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Playing With / Teeth-Clenched Teamwork

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Basic Tropes: Two characters who are in a team don't exactly get along.

  • Straight: Bob and Charlie team up to defeat Alice while arguing with each other.
  • Exaggerated: Bob and Charlie team up to defeat Alice while physically trying to kill each other.
  • Downplayed: Bob and Charlie team up to defeat Alice, but while they respect each other, that doesn't stop them from berating each other.
  • Justified:
    • Bob and Charlie just have different methods on how to defeat Alice. Bob wants to send Alice to jail, but Charlie prefers killing her.
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    • Bob and Charlie were formerly enemies, and even if they have buried the hatchet, they will never let go of what they did to each other.
    • Bob and Charlie's personalities clash frequently.
    • Bob and Charlie are both jerks who hate getting along and working together with other people.
    • Bob and Charlie are arch enemies who are working together for a common goal, but the fact they're enemies makes their alliance difficult.
  • Inverted: Friendly Enemy.
  • Subverted: Bob and Charlie were fighting, but after defeating Alice together, they got along better.
  • Double Subverted: … they were only pretending. They were secretly happy they don't have to team with each other again.
  • Parodied: Bob and Charlie are honored as the great example of true teamwork because of their undying hatred for one another.
  • Zig Zagged: Bob and Charlie vary from hostile to friendly, at least until one of them does something to get them to start fighting again.
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  • Averted: Bob and Charlie team up with no problems with each other.
  • Enforced: The writer doesn't want to enforce The Power of Friendship too much, so he wants to demonstrate to the audience that teamwork isn't always easy.
  • Lampshaded:
    Alice: Your little disagreements won't help the both of you to defeat me!
    Richter: Are they still arguing? Good. Gives me time to escape.
  • Invoked: Alice, who delights herself in creating conflicts, allows Bob and Charlie to start fighting.
  • Exploited: Alice needs time to charge up her secret weapon, so she allows Bob and Charlie to go at each other's throats for a while.
  • Defied:
  • Discussed: "Well, not all teammates can get along that easily."
  • Conversed: "What could get Bob and Charlie to tear each other apart in today's episode?"
  • Implied: Bob and Charlie are all seen with Dave, Mike and Leah, but never with each other.
  • Deconstructed:
    • Bob and Charlie's uneasy alliance has got the best of them as Alice succeeded in her plans to take over the world. This made both Bob and Charlie to hate each other more than ever before, which leads to a fight to the death between the two. Alice is enjoying every minute of it.
    • The citizens whom Bob and Charlie save get sick of the two constantly bickering that they either secretly pray for Alice to win, or they turn to a third hero instead.
  • Reconstructed:
  • Played For Laughs: Bob and Charlie immediately agree to work together with no problems at all, despite how they keep saying that they don't even like each other.
  • Played For Drama: Bob and Charlie nearly kill each other in a duel, causing them to realize that they can't keep acting like this. At least not when it will take both of them to defeat Alice.

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