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Playing With / Normal Fish in a Tiny Pond

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Basic Trope: Character who's regular in their own world is absolutely powerful in another world.

  • Straight: Alice is regular teenager on Earth, but in the land of Tinies, where gravity is 0.5g and everybody's only a foot tall, she's a super-strong giant.
  • Exaggerated: In her own world, Alice is very weak. In the land of Microbes, she's basically an Eldritch Abomination.
  • Downplayed: Alice's reflexes are a bit better than other Tinies'.
  • Justified:
    • Tinies are much smaller than humans and Alice doesn't change size when she gets there.
    • Alice's muscles are used to support her in 1g, making her appear stronger in 0.5g compared to Tinies.
  • Inverted: Boisterous Bruiser Bob is transported to world of Giants, where gravity is 2.5g and everybody's three meters tall, making him a weakling.
  • Subverted: It seems that Alice will be stronger than small Tinies, but they turn out to be Pint Sized Powerhouses.
  • Double Subverted: ...but her reflexes still turn out to be much better.
  • Parodied: Alice starts boasting about her height and strength to the Tinies and how they should submit to her. The Tinies proceed to zap her with their blaster guns.
  • Zig Zagged: Alice appears in the world with 1.5g and she's very weak there. However, every creature there is a Glass Cannon, making her super-tough. It turns out, though, that super-toughness is actually an effect of magical amulet she's wearing, but when she puts it off, she realizes it was a power limiter and the gravity is actually 0.8, making her stronger, faster and tougher than anybody else.
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  • Averted: Alice never travels to another world.
  • Enforced: "Let's give her superpowers - but nothing ridiculous, I want it scientifically plausible. Oh, I know! Let's put her on a planet with half of Earth's gravity! Job's done, gentlemen!"
  • Lampshaded: "So, weren't you a bit weaker back on Earth?" "Sure, but here everybody's weaker than us, so I look stronger!"
  • Invoked: Alice deliberately goes to the land of Tinies to look stronger, so that she'll finally get respect she thinks she deserves.
  • Exploited: Alice deliberately takes the Big Bad to the land of Tinies, knowing that she'll have an edge over the Big Bad who's not used to smaller gravity.
  • Defied: Big Bad closes the portal to Tiny Land so that Alice won't use it against him.
  • Discussed: "But what if Tiny Land was much smaller?" "Well, we'd look like Superman to them, wouldn't we?"
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  • Conversed: "...and then she traveled to the land of Tinies and she looked super-strong!"
  • Implied: Alice works both in Tiny world and on Earth. In Tiny Land, she appears much stronger than on Earth, but it's never alluded to even once.
  • Deconstructed: Alice must deal with the fact that the world of Tinies wasn't designed for Earth-bound lifeforms. She constantly breaks things, she can't sit on a chair without breaking it either and she must constantly stoop to fit in Tiny houses and doors. Not to mention that Reality Ensues - much like astronauts in ISS, without training a lot her muscles start to atrophy and soon she's just as weak as Tinies.
  • Reconstructed: Alice is aware of Real Life consequence and so she trains hard (weight lifting, jumps) to keep her Earthling strength. Long time spent in Tiny world makes her careful, so after initial problems she learns to judge the force necessary. Her human strength and reflex prove invaluable in defeating the Big Bad.
  • Played For Laughs: Alice just can't stop breaking things, with hilarious results, causing annoyance to everyone around her. She even manages to take out the Big Bad by accident, because she trips and hits his Death Ray head first. Suffice to say, the Death Ray ends up in much worse condition than her head.
  • Played For Drama: What's described in "Deconstructed" happens. Alice becomes terrified that she might hurt her Tiny friends and escapes to the desert with nothing but huge amount of Angst to accompany her.

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