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Playing With / Parting Words Regret

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Basic Trope: A character regrets the last thing they said to someone who died or left.

  • Straight: Bob goes to the work on Monday morning and his wife Alice doesn't say goodbye to him as he leaves. He dies of a heat stroke at work, and Alice regrets not telling him that she loved him.
  • Exaggerated: Bob and Alice get into a big argument, and Alice tells Bob "I wish I never married you!" and throws her wedding ring in his face. After she cools down, Alice calls Bob several times without being answered, and leaves voice-messages apologizing and asking him to come back so they can talk about it. In the morning the police inform her that a serial killer tortured Bob to death shortly after he left the apartment where they live.
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  • Downplayed: Bob leaves for a business trip, and Alice jokingly tells him she hopes his airplane crashes. Bob laughs at the joke, finds it hilarious, and tells Alice he appreciates her humor. Then his airplane crashes and he dies.
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  • Inverted: One morning, before going for his daily walk to the park, Bob finds an old picture of his wedding night and gives it to Alice. She tells Bob she loves him and thanks him for 50 years of marital bliss. He is hit by a drunk driver while walking across an cross-walk, and while it is traumatic Alice takes solace in the fact that her parting words with Bob were kind ones.
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  • Averted:
    • Bob doesn't die or leave Alice.
    • Bob dies, but Alice doesn't regret the last thing she said to him.
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  • Defied: Whenever Bob leaves Alice, even if just to use the restroom for a moment, Alice tells Bob she loves him and won't let him leave until he tells her the same. She does this explicitly to avoid this trope.
  • Discussed:
    Alice: "You're so insensitive! I hate you!"
    Bob: "You know my line of work is dangerous. If I die tomorrow that will be the last thing you'll have said to me. Do you want that?"
    Alice: "... no."
  • Conversed:
    Alice: "The Hero said that to his girlfriend? She's gonna die while he's on his quest."
    Bob: "How do you figure?"
    Alice: "That's the most dramatic; he'll regret not parting on better terms."

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