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A Hippogriff, Laser Red Pegasus, and two Unicorns, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

"Celestia does not want this to happen"
Blue Chevre (on the Development Hell that the group has gone [and is still going] through)

The Brony Foundation for the Arts is what happens when you take four normal guys, add a strong helping of MST3K (but forget the mantra), divide by sqrt(Troll Fic)^-1, and multiply in some candy-colored ponies.

The BFA, as it is colloquially known, is a group of four bronies who delve into the deepest recesses of the fandom to look for badfic to destroy. Somewhere between Podcast and Abridged Series and using the form of RiffTrax, they will attempt to read anything. Yes, even the Lemons, and in response to the question posed by the page image — everything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

YouTube channel here, only currently released work here


Members of the group:

  • Blue Chevre: The Smart Guy, yellow unicorn, blue mane.
  • Jabberwocky Superfly: Designated reader, dark blue unicorn, blonde mane.
  • Thaddeus McThaddington III of the New Hampshire Thaddingtons: The Alcoholic, Also the team's resident Marine and Walking Armory, red pegasus, electric (boogaloo) blue mane.
  • Southern Cross: Hippogriff with the colors of a wedgetail eagle.

Works reviewed, in order they were reviewed.

To keep this as SFW as possible, only link to TV Tropes pages
  • Packing: The one that started it all, Fluttermac Clopfic.
  • Progress: The First Chapter, Luna vs. The Microwave. Plans are made to review Luna vs. The Threesome, a spin-off from this.


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