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Basic Trope: Hippie chick.

  • Straight: Alice is an animal rights activist, prefers hemp and linen to polyester, recycles, drives a bicycle, is a member of a co-op, spends quite a lot of time and money eating organic, and sees a Naturopath regularly.
  • Exaggerated:
    • Alice 'frees' pets from their owners, is perpetually nude, doesn't use anything that cannot be washed and reused, eats only what she grows herself, and is frequently seen protesting outside of doctors' offices and butchers' shops.
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    • Alternatively, Alice has gone 'off the grid' and lives as one with nature.
  • Downplayed: Alice likes flowers, health food and folk music, but still drives her kids to school in a minivan.
  • Justified: Alice suffers various allergies that make her especially sensitive to additives in food and household products.
  • Inverted:
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  • Gender Inverted: Colin is a male New-Age Retro Hippie.
  • Subverted:
    • Alice is raised in a free-loving hippie commune, and follows most of their ways out of habit. While she is the least 'earthy' of her family, she's still firmly a hippie by normal standards.
    • Alice does take her children to a pediatrician when they're sick, as well as for an annual checkup. She even follows her country's recommended vaccination schedule!
    • Alice uses essential oils to make her home smell nice, or in homemade cleaning products.
    • Alice herself is a vegan, but her husband and children aren't. She happily cooks a steak for them, and making tofu/seitan/tempeh/Chik'n/etc. for herself.
    • Alice is a vegan, but not for ethical or environmental reasons; she believes it's a healthier way to eat.
    • Alice doesn't shave her legs or armpits because she doesn't have time.
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    • Alice is your typical Granola Girl at first, exactly the straight example, but then you ask about her political beliefs and you find out beneath sweet smile and gentle demeanor is a Dirty Commie who hates America and starts defending the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Burma, and even Kampuchea, dismissing everything you say bad about them as CIA propaganda.
  • Double Subverted:
    • Despite Alice's firm skepticism about New Age propaganda, she learns that they were right all along about food additives and Western medicine.
    • She herself sees a naturopath instead of a real doctor, and as for the kids, when they're sick, she tries the naturopath's recommendations first, before taking them to the pediatrician. And she only takes the kids to be vaccinated because it's required for them to go to school.
    • She uses certain essential oils when she isn't feeling well, to hopefully feel better.
    • She doesn't like cooking non-vegan entrees for her family, because she thinks it's unethical to even think about steak. And she makes this opinion known to Bob, and occasionally tries to entice her kids to her way of eating by making kid-friendly vegan snacks for them.
    • Eventually, Alice becomes a Straw Vegetarian.
    • Alice thinks it's unfair that she's expected to be as hairless as a newborn baby and put all this time, effort, and money into removing perfectly natural body hair, while her husband can be so hairy as to be mistaken for Sasquatch and nobody bats an eye.
    • Despite her horrifying pro-communist dictatorship views, she really is a true Granola Girl at heart with her views born from naivety, not malice, and it turns out that some of her views were not completely unfounded, and she never speaks of her political views again.
  • Parodied:
    • Alice is a Large Ham and shameless toker who hilariously passes around illicit substances to younger family members during church.
    • Alice reacts to processed lunch meat the same way a vampire reacts to holy water or garlic.
  • Zig Zagged: Alice is a New Age guru who is eventually exposed to believe absolutely nothing she preaches, even less practice it — but is simply just a shameless opportunistic capitalist.
  • Averted: Alice eats healthy according to the recommendations of proven science and common sense, and avoids over-consumption out of tact. As for the animals, she's mostly impartial to them.
  • Enforced: Alice is a character in a movie about hippies in the 1960s.
  • Lampshaded: "Don't ask Alice about what we ought to do about the deer overpopulation problem. She's a PETA nut."
  • Invoked:
  • Exploited: Bill gets Alice to collaborate with him on an ecologically destructive project by asserting his support for marijuana decriminalization.
  • Defied: Alice, a daughter of hippies, is head of public relations for multinational fast food company McBeefy's specializing in Deep-Fried Whatever.
  • Discussed: "You're Alice?? From reading your blog, I was expecting more hemp..."
  • Conversed: "Man, I identify as socially liberal, but that Alice chick in this show is really over-the-top. Nobody is actually like that, right?"
  • Implied: Alice spends all her time outdoors and is incredibly mellow and in various states of undress.
  • Deconstructed:
    • Alice alienates people by talking constantly about politics, and offends others when she turns her nose up at their 'non-enlightened' lifestyles.
    • Alternatively, Alice contracts cancer and pursues homeopathic remedies because she distrusts modern medicine. She quickly succumbs to an out-of-control malignant brain tumor.
    • Alice refuses to have her son David inoculated. He contracts smallpox from another uninoculated child at his daycare, and dies.
  • Reconstructed: Alice learns from the misfortunes stemming from her blind adherence to natural remedies and New Age propaganda, and embarks on a quest to insist that the organic and alternative medicine industries be properly regulated and monitored.
  • Played For Laughs: Alice finds herself stranded in a lesbian hippie commune. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Played For Drama: Alice grew up on the shores of a picturesque river with dreams of eventually taking up the family's organic fish farm. She dies penniless at the age of 35 — with traces of toxic heavy metals in all her major organs — after an unsuccessful and bitter legal battle with a polluting oil refinery upstream.

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