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Basic Trope: A child is conceived as the result of a rape.

  • Straight:
  • Exaggerated:
    • Alice has no idea who the biological father of her child actually is because Bob wasn't the only one who had his way with her that night.
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    • The child is a Half-Human Hybrid because the rapist was some tentacled Eldritch Abomination.
    • The child is a Chest Burster. Except more like a Rectum Buster. Poor, poor Bob.
    • Bob was raped by multiple women, which means that Charlie has lots of paternal half siblings.
  • Downplayed:
  • Justified:

  • Inverted:
    • When the pregnant Alice is raped, it causes her to miscarry.
    • Being raped infects Alice with an STI that eventually renders her infertile.
      • Or in the case of Alice being the rapist, she gets it after raping Bob.
  • Subverted:
    • Alice goes to the hospital and gets (besides a rape kit) the morning-after pill.
    • Alice finds that she is pregnant, most likely as a result of the rape, and heads to the clinic to get an abortion.
    • Charlie thinks that his father has been raping and abusing his mother. Turns out, it was actually all Safe, Sane, and Consensual BDSM between his father and mother.
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    • Charlie suspects that his father Bob was raped by his mother. But when he finally meets and asks his father, Bob tells his son that he does love his mother back and that it was loving and consensual sex.
    • Alice discovers she's pregnant some time after being raped, but the child turns out to be the result of very-much-consensual sex she had prior to being raped.
  • Double Subverted:
    • But the M.A.P. doesn't work, and Alice gets pregnant anyway.
    • But then has second thoughts and decides that aborting the child (regardless of its origins) would be bad, either for moral reasons (i.e. she considers abortion an immoral or sinful act) or pragmatic ones (i.e. abortion is not legal in this setting and therefore performed by back-alley doctors more concerned about making money than about the safety of their patients).
    • Charlie was conceived by the one time that his father ignored his mother's Safe Word.
    • ...because no one, not even Bob himself, considers it rape. Bob even ends up falling in love with his rapist.
  • Parodied:
  • Zig Zagged:
    • Alice goes to the hospital and gets the rape kit and morning-after pill. But the M.A.P. doesn't work, and she gets pregnant anyway. So she gets an abortion. However, it turns out that she was pregnant with twins and that the abortion only removed one of the embryos. By the time she discovers this, Alice's pregnancy is late-term so she has to give birth to the remaining child. She leaves Charlie at the fire department, and he is raised in an orphanage.
    • Charlie is actually the result of an Extra Parent Conception, with the rapist being the third parent.
    • Charlie's conception involved some Questionable Consent.
    • Charlie's conception was consensual, but one of his parents was underage at that time.
    • Charlie's conception is the result of Rape by Proxy.
  • Averted:
  • Enforced: "We need to create some drama, and give this new character a dramatic backstory."
  • Lampshaded: "I know he was conceived in rape, but Charles is still my son."
  • Invoked:
    • Bob keeps track of his victims' menstrual cycles so he can impregnate them.
    • Alice rapes Bob at a time that she's ovulating.
    • Breeding Slave
  • Exploited:
    • For whatever reason (bad luck with dating, not wanting to marry, unwilling to pay for artificial insemination, etc.) Alice deliberately makes herself an appealing rape target so she can have a child.
    • Bob is an Evilutionary Biologist, and purposely rapes women when they are at their most fertile so as to impregnate them and spread his "superior genes".
    • Alice knows fully well that no one would come to Bob's aid if he was raped by a woman. So she uses this to have a child with him, even though he doesn't share the same sentiment.
  • Defied:
    • Bob doesn't want to leave any "evidence" behind or have that "evidence" come back to haunt him he uses a condom.
    • Alice finds out she is pregnant, and gets an abortion.
    • Alice decides that being a parent has nothing to do with genes and everything to do with nurturing, and that because she is going to be the only one raising Charles she is going to be his only true parent.
    • Knowing that vaginal rape may make Alice pregnant, Bob rapes her anally and/or orally instead.
    • Alice places a condom on Bob before having her way.
      • Or, Alice aborts the child so that there would be no "evidence" of her raping Bob.
    • Bob tells Charlie that it doesn't matter whether or not he's the son of him and the woman who raped him. Because he'll never leave his [[Thicker Than Water own flesh and blood out in the cold.
  • Discussed:
  • Conversed: "Just why the hell does Alice think her rape child with Bob would be some superior human gene-wise?"
  • Implied:
    • Alice gets raped. Nine months later, she abandons a newborn baby by putting it in a container or leaves it at a safe haven site.
    • There are lots of hints that Alice's son Charles, wasn't conceived out of loving or consensual circumstances.
    • Alice's son, Charlie, looks an awful lot like Bob. It's also been hinted lots of times that Bob was raped by Alice.
  • Deconstructed:
    • Now Alice has inside of her yet another reminder of what happened. She might carry some resentment towards it, therefore (and in TV-Trope Land, she wouldn't abort it because Good Girls Avoid Abortion. If she does choose to have an abortion in this setting, everyone will know and will behave as though she crossed the Moral Event Horizon as much as or even more than they would towards her rapist(s).) And the child is considered "bad" because his/her biological father did something bad.
