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Basic Trope: An affiliate channel of a particular network that shows a delayed feed, or content for a specific niche.

  • Straight:
    • TBN, Troper's Broadcast Network note  has a sister channel, TBN2, which shows the same stuff on TBN, only an hour later.
    • TBN2 is where TBN puts all its less-successful or niche/genre programming.
  • Exaggerated: TBN has an entire network of channels like this. One shows the delayed feed of the original channel, another shows nothing but documentaries, another is where all their Edutainment shows (or syndicated cartoons) geared towards kids and teens go, another is Reruns of classic programs TBN used to run that are no longer on the air or in production, and another is just movies.
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  • Downplayed: TBN provides an On-Demand channel, so people can watch their favorite shows on their schedules, not TBN's.
  • Justified:
    • TBN wants to provide a delayed feed for people who missed the first broadcast.
    • TBN has way too much content for just one channel.
    • TBN recognizes that there is a distinction between "Family-Friendly" and "Kid-Friendly"; it wants to provide a separate channel for kids and teens to enjoy, so it can show more of its other programs on the network proper.
    • TBN starts to shuffle its less-successful programs or Reruns to alternate channels, in the hopes that maybe they'll get better ratings...or that they won't and can thus more easily be cancelled.
    • It helps to prevent Network Decay; any content that doesn't fit the original mission can go elsewhere.
  • Inverted: TBN moves content from its sister networks and alt channels to (or back to) the TBN network proper. The now-empty channels can either be bought by another company, used for other purposes (or new shows) by TBN, or simply be removed from the cable or satellite company's listings.
  • Subverted:
    • TBN shows its Reruns and niche programming at strategic times during the week. (For example, Friday night could be for Reruns or shows that have started to get stale, or for a Sitcom block, or movies. Children's programming can happen in the late afternoon or on Saturday mornings. Anime can be shown at Otaku O'Clock. Programming geared towards the elderly, or to stay-at-home parents, can be shown late morning or early afternoon. Other niche programming (for example, SciFi stories)can be shown on weekend afternoons, or late at night, after Prime Time.
    • TBN syndicates some of its content to another company.
  • Double Subverted:
    • TBN moves some of this programming to an alternate channel to make room for new shows.
    • Which is affiliated with TBN.
  • Parodied: TBN eventually takes over the world in this way.
  • Zig Zagged: ???
  • Averted: TBN keeps all its content on one channel, and has only one feed.
  • Enforced:
    • "We have too much content, and not enough time. Let's move some of our stuff to an alternate channel...but not the stuff that gets us the highest Ratings."
    • Network Decay
    • "We don't want viewers who missed their shows the first time around to turn to a competitor; let's give them another feed of our lineup!"
  • Lampshaded: "It's the same thing on every channel!"
  • Invoked: TBN has a lot of content, and no time for its new content. But it also doesn't want to do away with what it has entirely and lose viewership.
  • Exploited: TBN moves its less-successful programs note  to one of these sister stations that it knows gets fewer viewers overall. Then it becomes easier to cancel these programs as a "business decision" because they're just not pulling in high enough Ratings.
  • Defied: TBN keeps all its content to one channel. It may cancel less-successful programs, or syndicate them to another unaffiliated station.
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