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Playing With / Creator's Pet

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Basic Trope: A major character whom the writers and especially the executives like, but is generally unpopular with the Fandom and even hated.

  • Deconstructed: Charlie, a character in a Show Within a Show, exists within the writer’s blind spot because he’s what the author always wanted to be: confident, outgoing, witty, with lots of friends … the writer put so much of himself into Charlie that he doesn’t want to acknowledge the character’s haters, as it strikes a little too close to home. So when the fans are torturing and murdering Charlie in Flash animations on the in-universe equivalent of Newgrounds, the writer sinks into depression and takes his own life.
  • Reconstructed: Charlie from the Show Within a Show isn’t the author’s idealized self-image, as much of a Marty Stu as he may be. Rather, he’s what the writer thinks all of humanity should live up to, and thus doesn’t sink into a depression when the fans hate Charlie but rather treats it as the fans being intimidated by how great he is. They crucified Jesus, you know.
  • Plotted a Good Waste:
    • Turns out the writer was just settling Charlie up for a major fall in a Wham Episode where all his faults come to the forefront and have disastrous consequences, causing him to lose his friends’ respect and setting him up as The Atoner.
    • Charlie is deliberately written to be annoying … so the audience will root against him when he betrays the team.
  • Played for Laughs: Characters set up Charlie as being over-the-top perfect so that when he fails (Once per Episode or more), we laugh at the disconnect between his public acclaim and how he actually sucks.
  • Played for Drama: Charlie’s awesome perfectness overshadows his little brother Daniel, who is the show's actual protagonist. Granted, Charlie gets more air time even when the fans want to see Daniel more often, but Daniel’s conflicts are that much more poignant because Charlie is just that much better at everything.

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