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Basic Trope: Abortion doesn't happen in fiction; any character faced with an unplanned and/or unwanted pregnancy will always keep the baby, no matter what.

  • Straight:
    • Alice becomes pregnant, and Betty suggests that Alice have an abortion. Alice is shocked that Betty would suggest such a thing, and decides to keep the baby.
    • The option of an abortion is never mentioned.
    • In the story, Abortion is illegal for ethical reasons.
  • Exaggerated:
    • Alice's lifestyle or career makes it such that having a baby would be extraordinarily difficult, and despite knowing this full well, she decides to have the baby and raise it alone.
    • The child was conceived as a result of rape or incest, and Alice decides she still wants the baby.
    • Going through with the pregnancy would put Alice's life in danger, and Alice still goes through with the pregnancy.
    • The Obviously Evil Empire is the only place where abortion is even legal; everywhere else it is punishable by execution and the work treats this like a fair punishment. Every abortion doctor moonlights as a serial killer and abortion is the only act in the series that is treated as a Moral Event Horizon.
    • Several characters become pregnant, and none even consider having an abortion.
    • Betty is actually a time traveling agent of Emperor Evulz trying to prevent Alice from conceiving, because her grandson will lead La Résistance.
  • Downplayed:
    • Alice gives the baby up for adoption.
    • Alice is 48 years old and in poor health. Her brother rapes and impregnates her. She knows that if she gives birth, the baby will be deformed. So Alice has an abortion, but repeatedly states that she wouldn't have done so under normal circumstances.
  • Justified:
    • Alice knows the unplanned pregnancy was the result of her and Bob not being careful enough, and she has a philosophy of owning up to her mistakes.
    • Alice was Raised Catholic, and abortion is against her religious or moral beliefs unless her life is in danger.
    • Alice wants to be pregnant so that Bob will feel sorry for her and marry her.
    • Alice believes that Babies Make Everything Better.
    • Alice is a politician who has expressed a very strongly pro-life stance; terminating the pregnancy would get her (rightly) branded a hypocrite, and she'd lose constituents.
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    • In this setting, abortion is not legal, and therefore the procedure involves going to a Back-Alley Doctor who may be more concerned about the bottom line than the patient's safety (or worse, doing it herself at home); Alice doesn't want to take the risk.
    • The story is set at a time when really any medical procedure was only dubiously safe at best.
    • Alice's parents tried to abort her, so she does not want to follow their footsteps.
    • Due to the population having been heavily depleted by the Forever War, both sides employ the Propaganda Machine to make sure everybody is having as many children as possible to replace the ones who grow up to die in battle. As such, abortion is treated as unpatriotic.
    • Alice wants to have a baby while she still can, even if being a mother wouldn't exactly be convenient for her.
    • Alice's baby experienced a rapid growth in intelligence, becoming self aware before birth.
    • Alice's best friend Claire gives her definitive proof she's her future daughter, thus Alice knows she definitely would be killing someone by aborting present!Claire.
  • Inverted:
  • Subverted:
    • Alice ponders the possibility of having an abortion.
    • Alice doesn't keep the baby.
    • Alice has a Convenient Miscarriage anyway.
    • Alice kept the baby, but only because the father paid her to. Morality never came into the matter; it just became more convenient to keep the baby than not to.
    • Turns out Alice did want to have a baby.
    • Alice scolds Betty for suggesting an abortion, because Alice already stated that not want she wanted to do but Betty kept on bringing it up.
    • Abortion is completely legal, and Alice schedules an appointment with the clinic.
    • Alice is a teenager, so her friends understand her choice.
    • Alice goes to a Crisis Pregnancy center for advice.
    • Alice asks her OB/GYN or GP about the procedure.
  • Double Subverted:
    • Alice decides against it for whatever reason(s), perhaps after someone in her life gives her a What the Hell, Hero?.
    • Alice had an abortion and vocally defends her decision ... but it is revealed at the end that her parents coerced her into getting an unwanted abortion, chaining her to her bed and paying a crooked abortion doctor to preform the procedure in their home.
    • Instead, she decides to put it up for adoption.
    • Alice feels immensely guilty for getting an abortion, and cannot live with her actions.
    • Alice getting an abortion is treated as crossing the Moral Event Horizon.
    • Alice was lying; her "miscarriage" was really an abortion that she had done in secret, and when that secret is revealed, Alice is scorned by other characters.
    • Turns out Alice only seemed to miscarry, with her daughter being a natural shapeshifter that got stuck.
