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Playing With / Jock Dad, Nerd Son

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Basic Trope: The father was an athlete in high school. His son, however, prefers to pursue more intellectual (and less physical) goals.

  • Straight: Former high school football star Al is disappointed his son Bob prefers writing code to practicing for the big game.
  • Exaggerated: Former high school Jerk Jock Al is very disappointed that his son Bob is a nerdy Nice Guy whose passions are computer programming, comic books, art, and video games. Furthermore, Bob also hates sports with a burning passion.
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  • Downplayed: Al likes sports, while his son Bob likes computers.
  • Justified: Bob really is good at sports and likes playing, but is too lazy to practice. Alternately, sports isn't Bob's strong suit, and so he chooses less physical goals instead.
  • Inverted: Nerd Dad Jock Son.
  • Subverted: Al feels like all his teenage gridiron glory has gotten him is some dusty trophies and a bad back, and is both proud of Bob and glad he's on track to a more lucrative career.
  • Double Subverted: As above but there's still that tinge of sadness at the robotics meet when they look up together at the near-empty stands.
  • Parodied: Al was a "jock", technically, but he played a low-impact sport, was flabby and out of shape, and not popular with girls. Bob is good with computers but is also tall, handsome, well-built, and very popular with the ladies. Despite this, they still have the standard "jock vs. nerd" debate.
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  • Zig Zagged: Al was once a team captain, but is stuck at a job that requires more book smarts and his physical abilities are not appreciated. His son was trained from a kid to practice sports, but didn't enjoy it and focused on his academic development. Neither is truly happy with the state of things, but eventually they learn to tolerate each other.
  • Averted: There are no jocks with nerds for sons.
  • Enforced:
    • The company producer is a nerd with a jock for a father, so he has experience to draw from, and expects his writers to write about this. Or possibly, the series will be a sequel of a Teen Drama, and by the time the show will be aired, their Target Audience are now grown-ups with families of their own. It would make sense therefore to cast the Jerk Jock as a father of someone who mirrors the nerd he bullied in high school.
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    • The story is based on a real life "Billy Elliot" Plot.
  • Lampshaded:
    • "I was a sports icon at his age and look at my son, a nerd."
    • "My father was once a jock like those guys that bully me at school. And I wondered why we never got along."
  • Invoked: Having suffered setbacks later in life due to his singular focus on sports and having being surpassed by his once-nerdy classmates, Al raises his son to be more academically oriented, thinking it would make him more successful.
  • Exploited: Bob the nerd relies on his physically fit and intimidating father Al to protect him from bullying.
  • Defied: Al notices that his son Bob seems to be more interested in computers than sports, and so he persuades Bob to pursue sports so that the latter will be in the high school football team and be popular just like his father.
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  • Conversed: "In these shows, the jock often ends up with a nerd for a son."
  • Deconstructed: Al and Bob were never in good terms with each other because of Al's disappointment that his son didn't turn out to be what he expected.
  • Reconstructed: But eventually, Al and Bob reconcile and respect each other's differences. Soon after, Al realizes that he likes computers, and Bob likes sports. This results in a happy father-son relationship.
  • Played For Laughs: Bob turns his love of computers into a lucrative, multi-million dollar career while Al is unable to walk without pain from his playing days and has no job prospects, but Al still acts sad that Bob didn't want to play football.
  • Played For Drama: With Al's constant pushing of Bob to play football, Bob is massively unhappy with life and kills either himself or Al.
  • Gender Inverted: Cheerleader Mom Geek Daughter: The mother Alice was a pretty, popular Alpha Bitch cheerleader and her daughter Betty is a rather frumpy girl interested in books and computers.
  • Implied: We never actually meet Al, but Bob's house has a bunch of sports logos and jerseys even though Bob isn't really into that kind of thing.

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