West, and 357 Marina del Rey, a parody of exotic-set PI shows starring Todd Field and Ricky Harris.
  • Pitch: 10-episode 2016 sports drama co-created by Dan Fogleman about the first woman to play Major League Baseball.
  • Imaginary Mary: 9-episode ABC sitcom from 2016 starring Jenna Elfman as a woman whose childhood imaginary friend returns to her life when she starts to fall in love with a single father.
  • Emerald City: 10-episode NBC fantasy series from 2016 directed by Tarsem Singh that turns the Land of Oz into a Game of Thrones esque gritty fantasy epic, with Vincent Donofrio as the Wizard.
  • Conviction (2016): 13-episode ABC legal drama starring Hayley Atwell as a former first daughter who joins a legal team devoted to clearing the names of people thought to be wrongfully convicted of a crime.
  • Sweet/Vicious: 10-episode MTV series from 2016 about two college students who moonlight as vigilantes who target perpetrators of sexual assault on their campus.
  • Bates Motel: Made-for-TV movie from 1987 meant as a pilot for a horror anthology series spin off of the movie Psycho.
  • Monster Squad: 13-episode live-action series from 1976 about Dracula, Frankentstein's Monster, and the Wolf Man who fight crime to atone for their previous misdeeds.
  • Drak Pack: 16-episode animated series from 1980 about Dracula Jr., Frankenstein's Monster, and the Wolf Man who fight crime to atone for their previous misdeeds.
  • Kindred: The Embraced 8-episode prime time supernatural soap opera from 1996 created by Aaron Spelling and based on the RPG Vampire: The Masquerade.
  • Justice League of America: Failed 1997 live action pilot aired as a TV Movie in some markets.
  • The Flash (1990); 22-episode CBS series from 1990 based on the DC comics character.
  • Aquaman aka Mercy Reef: Failed 2006 pilot based on the DC comics character from the creators of Smallville.
  • Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld: 7-episode series of animated shorts from 2013 based on the comic book series of the same name about a video game designer who finds herself sucked in to a fantasy world.
  • Human Target: 7-episode adventure series from 1992 based on the DC comics character starring Rick Springfield as a freelance agent who assumes the identity of people who are targeted for assassination.
  • David Cassidy: Man Undercover: 10-episode crime drama from 1978 starring David Cassidy as a police officer who specializes in infiltrating different criminal organizations.
  • Fishing with John: 6-episode 1991 fishing/talk show from IFC/Bravo where John Lurie travels to various locations and goes fishing with celebrities.
  • Sudbury: Failed 2004 pilot based on the movie Practical Magic, starring Jeri Ryan, Kim Delaney, and Kat Dennings.
  • Christmas Special: Yule Log Commentary Track: Commentary track for Fireplace For Your Home: Birchwood Edition (aka ''Fireplace 4K: Crackling Birchwood) on Netflix.
  • Roar: 13-episode adventure series from 1997 starring Heath Ledger and Vera Farmiga about a Celtic warrior trying to unite 4th-century Ireland against Roman Invaders.
  • GCB: 10-episode dramedy from 2012 about a woman who returns to the conservative evangelical Texas community where she grew up following the death of her con artist husband and is forced to reconnect with the women who she tormented in school. Starring Leslie Bibb and Kirsten Chenowith.
  • Brimstone: 13-episode horror series from 1998 about a dead police officer who Satan sends back to Earth from Hell in order to track down and kill the damned souls who have Escaped from Hell.
  • Law & Order: Los Angeles: 22-episode Spin-Off of the long-running crime franchise from 2010 exploring crime in Los Angeles; starring Corey Stoll, Alfred Molina, and Terrence Howard.
  • The Dresden Files: 12-episode supernatural detective show from 2007 based on the book series of the same title about a wizard who investigates cases involving the supernatural.
  • Freakylinks: 13-episode horror series from 2000 about a team of paranormal investigators who investigate supernatural phenomena through the internet.
  • Steel Justice : Failed pilot from 1992 about a police officer in a dystopian future who with the help of an immortal time traveller transfers the soul of his dead son into a robotic dinosaur that grows to enormous size and helps fight crime. Yes.
  • Poor Devil: Failed sitcom pilot from 1973 starring Sammy Davis Jr., Christopher Lee, Jack Klugman, and Adam West about a demon tasked by Lucifer to get a man to sell his soul to Hell in return for revenge against his scheming boss.
  • The Persuaders!: 24-episode adventure/comedy series from 1971 starring Roger Moore and Tony Curtis as a pair of millionaire playboys who team up to fight crime and protect the innocent.