    • Alice chooses to give birth to the child, Charles. However, in Alice's country, Bob (Alice's rapist) can claim custody to Charles (even though it's known that Bob raped Alice), and chooses to do so. Alice is thus forced to interact with Bob frequently, which constantly reminds her of the attack. Alice's psychiatric problems caused by the attack are worsened, and recovery becomes impossible as long as he's around. Or worse, she's in a country or era where she's forced to marry Bob to keep herself from being Defiled Forever.
    • When Alice's child Charles is 15, he accidentally finds out how he was conceived. He becomes broken, feels that he should never have existed and is just a painful burden for his mother, not to mention a reminder of what Alice has gone through. Eventually, he attempts suicide.
    • Alice loves her son Charles, but because of his origin he is ostracized and treated with suspicion by the rest of society. People say that Charles's blood is tainted, that he should have been aborted, that he is probably going to be a rapist like his father, and a slew of other hurtful things. This all causes Charles to have low self-worth and to try his best to hide his past.
    • Because of the anger she feels at being raped, and because of the humiliation she feels at raising Charles, Alice becomes an Abusive Parent and takes it out on her son. She beats him, starves him, witholds affection, loudly states That Thing Is Not My Child! even when he can hear, and altogether makes his childhood miserable. Finally, when she states that she wishes he was dead, Charles has enough and runs away. He lives alone, and swears to never have any kids of his own, so as to end his bloodline.
    • Bob is left enraged that not only will no one sympathize with him because of the "girls can't rape boys" mentality but he's also forced to pay for child support for the son he never wanted.
    • Alice's father doesn't want his family to be known for having lots of members born out of wedlock. So he forces poor Bob to marry his daughter after he finds out she's pregnant. The fact that everyone refuses to believe that Bob is the victim of the whole situation causes him to have a breakdown
    • After meeting Charlie, Bob gets enraged seeing the one person who'll keep reminding him of the time Alice got away scot-free from raping him. He ends up trying to kill Charlie.
  • Reconstructed:
    • Alice gets counseling to help her through this, and she has loving family and friends who support her no matter what she decides to do. The child is not treated resentfully, by Alice or anyone else if Alice decides to carry to term.
    • Seeing Alice's situation, Dina becomes an activist that works for passing a law that denies rapists custody of children conceived in rape. She gains many followers, and they get the law passed in the end.
    • Charles's suicide attempt fails, and Alice's genuine love for him allows him to accept his origin, and think of himself as not a product of rape, but Alice's beloved son.
    • Charles overcompensates for his origin by being abnormally kind and heroic, so when he moves to a new community he is only judged by his actions and thus becomes the most popular person in his new home. When his friends discover his origins, they still accept Charles and reassure him that his conception has no bearing on who he is. They even go so far as to verbally defend Charlie when others attempt to bully or smear him based on his origins.
    • After running away, Charles gets found sleeping under a highway overpass by a kind sterile couple, and they decide to give him shelter for the night. Within a year, he is Happily Adopted and finally feels loved and cared for. When he grows up and has children of his own, he raises them with compassion and tenderness, making sure to be the opposite of what his mother was to him and teaching them Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil.
    • But Bob, after meeting him, grows to love his son and tells himself that he'll always be there for him.
    • Eventually, Bob's friend or relative realizes how messed up his situation is and defends him. Thanks to that, Bob gets to divorce Alice and even take custody of his son.
    • But before he can pull through with finally finishing him off, Bob can't bring himself to kill a boy who never asked to be born in the first place. Bob tearfully stops and then apologizes to Charlie and tells him he'd never hurt him ever again.
  • Played For Laughs:
    • The baby has slimy squid-like tentacles, and has an overall Ugly Cute vibe to it.
    • Alice's rape was Black Comedy Rape. The father of the child is allowed the parental rights to Alice's child, but he flees when he realizes that he has to pay child support (much to Alice's relief).
    • Bob is actually delighted for being raped by Alice because he managed to get laid. So he gleefully pays for child support and even marries Alice.
  • Played For Drama:
    • As the father of Alice's child, Bob can claim custody, even when it's known that Bob raped Alice. Alice hasn't reported the rape yet, and Bob offers to relinquish his parental rights if Alice doesn't report the rape. Alice must choose between protecting herself and her child from ever having to see Bob again, or reporting Bob with the hope of protecting the rest of society from him.
    • Alice doesn't really want to carry the child to term, but she remembers that she was a child by rape herself and wants to give her child a chance at life because she was given that much as well.
    • Bob can't find it in him to love the boy who was conceived the day Alice took advantage of him. The fact that he gets no comfort at all drives him to depression. And when finding out how broken his father has become, Charlie ends up feeling guilty for existing.

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