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Playing With / Anti-Sneeze Finger

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Basic Trope: A character puts a finger underneath their nose to stop themselves sneezing.

  • Straight: Harry doesn't want to cause a Sneeze of Doom, so he puts his finger under his nose.
  • Exaggerated: Harry holds his finger under his nose, and never has to sneeze again.
  • Downplayed: Harry puts his finger under his nose to stop himself sniffing.
  • Justified: Truth in Television - there is a pressure point under the nose that stops the sneeze reflex.
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  • Inverted: Harry sneezes whenever he puts his finger under his nose.
  • Subverted: Harry's finger method appears to work- for about three seconds.
  • Double Subverted: But it turns out he was doing it wrong. When Jane does it correctly, it works perfectly.
  • Parodied: The finger-under-the-nose method is so powerful, it can cure any disease in existence and is the main method doctors use for treating patients.
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