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Go online and verse your friends, random opponents, or members of the same Faction one-on-one in a standard fight or with modifiers (Test Your Luck) or King of the Hill (KOTH) in Klassic or, for the more daring, Survivor Mode: health from your previous fight carries over. Only by performing certain tasks during the fight (perform a Fatality, Brutality, Throw, ec cetera) will your health slightly regenerate. You cannot change your fighter while you are King of the Hill in Survivor. You can also create a personal room if you're looking to fight against certain people (experienced players only, noobs only, ect).
Baraka, Corrupt Shinnok, Rain, Sindel, and (non DLC) Tanya will appear in all systems if you play the Story Mode. If you have the PC Mod, you can also play as Baraka, Sindel, Corrupt Shinnok, (non DLC) Tanya, and Rain in fights. Minus Corrupt Shinnok, who says the same quotes as Shinnok in Story Mode, none of these kharacters have any mid battle dialogue and are not playable for Xbox or PlayStation users.
There are five Factions to choose from: Black Dragon (run by Kano), Brotherhood of Shadow (run by Quan Chi), Lin Kuei (run by Sub-Zero), Special Forces (run by Sonya Blade), and White Lotus (run by Raiden). Being a member of certain Factions will trigger different Faction Kill quotes for some kharacters. Each Faction also has their own unique Faction Kill and its own background on the main screen and for the kharacter select screen.

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