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Playing With / Moral Dissonance

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Basic Trope: The hero acts in a manner that contradicts their code and no one comments on it.

  • Straight: The Hero brutally kills an innocent person, even though he said previously that he is against it and no one calls him out on it.
  • Exaggerated: The Hero regularly murders entire planets despite his code against killing people. No one around him seems to take any notice of this.
  • Downplayed: The Hero, having stated he don't believe in needless brutality, violently beats some information out of a mook. No one mentions it, although one of his allies subtly gives him a disapproving look.
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  • Justified: The Hero kills an innocent person among enemies out of bloodlust, and the other characters don't mention it because they've experienced similar mistakes.
  • Inverted: The Fettered.
  • Subverted: Although he gets away for it at first, the rest of his friends eventually start acting more and more uncomfortable around The Hero.
  • Double Subverted: But it turns out it's because he hasn't bathed in a while and not because he was a hypocrite
  • Parodied: The series The Hero belongs to is a Black Comedy.
  • Zig Zagged: The Hero brutally murders a surrendering mook even though he is against killing people around him, which causes others to become more uncomfortable around him, but it's because he smells, but they eventually realize that the reason he smells is because he keeps killing people at point blank range and they realize that he's being a hypocrite
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  • Averted: The Hero is never a hypocrite
  • Enforced: The author's priorities are as screwed up as his/her Designated Hero's.
  • Lampshaded: One moral character points out why what The Hero is doing is hypocritical and everyone doesn't care.
  • Invoked: An Evil Mentor starts "encouraging" The Hero to be more "flexible" with his honor code.
  • Exploited: The villain is just as big a hypocrite so he can pull a Heel–Face Turn and tell the hero that he's a hypocrite just like the villain used to be. Then the villain turns evil again and decides to stop being a hypocrite.
  • Defied: The hero refuses to commit the double standard
  • Discussed: "Ha ha. It's a good thing they were just bad guys."
  • Conversed: "Don't you just hate it when the hero behaves like a hypocrite and no one gives a damn?"
  • Deconstructed:
    • The Hero's increasing hypocrisy turns him into a villain.
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    • Well-Intentioned Extremist.
    • The hero was hallucinating & unaware of what (s)he was really doing.
    • The hero has multiple personality disorder & forgot to take her/his meds.
    • The hero has bi-polar disorder and had a manic episode, thus making him/her make very impulsive decisions and think nothing of it.
  • Reconstructed: The Hero is on the path of Was It Really Worth It?, knowing that saving the world will leave him shattered and alone but that's what has to be done.
  • Plotted A Good Waste: The hero's hypocrisy is there to start a subtle buildup towards his Face–Heel Turn.

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