  • Herbie, the Love Bug: 5-episode sitcom from 1982 based on the Disney film series about a living Volkswagen beetle who tries to help his owner (Dean Jones, reprising his role from the films) find love.
  • Future Cop: 7-episode sci-fi crime drama from 1976 starring Ernest Borgnine as a veteran police officer who is teamed up with an android partner.
  • Condor: Failed pilot from 1985, later aired as a TV movie, starring Ray Wise as a police officer in futuristic LA who is paired with a female robot partner i in order to track down and stop an escaped criminal mastermind.
  • Total Recall 2070: 22-episode sci-fi series from 1999 that combines elements of Total Recall (1990) and Blade Runner in a story about a detective with a robot partner who investigates crimes related to lifelike androids and memory implants.
  • Almost Human: 13-episode sci-fi procedural from 2013 starring Karl Urban as a detective who returns to the force after spending two years in a coma & who is teamed up with a robot partner designed to be as emotional and human as possible.
  • Alexander the Great: Failed pilot filmed in 1964 starring William Shatner as the legendary Greek leader, co-starring Adam West, Joseph Cotten, and John Cassavetes.
  • The Robinsons: Lost in space Failed 2004 pilot directed by John Woo that attempted to reboot Lost in Space on The WB.
  • The People Failed pilot from 1972 produced by Francis Ford Coppola and starring Kim Darby and William Shatner, aired as a TV movie, based on the short stories by Zenna Henderson about a teacher who travels to a secluded valley and discovers the inhabitants are a group of extraterrestrials with supernatural powers.
  • White Dwarf Failed sci-fi pilot movie from 1995 about a doctor played by Neal McDonough who travels to a far distant planet divided by its orbit into eternally light and dark sides, and finds himself caught up in the social upheaval between its various civilizations.
  • Cop Rock Legendary 11-episode bomb from 1990 created by Steven Bochco that incorporated musical numbers into a police procedural.
  • Selfie 13-episode sitcom from 2014 starring Karen Gillian and John Cho about a social media obsessed woman who enlists a PR specialist to help her become a genuinely good person.
  • Freaks and Geeks Acclaimed 18-episode dramedy from 1998 created by Paul Feig and cowritten by Judd Apatow about two groups of teenage outcasts in 1980s Michigan, starring Lisa Cardellini, Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jason Segel, John Francis Daley, and Samm Levine.
  • Barbie and the Rockers: Out of This World Failed 2-part animated pilot from 1987 where Barbie and her rock band go into space and back in time.
  • Hey, Vern, it's Ernest! 13-episode Saturday morning variety show from 1988 hosted by Jim Varney as his character Ernest P. Worrell.
  • VR 5 13-episode sci-fi series from 1995 about a computer hacker who discovers ahe has the ability to enter people's minds through virtual reality.
  • Legally Blonde Failed sitcom pilot from 2003 based on the Reese Witherspoon movie.
  • Van-Pires 13-episode sci-fi/Live Action series from 1997 about a group of teenagers who turn into human/car hybrids in order to stop vampiric car robots from stealing the world's gasoline.
  • Legend 12-episode Steampunk Western series from 1995 starring Richard Dean Anderson as a dime-store novelist who has to pose as the noble hero he invented in his novels with the help of a Tesla-esque scientist.
  • ...Where's Rodney Failed sitcom pilot from 1990 about a teenager who has the ability to summon Rodney Dangerfield and ask him for advice.
  • Voyagers! 20-episode sci-fi series from 1982 about a time traveler who teams up with a young boy as they travel through time fixing errors in history.
  • Crazyhead 6-episode British comedy/horror series from 2016 about a pair of twentysomethings who hunt demons who have possessed human beings.
  • Emily's Reasons Why Not Infamous failed sitcom from 2006 (canceled after one episode, with six produced & eventually released on streaming and DVD) starring Heather Graham as a book publisher who can never commit to a relationship because she always finds a fatal flaw with whomever she dates.
  • Bone Chillers 12-episode children's horror series from 1996 created by Adam Rifkin based on the novels by Betsy Haynes.
  • K-9000 Failed pilot from 1991 about a policeman who teams up with a cyborg dog in order to fight crime.
  • Will 20-episode historical fiction drama from 2017 about the young William Shakespeare's early years as a playwright.
  • Living Biblically 13-episode sitcom from 2017 about a film critic who decides to live his life as close to the Bible as possible.
  • Blood Drive 13-episode action/comedy series from 2017 set in a alternate dystopian 1999 about a high-stakes street race from L.A. to Phoenix in cars that run on human blood.
