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Basic Trope: After a group of characters survive a harrowing escape, one of them quips about how much he enjoyed it.

  • Straight: As Carol and Dan gasp breathlessly after narrowly escaping the Temple of Doom, Dan quips, "That was fun."
  • Exaggerated: As Carol and Dan gasp breathlessly after narrowly escaping the Temple of Doom backwards and on fire, Dan quips "That was fun." And walks back in for another go.
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  • Downplayed: ???
  • Justified:
    • Dan is an extreme adrenaline junkie
    • The Temple of Doom in question didn't ACTUALLY put them in a real harmful situation, but was more of a game or simulation, meaning that they didn't run because they had to.
  • Inverted: After escaping from the temple, Dan yells, "That was the worst experience of my life!"
  • Subverted:
    • Before Dan can say anything, Carol knocks him out.
    • Dan is showing excitement, but makes no quip...
  • Double Subverted: Until he's gone back in for a second go, when he does make the quip.
  • Parodied: The Temple of Doom is revealed to actually be an indoor amusement park. Cut to Dan and Carol leaving it out of breath. Dan quips "That was fun."
  • Zig Zagged: Dan is a professional adventurer who doesn't risk anyone's life so the sake of his thrills, until a very near brush with death after a harrowing escapade, he becomes addicted and puts everything at risk to get the same thrill. Alice, Bob, and Carol, tired of Dan's risks, decide to put him through at experience so bad it will turn him off thrills forever. Afterwards, Dan is traumatized and decides to never put his life in danger like that again. Just as the friends are celebrating, Bob remarks, "Wow, that was fun! Can we traumatize him again?"
  • Averted:
    • Dan makes no comment on the harrowing experience.
    • Dan finds the experience just as bad as anyone else.
  • Enforced: Dan is the world-reknown Deadpan Snarker Action Hero, and his audience expects one-liners like this.
  • Lampshaded: As Dan opens his mouth, Carol interrupts, "And now you're going to tell me about how much fun you just had as we ran for our lives!"
  • Invoked: Dan says, "Wasn't that fun?" after a harrowing escape to seem cool and snarky, or to piss off Carol.
  • Exploited: A villain hears Dan's quip and uses his adrenaline junkie ways to lure him into a trap.
  • Defied: "If you say 'That was fun', I'm gonna clobber you!"
  • Discussed: "Don't tell me, let me guess — you enjoyed that, didn't you?"
  • Conversed: "There must be a rule somewhere that harrowing escapes require a sarcastic quip at the end."
  • Deconstructed: Dan's constant thrill-seeking is treated as a serious problem. He puts himself into insanely stupid risks for fun, often setting off deathtraps so he can Outrun the Fireball or some-such. Eventually, Dan is mortally wounded, and as he lays dying in Carol's arms, his last words are "That was fun."
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  • Reconstructed: Dan is a professional adventurer. He loves what he does, but he doesn't get into no-win situations without a very good excuse and he doesn't risk anyone elses life for the sake of his thrills.

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