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Basic Trope: Video game developers account for unlikely occurrences in their game.

  • Straight: In the game Operation T.R.O.P.E: Infiltration, Marcy and Jordan enter a military stronghold, where the mission is to hack the motherboard and disable a nuclear weapon. You play as both, but Jordan, the brains, is scripted to sneak into the security room. If you glitch and exploit the game in a certain fashion it’s possible to instead have Marcy there. A special cutscene plays where Jordan is instead instructing her via comms on what to do, she gets extremely frustrated and thrashes the entire security room, somehow disabling the nuclear missile. Jordan’s response, “Yeah that works.”
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  • Exaggerated: It is literally and virtually impossible to even have Marcy in the room because she isn’t selectable until late-game. But by hacking the game you can unlock her early, and the entire mission plays differently to account for her presence, as if it was intended.
  • Downplayed: Jordan or Marcy are both in the computer room, and if you try to make her hack the computer, he has a special quote that simply questions why Marcy is trying to hack a computer, and he suggests he do it instead.
  • Justified:
    • The game’s selling point is being able to do anything out of the ordinary, and have the game account for it.
    • Marcy was going to be playable in that scene, but they had to cut it late in development due to budget constraints.
  • Inverted: Jordan is supposed to hack the computer. For some reason, the game bugs out as if the developers did not account for the player completing the mission as instructed.
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  • Subverted: Marcy enters the computer room via exploits and glitches, then the game plays the normal scene where Jordan hacks the computer.
  • Double Subverted: ... by later in the game, Marcy accuses Jordan of sidelining her “Like last time, in the computer room”.
  • Parodied: Marcy enters the computer room via cheats, then Dr. Despicable breaks the fourth wall mocking either Marcy and Jordan (Or you) for thinking they are clever, then makes you fight a comically overpowered boss.
  • Zig Zagged: Sometimes the game accounts for unlikely occurrences, other times it folds or proceeds like nothing happened.
  • Averted: Glitching Marcy into that scene crashes or locks up the game, because the developers never thought to check for such an eventuality.
  • Enforced: The developers were unable to patch the glitch that made this possible, so instead they decided to make it a feature and even hide an Easter Egg along the way.
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  • Lampshaded:
    Jordan: Marcy!? How did you get into the computer room?
    Marcy: Apparently I can phase through walls.
  • Invoked: The developers wanted their player base to feel that they were clever
  • Exploited: Dr. Despicable will frequently bend reality and break to fourth wall to attack Jordan and Marcy through these sequence breaks.
  • Defied: Instead of accounting for players attempting to glitch into the room as Marcy, the developers ran bug tests to ensure it was absolutely impossible and players would just play normally.
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  • Conversed: "You can do anything in this game. Sneaking around the other side of the building, hang-gliding, using Marcy to complete that bit where Jordan's supposed to hack the computer..."

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