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Playing With / First Church of Mecha

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Basic Trope: A giant robot is viewed as a god or deity.

  • Straight: In Solar Trope-Breaker Troperion Z, the two main antagonists, stuckup Larisse and Mrs. Angel are revealed to have formerly worshipped the titular mecha as a god-like entity. However, when Alice discovers and pilots Troperion Z, the two joined forces to create a new "god", Troperia Queen, and intend to use it to "punish" anyone they view as "inferior".

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  • Exaggerated: Larisse and Mrs. Angel use Troperia Queen to turn the entire school into a Super Robot, all because they see it as a divine entity. They're also found of trapping punishing students by putting them in a mech-based VR game to isolate them from human society.

  • Downplayed: Larisse and Mrs. Angel used to worship a polytheist religion, and a shrine they happened to visit frequently had worshiped Troperion Z.

  • Justified: Troperion Z was humanity a long ago when there was no technology to make a similar mech, leading some people to believe that Troperion Z is a divine being.

    • STBTZ is has Magical Girl elements to it, or is meant to be heavily symbolic, as Troperion's existence represents freedom, and the bad guys' attempt to recreate it represents oppression and/or restriction.
  • Subverted: Larisse and Mrs. Angel seemingly worships the Troperion Z. However, it is later revealed that they worship the MacGuffin trapped inside Troperion.

  • Double Subverted: It turns out that the MacGuffin seemingly trapped inside Troperion Z is just a part of what it actually is, the Troperion Z itself.