  • The Mayor 13-episode 2017 sitcom about a rapper who gets elected mayor of his hometown after running a campaign as a marketing joke note .
  • Nightmare Classics 4-episode 1989 horror anthology Spin-Off of Faerie Tale Theatre.
  • Dark Shadows (1991): 13-episode prime time reboot of the classic supernatural soap opera.
  • The Elvira Show: Failed sitcom pilot from 1993 built around Cassandra Peterson's Horror Host character Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.
  • Kolchak: The Night Stalker: 20-episode series from 1974 expanded from two TV movies about a reporter who investigates supernatural phenomena.
  • Fred and Barney Meet the Thing: 13-episode animated series from 1979 based on the Fantastic Four character with "Benjy Grimm" as a teenager who turns into The Thing with the help of magic rings.
  • Inhumans: 7-episode series from 2017 set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe centered on the Royal Family of the titular race.
  • Generation-X: Failed 1996 pilot turned made-for-TV movie based on the titular X-Men spin-off.
  • Solarman: Failed animated pilot from 1986 based on a little-known 2-issue comic licensed by Marvel about a teenager who uses a solar-powered bracelet given to him by an alien to become a superhero.
  • Blade: The Series: 12-episode action/horror series from 2006 based on the Film series, starring the rapper Sticky Fingaz as the titular vampire hunter.
  • Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Failed 1998 Pilot Movie starring David Hasselhoff as the Marvel Comics character.
  • Silver Surfer: 13-episode animated series from 1998 based on the Marvel comics character.
  • Star Command: Failed pilot from 1996 about a group of cadets who need to battle against separatist colonies. Also known as In the Fold.
  • Christmas In Tattertown: Failed animated pilot from 1988 by Ralph Bakshi, later aired as a Christmas special, about a girl who falls into a world of lost items where her doll comes to love and tries to run away.
  • Tarzan: 8-episode series from 2003 setting the classic literary character in modern-day New York City, starring Travis Fimmel and Sarah Wayne Callies.
  • Tagteam: Failed pilot from 1991 starring Jesse Ventura and Roddy Piper as a pair of wrestlers who become cops after being railroaded out of professional wrestling.
  • The Edge: 20-episode ultraviolent sketch comedy show from 1992 created by David Mirkin and starring Julie Brown, Jennifer Aniston, Wayne Knight, Tom Kenny, and Paul Feig.
  • Kitchen Confidential: 13-episode sitcom note  from 2005 about the high-intensity world of New York City restaurants, based on the memoir by Anthony Bourdain and starring Bradley Cooper, Jamie King, John Cho, and Frank Langella.
  • Evel Knievel: A failed pilot from 1974 starring Sam Elliott as a crime-fighting version of the famous stuntman.
  • Benji, Zax, & the Alien Prince: 13-episode live action adventure series from 1983 produced by Hanna-Barbera about the famous dog protecting a fugitive alien boy who is on the run with the help of a robot sidekick)
  • John from Cincinnati: 10-episode magical realism-tinged HBO drama from 2007 about a mysterious man who becomes a part of the dysfunctional surfing community in Imperial Beach.
  • Blackjack: 1998 TV movie directed by John Woo, intended as a pilot for a TV series, starring Dolph Lundgren as a former U.S. Marshal who has to protect high profile figures and is phobic of the color white.
  • Collector's Item: Failed pilot from 1957 about an antique dealer (Vincent Price) and his partner, a former forger (Peter Lorre) who fight crime.
  • Robocop The Series: 21-episode live action series from 1994 based on the movie by Paul Verhoven.
  • Dead Last: 14-episode supernatural adventure series from 2001 about a band that possesses an amulet giving them the ability to communicate with ghosts.
  • Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kids; 13-episode animated series from 1973 about a teen pop group that secretly fights crime under the orders from a government computer.
  • Mrs. Sundance: Failed pilot movie spin-off of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid from 1974 following Etta Place as she tries to establish a life for herself following the death of the Sundance Kid.
  • Probe: 7-episode procedural from 1988 created by Isaac Asimov about an eccentric genius who investigates crimes with a scientific element with the help of his scatterbrained secretary.
  • Bionic Woman: 9-episode sci-fi series from 2007 based on the show from the 1970s.
  • Mad Balls: Two failed animated pilots from 1986 and 1987 based on the toy line of the same name.
  • Harsh Realm: 9-episode sci-fi/action series created by Chris Carter about a group of soldiers trapped in a virtual reality world.