    • The procedure is not covered by Alice's medical insurance or government, so she must pay for it herself, which is difficult. Then there's the matter of getting to and from the clinic, finding a babysitter if she already has kids, maybe having to go out of town...and protesters harrassing her as she walks into the clinic.
      • Alternatively, Alice does not read or speak the majority language, and the clinic takes its sweet time arranging translators for her.
      • Alternatively, Alice has some sort of medical complication that delays the procedure or makes it riskier.
      • Alternatively, Alice has to reschedule her appointment due to a blizzard.
      • Alternatively, the first clinic Alice contacts tells her it does not provide abortions, and therefore she has to schedule one out of town/across state lines/out of the country/etc.
      • Alternatively, Alice teaches at a Catholic school. Meaning she can't use the insurance, or if she does, her boss will find out about it and she'd be fired. Even if she doesn't, if someone finds out about either her out-of-wedlock pregnancy or her abortion, she'll be fired for violating Contractual Purity.
    • The laws where Alice lives put heavy restrictions on abortions for minors, except in the case of rape, incest, or a risk to the girl's health. This means Alice must get parental consent, or her parents will be notified, or else she has to go before a judge who will decide if she's "responsible" enough to have that rule waived. This puts Alice at risk of Honor-Related Abuse or disownment...and there's always a chance that the judge will say "no," forcing Alice to go through with the pregnancy, go to a Back-Alley Doctor, or attempt to do it herself at home.
    • When she asks about abortion, the clinicians give her false information, such as that she's too far along to have one (even though she's only 5 weeks along), or that it will put her future fertility and/or health at risk (even if it's at a doctor's office), or that the fetus will suffer and be killed in a most gruesome manner.
    • Her doctor, who is a devout Catholic, tells her that he will not perform the procedure, nor will he help her find someone who will, as doing so would be a violation of conscience.
  • Parodied: Lilith Badgirl terminates her pregnancy, and is treated as scum for doing so, but Alice smokes, drinks and does excessive drugs during pregnancy and the other characters either don't comment on it, or laud her for hanging in there.
  • Zig Zagged: After a long mental debate, Alice finally decides to get an abortion, but as she enters the clinic, she guilts herself out of it. She loses consciousness during labor, and it turns out to be a miscarriage. Then it turns out one of the nurses, who is infertile, switched around her paperwork and kidnapped the baby. Alice confronts her and the nurse says she knows that Alice didn't actually want the baby, offering to at least let her visit now and then, but then...
  • Averted:
  • Enforced:
  • Lampshaded: "How could you even suggest such a thing, Betty?! I'm not getting an abortion and I'm angry you'd even ask!"
  • Invoked:
    • Alice, a devout Catholic, is seduced by her boyfriend Bob. She gets pregnant outside of wedlock, resulting in a hasty wedding, and carries the baby to term. She may put it up for adoption.
    • Alice is extremely poor, and knows that having her baby will get her an increase in welfare.
    • "Bob, I don't want the baby. I'm going to get an abor-" "If you keep the baby I'll pay you a million dollars. If you don't want the baby then you don't have to visit or pay child support." "You don't have that money." "Yes I do. I sold a kidney, part of my liver, and half my stuff."
  • Exploited: Alice publishes a book on why she chose to keep her baby, and she becomes a leader of the anti-abortion movement. Alternately, the publishes a book about having an abortion, defending her decision and becoming a leader of the abortion rights movement.
  • Defied: Alice decides that having the baby will cause problems for her (and that she is not cut out to be a mother and/or can't support a child), and heads to the nearest abortion clinic.
  • Discussed:
    • "I heard Alice decided not to have the baby."
    • "Bob, I don't care if you want to be a father. I'm having an abortion, and there is nothing wrong with that. You should go find a woman who doesn't believe in abortion."
    • If the story has a pro-choice plot-line, or if the author is pro-choice themselves: "Bob, zygotes, embryos, and gametes have no sentience. And just because something starts out as something else, does not make it equal to the final result. So how am I the bad guy?"
    • "Bob, are you seriously using the stupid good girls are pro-life trope to guilt-trip me?"
    • "Bob, I don't care if you aren't ready to be a father, I'm not having an abortion."
    • "Mom, I can't believe you tried to abort me. How can I trust you if you think I'm just a mistake?"
  • Conversed: "The characters on this show sure can be cruel. What Alice needs is the support of those around her, not judgment."
  • Implied: Alice constantly mentions that she is "looking forward to being a mother", but the baby never comes. Because she wanted to keep the baby, she clearly had a Convenient Miscarriage rather than an abortion.
  • Deconstructed:
    • Alice is being influenced by others' opinions at a time when what she really needs is support, not judgment.
