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Playing With / You Cannot Grasp the True Form

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Basic Trope: Something or someone is too imperceptible to see the true form of, and should someone else attempt to understand it, they will be driven to insanity and/or terror due to their otherworldly nature.

  • Straight: B'obh's true form will make people literally insane and unable to see the entirety of what they are.
  • Exaggerated: Not only B'obh's true form cannot be perceived, but can actually obliterate entire universes whenever someone senses it.
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  • Downplayed: B'obh's true form can be fully grasped by sufficiently powerful three-dimensional species, but weaker beings cannot.
  • Justified: Unlike other people, B'obh is a genuinely hyperdimensional being, not just a human with powers of a higher dimension. Not just anyone can view the true form.
  • Inverted: B'obh shows its true form. It wasn't making people insane and people are able to grasp and describe it.
  • Subverted: B'obh, a great being from beyond the stars, is assumed to be imperceptible, but turns out to be much more normal than advertised.
    • B'obh's true form can't be seen in whole at one time (akin to how projections of a globe aren't fully accurate) and he always appears as bizarre three dimensional objects shifting in ways that don't retain a consistent volume. With his cooperation to 'rotate' around his full form can be described mathematically. It isn't dangerous to behold but it is confusing and likely to give most who aren't familiar with higher dimensional mathematics headaches.
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  • Doubled Subverted: B'obh then explains this as the human brain rejecting what they see in favor of something that makes more sense.
  • Parodied:
    • B'obh's true form is something completely mundane or silly, like a refrigerator or a pineapple. Yet people still go insane when seeing it.
    • B'obh insists that people can't comprehend his true form, despite people already having seen it and trying to inform him otherwise.
  • Zig Zagged: Certain people can see the real form of B'obh's
  • Averted: B'obh's true form is not imperceptible at all.
  • Enforced: The author wants to show people in-unverse and outside that there indeed exists higher dimensional beings who transcends what the perception of all three-dimensional creatures, not just humans and humanoid species, will permit.
  • Lampshaded: "What are we seeing? Just saying 'What the hell?!' can't do justice this time, and any other expletives can't sum up this feeling of pure dread either."
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  • Invoked: B'obh places a Perception Filter on himself to prevent people from remembering his appearance.
  • Exploited: Because B'obh's true form cannot be grasped, it cannot be perceptible, and can attack without retaliation against it.
  • Defied: B'obh decides not to show its true form and just tells Alice it's best to not even imagine it.
  • Discussed: "Legends speak of a being so alien, that it's very appearance is impossible for human minds to comprehend."
  • Conversed: "Just once, I'd like to hear about an interdimensional monster that humans can actually look at."
  • Deconstructed: B'obh is actually not a malevolent entity, but because regular beings cannot perceive it as anything else but an incomprehensible abomination, it ends up being hated and feared.
  • Reconstructed: Someone is brave enough to meet B'obh in person, and finds out that it is harmless. This person then relates their encounter to the other humans, reducing the fear they have for B'obh.
  • Implied: B'obh only appears off-screen, and nobody is able to talk about its physical appearance.

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