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Cabot Cove Confidential is a Murder, She Wrote podcast started in early 2019 by married couple, Damien and Jennie, whose goal it is to go over each episode sequentially from pilot to final episode, giving a synopsis and commentary.

Cabot Cove Confidential provides examples of:

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Discussed. A prime example in the episode "Murder in The Electric Cathedral" when Damien and Jennie are talking about Reverend Willie John Fargo, saying that depending on your own views, you could either interrupt Fargo as someone whose truly trying to help people or a manipulative Con Man.
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  • Retired Badass: Though Jessica is already pretty badass herself, Damien has over time of doing the podcast, come up with a theory that Jessica, along with the other elderly residence of Cabot Cove are in fact former intelligent agents.

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