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Wattpad is a website where users can both read and publish online literature such as Web Serial Novels, created in 2006 with the intention to build a welcoming community for amateur writers. As of 2018, over 400 million stories have been uploaded to the site in over 50 languages, and there are over 65 million users, although this didn't happen overnight. Unlike similar sites like FanFiction.Net, Wattpad didn't become a household name until the boom of smartphones and e-books in the early 2010s, with statistics stating that 85% of site traffic comes from mobile devices.

A variety of genres are uploaded to the site every day, from comedies to action, however, the most popular stories are either romance or Young Adult literature. Viewers can comment and vote on their favourite stories, which will appear on the "What's Hot List" if the stories are popular enough. Annual story contests are held which any user can participate in, but the biggest one is the Watty Awards, which award the popular, "on the rise", and "undiscovered" original stories of the year. The most voted and viewed stories over the years have been published into mainstream books by companies like HarperCollins and Random House, and some books have been adapted for the big screen. note 

Wattpad is a place for many to express their creativity and show the world how good of an author they are, showing that everything has an audience, no matter how weird or samey.

Wattpad is especially well-known in the Philippines and has the most number of users all over the world.

The Japanese equivalent would be Shōsetsuka ni Narō, though that site doesn't host fanfiction.