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Playing With / Hassle-Free Hotwire

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Basic Trope: For the average person, hotwiring is miles easier in Fictionland than in reality.

  • Straight: Bob accesses the wiring, locates and connects the correct wires, and starts the engine in a matter of seconds.
  • Exagerated: Bob brushes two wires together and the car starts.
  • Downplayed: The car is already a junker with a screwdriver starter.
  • Justified: Bob is a professional car thief, and knows the ins and outs of his trade.
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  • Inverted: Attempting to hotwire the car sets off a fail-safe that prevents the car from starting altogether.
  • Subverted: Bob tears open the steering column and breaks into the ignition switch, ignoring the wires altogether.
  • Double Subverted: ...But Bob must still make wires meet to make the engine start.
  • Parodied: Bob snaps his fingers and all cars in a hundred-metre radius start immediately.
  • Zig-Zagged: Bob attempts to hotwire the car, but becomes too frustrated, so he jams a screwdriver into the ignition and starts the car that way.
  • Averted: Bob locates a key, or already has one.
  • Enforced: The director felt that sacrificing several minutes of screen time to Bob fiddling with the car's electronics would spoil the pacing of the work, even if it would be more realistic (at least for that model of car).
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  • Lampshaded: After successfully hotwiring the car, Bob says, "That was far easier than I expected."
  • Invoked: Bob chooses to steal an older model car because it lacks the security that would make it difficult to hotwire.
  • Exploited: Bob does this because he often needs a car but can't buy or rent one for himself, nor can he get a ride with anybody else.
  • Defied: The target car uses different technology and cannot be hotwired.
  • Discussed: "Of course I can hotwire this! I'm a mechanic!"
  • Conversed: ???
  • Deconstructed: Bob opens the dash and a mess of wires fall out. He then electrocutes himself while messing with the wiring.
  • Reconstructed: Bob uses special tools which make the job safe, quick, and easy.
  • Implied: Bob looks at a car ... and then comes a Gilligan Cut to him driving it home.

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