  • The After: Failed pilot movie for Amazon streaming created by Chris Carter about a group of strangers trying to survive the aftermath of an unexplained apocalyptic event. According to Carter, had the series went on, it would be revealed they were actually in Hell and the series to be a modern retelling of The Divine Comedy.
  • The Lone Gunmen: 13-episode Spin-Off of The X-Files from 2001 that followed the adventures of the show's comic relief conspiracy theorists.
  • Still Star-Crossed: 7-episode period drama from 2017 that follows the Montague and Capulet families after the events of Romeo and Juliet.
  • Exo-Man: Failed Pilot Movie from 1977 about a scientist who uses a superpowered suit to take on the gang that paralyzed him.
  • Spectre: Failed Pilot Movie from 1977 written by Gene Roddenberry and starring Robert Culp and Gig Young as a criminologist and a doctor who team up to investigate the supernatural.
  • Wizards and Warriors: 8-episode sericomic fantasy adventure series from 1983.
  • Here and Now: 10-episode HBO dramedy from 2018 created by Alan Ball about a bourgeois multi-racial Portland family trying to find their place in the modern world, while one of their sons begins to have visions that may or may not be prophetic.
  • Pasadena: 13-episode prime time soap opera from 2001 about the secrets surrounding an affluent family from the titular Southern California city.
  • Suburban Beat: Failed pilot from 1985 about a group of suburban housewives who investigate crimes. Starring Dee Wallace, Patti Austin, Shelley Fabares, and Heather Langenkamp.
  • The Weird Al Show' 13-episode Saturday Morning variety show from 1997 hosted by "Weird Al" Yankovic.

     The Canceled Too Soon Monthly Movie (Patreon exclusive reviews) 
  • Karate Dog: 2004 Action/Comedy directed by Bob Clark and starring Chevy Chase, Simon Rex, Jon Voight, Jaime Pressly, and Pat Morita-often considered one of the worst TV movies of all time.
  • Someone I Touched: 1975 TV Movie starring Cloris Leachman as a woman who is given VD by her unfaithful husband.
  • Dirty Dancing: 2017 Musical remake of the 1987 movie.
  • Home for Christmas Day: 2017 Hallmark Christmas Movie reviewed as a Crossover with the podcast LKTV.
  • Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue: Infamous animated special from 1990 featuring a large number of cartoon icons from the 1980s who team up to convince a kid to stay away from drugs.
  • Gulliver's Travels: 1996 NBC miniseries adaptation of the Jonathan Swift novel starring Ted Danson.
  • The Langoliers: 1995 miniseries based on the Stephen King novel.
  • Wild Palms: six-hour surrealist dystopian miniseries from 1993 produced by Oliver Stone.
  • Killdozer!: 1974 Made-for-TV movie about a bulldozer possessed by an evil alien presence.
  • Intruders: 1992 miniseries following people around world who claim to have been abducted by aliens.
  • Popeye Meets the Man Who Hated Laughter: Hour-long animated special from 1972 featuring all the comic strip characters owned by King Features Syndicate in a story where the funny characters are all kidnapped and the adventure heroes have to save them.
  • The Electric Grandmother: 1982 TV movie written by Ray Bradbury about a family who buys a robot to replace their recently deceased grandmother.
  • Lonesome Dove: Legendary 1989 TV miniseries starring Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones as a pair of retired Texas Rangers who escort a group of people from Texas to Montana.
  • Clue: 5-episode miniseries from 2001 loosely based on the board game about six teenagers who find themselves caught up in a mystery after they witness an apparent murder.
  • It Happened One Christmas: 1977 made-for-TV gender-swapped remake of It's a Wonderful Life starring Marlo Thomas, Cloris Leachman, and Orson Welles.
  • The Owl Service: 8-episode miniseries from 1969 about mysterious happenings that occur after a pair of teens discover a strange set of dinner plates in the summer home they're staying at in Wales.
  • A Deadly Adoption: Tongue-in-cheek Lifetime Movie of the Week from 2015 starring Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig about a childless couple who taken in a young pregnant woman in the hopes of adopting her child before everything goes wrong.
  • I'm Dangerous Tonight: 1990 made-for-TV horror movie directed by Tobe Hooper and starring Madchen Amick and Anthony Perkins about a cursed prom dress made out of an enchanted Aztec cloth.
  • Captain America & Captain America: Death Too Soon: Two made-for-TV adventure movies starring Reb Brown as the Marvel character.
  • Home For the Holidays: 1972 proto Slasher Movie made for TV, starring Sally Field.
