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Playing With / Damsel Errant

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Basic Trope: In medieval literature, a woman uses her charms to lure the knight into action.

  • Straight: Sir Bob falls hard for Lady Alice, who ends up leading him right into the clutches of the Big Bad.
  • Exaggerated: Lady Alice is herself the Big Bad.
  • Downplayed: Lady Alice is a royal who actually wants to do something and teams up with Sir Bob to go on an adventure.
  • Justified: Love Makes You Stupid
  • Inverted: Sir Bob manages to seduce Lady Alice and leads her into all sorts of trouble.
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  • Subverted: Lady Alice charms Sir Bob, and gives him a MacGuffin that will protect him.
  • Double Subverted: ...but only from one particular villain; the one he ends up encountering, the MacGuffin in question has no effect on whatsoever.
  • Parodied: Lady Alice seems to be leading Sir Bob down the primrose path to becoming dragon chow, but is actually leading him to a surprise party in his honor.
  • Zig Zagged: Lady Alice charms Sir Bob, and gives him a MacGuffin that will protect him. Except, it turns out it only works against one particular villain, and they encounter another villain instead. Except, it was actually The Dragon and Lady Alice didn't know about him. The MacGuffin finally works against the Big Bad.
  • Averted:
    • Sir Bob never once meets Lady Alice.
    • Lady Alice does not use her womanly wiles on Sir Bob.
  • Enforced: All Women Are Lustful, and similar paradigms.
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  • Lampshaded: "Does something seem...odd about Lady Alice to you?"
  • Invoked: Sir Bob meets Lady Alice by the river and instantly falls for her.
  • Exploited: Lady Claire wants Sir Bob to join her side, and she befriends Lady Alice and uses her to help her achieve that end.
  • Defied: Lady Alice does not want to put her Love Interest in danger, even if he would do anything for her, and even if he is technically bound to the code of chivalry. So, she wishes him the best, but does not manipulate anything behind the scenes.
  • Discussed: "What is she trying to pull?"
  • Conversed: "That woman is nothing but trouble..."
  • Deconstructed: Sir Bob is being put into serious danger by Lady Alice, and she knows it. This can have a dramatic effect on their relationship. Also, the fact that this love usually doesn't last can be painful for both of them.
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  • Reconstructed: Lady Alice has a good relationship with Sir Bob, and they have adventures together, but they are able to handle everything without one person being put in excessive danger. Their love does last.
  • Played For Laughs: The Evil Plan pulled by Lady Alice shows What an Idiot! Sir Bob is.
  • Played For Drama: Lady Alice gets a vision of a portent of doom that will spread across the entire realm, but the court she resides in is treacherous and there is a stigma attached to dabbling in dark arts. Yet she believes the best chance to stop it is to go out into the field away from the castle, so she finds Sir Bob and has to convince him to go while hiding the question of why she's trying to send him out.

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