    • Though everyone wants Alice to keep the baby, nobody is willing to help support it. In fact, Alice's relatives even voted against a bill that would provide charitable funds for impoverished parents (possibly while also being against abortion).
    • Alice is nearly beaten to death by her parents simply because she had an abortion.
    • Alice wants to keep the baby....but only so that she can teach the child to fight in the hopes that said child will help her get revenge on her rapist.
    • Alice wants to keep the baby....but only to maintain a good public image.
    • Alice's parents only care about obtaining a legacy, not about their daughter's physical or mental well-being.
    • Despite being pregnant with a child that could never be born before she dies instead, Alice stubbornly refuses to abort even though it would save her or at least spare her family from becoming invested in a child that couldn't be prematurely extracted.
  • Reconstructed:
    • Alice makes the best decision for herself and her situation, and her friends and family are supportive of her regardless.
    • Some people, despite still considering abortion to be bad, actually provide support to help struggling parents raise their children as well as to help pregnant women who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford to carry their child to term.
    • Some people regard some abortions as necessary euthanasia, like in the case of babies afflicted with a horrible condition that will only lead to them dying a painful and gruesome dead once they're born. All things considered, the merciful thing to do is to given them respite of that suffering.
    • Though Alice understands that the physiological situation would result in her and/or her baby dead, Alice refuses to give up on her unborn child. Thus she does everything she can either to solve the life-threatening errors of her pregnancy, or to safely transfer her child to a different medium to finish gestating.
  • Played For Laughs: Betty suggests that Alice have an abortion. Alice takes her to the bathroom and washes her mouth out with soap for daring to say the "A" word.
  • Played For Drama:
    • The story is all about Alice not wanting an abortion, and whether or not she can withstand the pressure from her boyfriend and her family for her to get an abortion. The story culminates in Alice killing her boyfriend in self-defense after he tries to hit her stomach with a baseball bat so as to force her to have an abortion.
    • Because Alice lives in a Crapsack World, Alice's unwanted baby is expected to lead a terrible life.
    • The story starts with Alice getting an abortion, and follows how she spends the rest of her life in a Drowning Her Sorrows and alternating between depression and Heroic BSoD. Finally Alice ends up dying alone, unloved, her last thoughts that her life was pointless, and her wake entirely unattended. It ends with Betty (who was under similar circumstances to Alice but kept the baby) being buried next to Alice, only with her funeral being attended by her loving son and his equally loving grandchildren who showered Betty with affection and love right up until the end (hinting to the life Alice could have had, had she kept her baby).
    • The story is all about Alice wanting an abortion, and attempting to withstand the pressure of others against this.
    • The story starts with Alice getting an abortion, and she does not regret it at all....but because the author is pro-life, Alice is portrayed as a sociopath.
    • The story starts with Alice getting an abortion, and she does not regret it at all....but because the author is pro-choice, her parents and her boyfriend try to kill her over it.
    • Alice ends up becoming one of the villains after having an abortion.
    • In order to get the abortion, Alice (a teen) has to tell her parents that she's sexually active, she got pregnant, and that she plans to abort. Her parents don't take this news well at all, and Alice is beaten, murdered, or disowned.
    • Alice is forced to go through with the pregnancy, even though it will probably kill her. It does.
    • Alice was raped, and is forced to carry her rapist's baby, and relive those memories time and again.
    • Alice found out that her baby has a condition that will make it unlikely to survive, or to live a normal life, but Alice is forced to carry the baby.
    • Alice is sent to Prison for having a miscarriage, as no one believes she didn't try to abort the baby. Everyone calls her a baby-killer, and she becomes a Pariah Prisoner.
    • Alice is forced to have another child, but does not have the resources to care for that child properly.
    • Alice's twin children, Dennis and Julia, found out she tried to get an abortion when she was pregnant with them. They are both angry at her for this and fear that she must not love them if she wanted so badly to avoid having them. Alice has to work hard to try and reassure her children that this is not the case.
    • Alice is forced into a marriage she does not want and/or does not feel ready for, because she got pregnant out of wedlock.
    • Alice does have the baby and even decides to keep it...but is quickly ostracized for being a single mother (especially if this is a period piece) and learns that no one cares about her baby despite forcing her to give birth to it, resulting in a cruel Morton's Fork.
  • Untwisted: Alice has an abortion, and other characters don't comment on it, but only because they didn't know about it in the first place.
  • Plotted a Good Waste: The author has the characters ignore abortion, as a metaphorical way to show that the world of the story is a post apocalyptic Crapsack World where there are much bigger problems to worry about.

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