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If you call their clothes fruity, they'll take it as a compliment.

Grand, fancy dresses in western animated shows.

  • Adventure Time: Princess Bubblegum plays this trope straight most of the time, with a seemingly limitless wardrobe of gowns and pouffy dresses, but also subverts it frequently, as she seems just as comfortable wearing a hoodie and leggings, with her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She's probably also the only princess on this list that you'll see wearing a labcoat over her gown.
  • A number of dresses show up in American Dad!, for various reasons, whether a costume party, or magical holiday fairies. One former tooth fairy, not a ghost of Christmas Past, wears a blue Happy Holidays Dress that has snowflake decorations and gauze layering.
  • In the Animaniacs episode, "King Yakko", Hello Nurse is the kingdom's prime minister, and wears a magenta dress with ermine trim on the skirt, and a blue cloak.
  • These show up in the Classic Disney Shorts.
    • The Damsel in Distress in "The China Shop" wears a blue 18th century dress with purple bows and ribbons, and a pink petticoat.
    • The girl in "The Moth and the Flame" wears a red dress with a short pink skirt, and a collar and hem trimmed with white fur.
    • The Cookie Queen in "The Cookie Carnival" is given a dress made out of food. It has a cupcake paper as a skirt frame, blue and white eclair creme to make the frilly overdress, heart candies decorating the middle of the skirt, and the only non-food related item is a blue Giant Waist Ribbon. The concept art showed the dress being red and white. And she's not the only one, as "Miss Strawberry Blonde" wears a skirt that is a strawberry shortcake where the layers get wider from the top down.
  • Daria has a few, some in the show, but most in the credits pictures.
    • Quinn's pink middle ages dress, with white fur trimming in "Fair Enough".
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    • Erin's wedding dress in "I Don't", with the massive bell skirt, lace, and loads of floral trimmings.
  • Some show up in Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers. An odd case is a blue one in worn an opera with an ermine cape and little ermine overskirt. The odd part was the Chip later found and put on a small one to distract the episode's villain.
  • Gargoyles had a Shout-Out to Beauty and the Beast, where Elisa Maza once wore Belle's golden ballgown on Halloween while Goliath wore Beast's dress suit.
  • In Kim Possible: So the Drama, Kim is seen wearing a mildly pimped-out prom dress, which gets charred by a Diablo's laser beams, prompting her to shout, "Do you know how much babysitting I had to do to buy this dress?"
  • Lady Lovely Locks and her friends wore similar dresses that each had medium poofy sleeves, and three rings of frills on their skirts. Otherwise the dresses varied in with the ruffles, ribbons, and other details. Duchess Ravenwaves wore a dark purple dress with puffed sleeves and leaf-like layers of different colored fabric on the sleeves and skirt.
  • Despite being equines, the My Little Pony series and toy line finds ways to dress them up. We saw this from a Fashion Show in the second TV special, to Rarity from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic being a fashion designer with a penchant for creating these.
    • "Suited for Success" is about making dresses for her friends, but their Taking Advantage of Generosity turned the dresses into Impossibly Tacky Clothes. They made it up to her by completing the dress she designed for herself. In the meantime, Rarity sang a song about making fancy dresses, "Art of the Dress".
    • The practicalities of Pimped-Out Dresses are lampshaded, Rarity spends one party standing in a corner ordering everyone to keep well away from her for fear of damaging it, any amount of strenuous effort tends to leave them disheveled, and they make sure to take them off before actually getting into a fight (with Rarity seen carefully smoothing them out and folding them up despite an 'in progress' invasion occuring).
  • When the girls in Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders are in regular clothes, they can be pimped out. Gwenevere has worn a pink mini dress with gold stars decorating it, and a pink dress with puff sleeves and a three-tiered skirt.
  • The eponymous Princess Sissi wears many in the show.
    • There is a yellow dress with a blue petticoat, blue ribbons and pink bows on the skirt, and gold decorations on the bodice.
    • A green dress with puff sleeves, white ruffles on the hem and neckline, and several strips of yellow frills on the front of the bodice and skirt.
    • A blue dress with white trimming and pink bows on the skirt and neckline.
    • A white dress with a pink petticoat and neckline, puff sleeves, and a string of pearls worn around the waist.
    • Finally, there is her wedding dress, with Opera Gloves, flowers, frills, and puff sleeves.
  • In the video Princess Sydney Christmas: Three Gold Coins, Sydney wears a few dresses, such a a red Happy Holidays Dress with a thick, white fur hem and neckline, and a coronation dress with an ermine cape and ermine-trimmed skirt.
  • The eponymous She-Ra: Princess of Power wears a white Mini Dress Of Power that has loads of gold decorations, a gold Cool Crown shaped like wings, and a short red cape.
  • In Total Drama, Courtney wears a purple dress in the episode "The Princess Pride", that is basically a Palette Swap of Cinderella's dress, save for the fancy diamond tiara. In the episode "Niagra Brawls", she wears a white version of that dress as a Fairytale Wedding Dress.
  • The Winx Club have fancy dresses and gowns on certain occasions, they have plenty of them to give the Barbie a run for her money.


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