  • The Wild Women of Chastity Gulch: 1983 made-for-TV movie about a town populated almost entirely by women during the Civil War who are trained by an injured Union soldier to fight off his villainous General father. Starring Joan Collins and Donny Osmond.
  • Ladykillers: 1988 made-for-TV thriller about a serial killer who targets male strippers.
  • Histoire(s) du cinema: 4-chapter, 8-episode docuseries by Jean-Luc Godard made from 1989-1998 examining the history and concepts of film in the 20th Century.
  • Trilogy of Terror: Made-for-TV anthology horror movie from 1975 based on several short stories by Richard Matheson, starring Karen Black in multiple roles.
  • King Solomon's Mines: 2004 Miniseries based on the book by H. Rider Haggard and starring Patrick Swayze as Allan Quatermain.
  • The Christmas Shoes: 2002 Made-for-TV movie starring Rob Lowe and inspired by the hit Christmas song by Newsong.


Tropes featured on this Podcast include:

  • Androids and Detectives: March 2018 was dedicated entirely to reviewing shows about cops with robot partners.
  • Bile Fascination: invoked A major appeal of the podcast. Bibbs often points out that when listeners are given the option to vote on an series to review, the winning option will almost inevitability end up being the one that looks like it will be the most painful.
  • Crossover: Annually with LKTV, reviewing Christmas-related media.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: In the Inhumans episode, after Bibs calls the Reb Brown Captain America films the worst Marvel adaptation he had ever seen:
    Bibbs: It's worse than Fantastic Four! It's worse than the other Fantastic Four! It's worse than the other Fantastic Four! It's worse than the other Fantastic Four!
  • Early Installment Weirdness: The first season included reviews of standalone TV movies and specials that would later be given separate reviews as part of The Canceled Too Soon Monthly Movie.
  • Home Version Soundtrack Replacement: Often discussed - many of the shows reviewed were made before home video releases for TV shows had become mainstream, and as a result some of the episodes have different soundtracks than they had when originally aired. Birds of Prey was a particularly noteworthy example.
  • Once an Episode: The end of each episode has the hosts deciding if the show in question was indeed canceled too soon, and sometimes speculating where the show might have gone had it lasted 100 episodes.
  • Once a Season: Every May has an episode devoted to the Canceled Too Soon Awards, when the hosts and listeners look back at the shows reviewed over the last year and vote on the best and worst of the bunch.
  • Pilot Movie: Many of the episodes cover pilots that aired as Made-for-TV movies. Some of the shows featured TV movies at their start as well.
  • Special Guest:
    • Rebekah McKendry from Blumhouse appeared on the episode reviewing Darknet
    • Film critic Alonso Duralde appeared on the episodes reviewing The Muppets and My Mother the Car, as well as the crossovers with his own podcast LKTV.
    • Drew McWeeney, host of the podcast 80s All Over, appeared on the episode reviewing Police Squad!.
    • Scott Mantz of Access Hollywood appeared on the episode reviewing Battlestar Galactica.
    • Jenna Busch, founder of the website Legion of Leia, appears on the Wonder Woman episode.
    • Brianne Drouhard, who created the series Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld, appeared on the episode reviewing that series.
    • Deadpool (2016) screenwriter Rhett Reese guest stars on the Monthly Movie episode reviewing Lonesome Dove.
    • Actor Samm Levine, who appeared in the shows Selfie and Freaks and Geeks, appeared on the episodes covering them.
  • Spanner in the Works: Bibbs's cats Sergio and Luca are often (starting around Season 2) heard interrupting the podcast by fighting or misbehaving, to the point where "Luca, get off the counter!" has become something of a Catchphrase for the show.
  • Spin-Off:
    • The podcast was inspired by a segment on the hosts' other (and since ended) podcast The B Movies Podcast, where Bibbs and Witney reviewed the first season of Shadowhunters weekly.
    • The podcast has several Patreon-exclusive spin-offs of its own:
      • Only the Best: a monthly podcast where Bibbs and Witney review every movie nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture in order by year.
      • All Our Yesterdays: a biweekly podcast reviewing every episode of Star Trek in production order.
  • Something Completely Different: Occasionally, the show will do an installment of "The Randomizer", where William and Witney watch a randomly-selected episode of a long-running TV show neither has ever seen and try to uncover the appeal of the show with the help of a guest who is a fan. So far, installments of The Randomizer have covered episodes of Desperate Housewives, Gilmore Girls, Psych, and The Vampire Diaries.

"That's a wrap, folks. We'll see you next season!"


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