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  • Robert Axelrod, best known as Power Rangers's Lord Zedd plays Badass Adorable Anti-Villain/Hero Wizardmon.
  • Chris Ayres normally plays deep-voiced characters who are either antagonists, or in the supporting cast who are in middle-age, so it's surprising to see that in Gantz he played Kei Kurono, who's not only a young-teenager-like character, he's also the main character.
  • Greg Ayres is known for playing innocent young boys or fun loving teenagers, but he has played vastly different characters at least twice. First, in Fullmetal Alchemist, he voiced Bido, a former human-turned-lizard chimera who is a con artist and trouble maker. And in Gantz, he voices Hajimeh w Muroto, a psychotic teenage serial killer and rapist.
  • In both Samurai 7 and Nightraid 1931, he voices characters who initially seem to fit his fun-loving, easy going type, but are revealed to have Stepford Smiler traits and are actually less nice/more melancholic than you'd expect.
  • A similar case comes in the "Mountain Villa" 2-parter in Case Closed, where he voices an geeky big guy. All of that is an act and he just so happens to be the killer.
  • Freeman's stereotyped as a badass because he was played against type. His first popular major role was Justy Ueki Tylor, played against when he was given the role of Zelgadis of Slayers.
  • His role as Mamoru in RahXephon is also against type. The character initially seems to be a Jerk with a Heart of Gold Bromantic Foil, but then shows himself to be a Jerkass and does a Face–Heel Turn. So, Vic playing him goes against his usual casting as heroic characters.
  • For that matter, he also played Rome Ro in Heroic Age, who is not only the closest thing the series has to a Big Bad, but is very quiet and pensive.
  • Vic Mignogna also sings some of FUNimation's One Piece openings. He doesn't seem like the singing type.
  • Vic Mignogna voices E-123 Omega in Sonic the Hedgehog, a 1200-pound robot Anti-Hero who will do whatever it takes to kill Dr. Eggman. He's more difficult to recognize as Omega than most of his other roles.
  • Speaking of One Piece, there's also his role as the weaselly Jerkass that is Nezumi from the Arlong arc. His role as Sabo on the other hand is more in line with his usual characters.
  • She's also played some downright badass and/or villainous roles as of late, such as Kriem from Tiger & Bunny, and the Rin sisters from Anarchy Reigns.
  • She also did the voice clips for Kjelle in Fire Emblem Awakening, who is far from shy, and is a confident, training-loving knight.
  • Aww, Airy from Bravely Default is voiced by her and she is so cute... Well if you ignore the fact she is the Big Bad working for an evil being out to devour the world.
  • And now she plays the infamous cute psychopath Nui Harime in Kill la Kill.
  • Stephanie Sheh voices the clumsy, bratty crybaby Usagi in the new Sailor Moon dub.
  • Then there's her role as the broken, unhinged, suicidal Suito Kusanagi in the film The Sky Crawlers.
  • Karen Strassman usually employs a tremendous amount of feminine grace in her characters, heroines and villainesses alike. But in Hellsing Ultimate, she voiced Heinkel Wolfe and she sounded quite butch.
  • In the English dub of Linebarrels of Iron, Todd Haberkorn, who generally plays heroes or comic relief characters channels a Ribbons wannabe main villain, who is assisted by a character voiced by Vic Mignogna, who generally (with some exceptions, see above) gets the same kind of casting. In the other direction, Jerry Jewell, who often plays sinister characters, is cast as a cool Nice Guy.
    • Todd also does the voice of Death The Kid from Soul Eater. That's right, Vegeta's little brother Tarble is also a grim reaper who suffers from massive OCD and believes everything should be symmetrical.
    • And to makes things even more fun, two of his recent Los Angeles roles is Sugou Nobuyuki and Judar, both are main power hungry villains to their respective series. These roles eventually led him to his new typecast, villains.
  • Kenichi Suzumura is mostly known to play characters that are Hot-Blooded like Shinn from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny or Deadpan Snarker like Okita from Gintama or Ayumu from Spiral. He also plays transsexual Ginshu in Amatsuki, and the childish (and often whiny) Maya in Saint Beast.
  • Brad Swaile was usually cast as awkward and/or dorky characters, usually teenagers. Then comes the Death Note dub, and he plays Magnificent Bastard main character Light Yagami. This totally works and is generally considered to be his best performance ever.
    • Plus, Swaile usually plays lead characters, like the afore-mentioned Light Yagami, but in Shakugan no Shana, he was Keisaku Sato, a minor character.
    • He was also "Slappy" from Dead Rising 2 a giggling delusional lunatic who believed himself to actually be the mascot he was portraying in costume while wielding a pair of flame throwers spraying them in random directions.
  • She also plays the straight-laced husky-voiced Mitsuru Kirijo from Persona 3.
  • Played with in Fate/EXTRAs sequel Fate/EXTRA CCC, where she plays the soft voiced Buddhist nun Sessyoin Kiara, until it's revealed that she's a cult leader responsible for countless suicides, and her desire to provide mankind salvation culminates in her gaining the status of a god, and the name Heaven's Hole. Her clothing, and in turn her voice, get progressively lewder in all of her appearances so far.


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