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Playing With / The Hero

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Basic Trope: A character (usually The Protagonist) who does heroic deeds.

  • Lampshaded: "Why? Because I'm the hero!"
  • Invoked: Hiro goes out to find the Sword of Plot Advancement so he can the be Chosen One and save the world.
  • Exploited: Hiro was Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life and heard that Good Feels Good, and so he volunteers to be the hero.
  • Defied: Hiro says that Emperor Evulz's Evil Plan is not his problem.
  • Discussed: "Oh yes, it's you. The one who's gonna save everyone in the end?"
  • Conversed: "Here's the part of the episode where Hiro saves the day".
  • Deconstructed:
  • Reconstructed:
    • Despite weariness and his desire for a peaceful life, Hiro knows that he has a fulfilling existence and this knowledge keeps from a depression funk.
    • Hiro reminds his teammates that he can't do everything himself and regularly thanks them for their help. This, in addition to doing a part themselves, keeps them from feeling useless.
  • Played For Drama: As a result of Hiro's fight against the darkness, his fight inexorably exposes him to the inherent suffering, death, and tragedy in the world. As a result, it takes its toll on Hiro's psyche, altering his personality (though his core morality is unaffected). These changes turn him into a Hurting Hero, Shell-Shocked Veteran, Good Is Not Nice shadow of his original self. Hiro's love for the world makes him believe that he has to grow apart from it and push people away from him. While he carries a seeming mask of fearlessness, Hiro is always scared because he knows that any misstep could make the next battle his last. After a long struggle against the darkness he chooses a successor to pass his mantle to; someone younger and more idealistic like he used to be.

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