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Pimped Out Dresses in Comic Books.


  • The girls in Archie Comics wear some when appropriate, particularly Veronica.
  • Dear My Girls has several, given the setting.
  • The Snow Queen's dress in Fables has plenty of frills, a few ribbons, and a fur boa.
  • The Flash villain Golden Glider wears a gold skating dress with white fur cuffs.
  • Goong is loaded with them, whether on the covers or in the actual pages. You get loads of dresses in old Korean style, old European style, modern styles, but more often mixtures of all three, like this red dress with flower embroidery and a white stole.
  • Hot Blooded Woman
  • Katy Keene has loads, many made from Official Fan-Submitted Content. Just the covers provide a sample of the variety of pimped dresses she's worn.
    • #2 Volume 1 shows her in a red dress with lots of white ruffles over the chest, and in heart shapes at the top of the skirt.
    • #3 Volume 1 shows her in a yellow gauze nightgown with ruffle edging.
    • #5 Volume 1, another yellow gauze nightgown, this one with black lace edging.
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    • #6 Volume 1, a red dress with puff sleeves, ruffle-trimmed hem, and yellow bands on the skirt and waist that have orange flowers all over them.
    • #9 Volume 1, a red dressing gown that is trimmed with either diamonds, pearls, or another kind of jewel. Her Nice Shoes are completely covered with that same jewelry.
    • #13 Volume 1, a red nightgown covered almost entirely with gauze.
    • #16 Volume 1, a red and black stating dress with the skirt trimmed with gold (or something making it shimmer), and the top trimmed with ermine, and she has ermine mittens and an ermine hat.
    • #18 Volume 1, a light blue nightgown that is almost all gauze, has hearts trimming the hem, and a large blue flower at the center of the chest.
    • #20 Volume 1, she's Cosplaying as a Pirate Girl, with a red mini dress with a green fringed belt wrapped around the waist, gauzy lace on the cuffs, and either white ruffles or white fur is trimming the neckline.
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    • #23 Volume 1, Katy in a red dress with white patterned trimming, and cut in a high fashion style. Gloria is wearing a green dress with pearls, and a bunched skirt that is also cut in a high fashion style.
    • #26 Volume 1, Katy and Gloria are again each in a high fashion dress of red and green respectively, Katy's trimmed with white ruffles, and Gloria's with the fabric flared out at the waist and collar.
    • #27 Volume 1, Katy and Sis in skating outfits, where the dresses, hats, gloves, and boots are trimmed with white fur, and the fabric has a diagonal design pattern. Katy's dress is red, and Sis's is green.
    • #29 Volume 1, Katy in a red dress with white palm trees all over it, even the shoulder straps, which are thinner than the tree design.
    • #33 Volume 1, Katy in a red and black stating dress, that has a hat trimmed with white fur, a white fur puff ball on each glove and boot, and lots of little white fur puff balls trimming the dress. Gloria is wearing a purple dress with an ermine hat, and a scarf trimmed with ermine tails.
    • #35 Volume 1, Katy and Sis are wearing red rain dress with white umbrella designs, with Sis's dress having candy canes on the umbrella handles.
    • #36 Volume 1, Gloria in a red dress with a top mostly of white lace.
    • #38 Volume 1, Katy at a costume ball in a red 18th century dress that has lots of white lace and ruffles, and a lot of roses trimming the white parts of the skirt.
    • #44 Volume 1, Katy in a pink dress and the top and Giant Waist Ribbon are of a pink and white bubble pattern.
    • #45 Volume 1, Katy in a red Happy Holidays Dress with white High Class Gloves, puff sleeves, and holly trimming on the waist and neckline.
    • #48 Volume 1, a red swimsuit that is trimmed with diamonds.
    • #53 Volume 1, Sis is trying to draw Katy's dress, which is red with puff sleeves and covered with a (half finished) dark red stripe pattern.
    • #54 Volume 1, Katy in a white Fairytale Wedding Dress loaded with lace (and that's just the head and sleeve being shown).
    • #57 Volume 1, Katy in two different Sexy Santa Dresses, one looking like a fur-trimmed swimsuit that has holly decorating the waist and hat, and another being as though Santa's jacket is worn like a dress. They both also have fur-trimmed gloves, boots, and hats.
    • #59 Volume 1, Katy in a mutli-colored dancing dress in Latin American style (or at least the Hollywood Costuming version) that has a yellow cape with flowers and fringe, and a ruffled multi-tiered skirt that flares out from the waist.
    • Annual #4, Katy in a red dress with yellow flowers trimming the skirt, and heavily trimming the waist.
    • Annual #5, Katy in a pink dress with yellow roses around the skirt, one rose at the center of the neckline, ruffles trimming the neckline, and the skirt is covered entirely in ruffles.
    • Fashion Book #1, Katy and Gloria Dresses the Same in red sparklin dresses with two large gold stars on the bodice, a white pleated petticoat, and a white fox muff. Sis wears an olive green dress with white ribbons and a white pleated petticoat.
    • Fashion Book #13, Gloria in a blue dress trimmed with long pink ruffles, and some gold decorations on the sleeves.
    • Fashion Book #14, Katy in a red Southern Belle costume with orange bows, large ribbons of white lace on the skirt, and small bands of white lace wrapping around the arms.
    • Fashion Book #19, Katy in a red satin dress with a brown cape draped behind it, and covered with a white fur stole]].
    • Fashion Book #21, Katy in an orange dress with High Class Gloves, the excess skirt fabric cut to make a Giant Waist Ribbon, a white petticoat, and strips hanging from the waist of flowers of different colors.
    • Pin-up Parade #2, several copies of Katy each wearing a different fancy dress. The leading Katy wears a red dress with blue roses wrapping around it in two rings each at tilted angles.
    • Pin-up Parade #3, copies of Gloria, Katy, and Lucki, again each wearing a fancy dress. The front Gloria wears a blue dress with Opera Gloves and the fabric at the front of the skirt cut in a pleated fan shape. Lucki's front dress is green with gold clovers on the bodice and skirt, and strings of black pearls as the shoulder straps. Katy's middle dress is red with a bell skirt and lots of little black flowers trimming the neckline and in several lines down the whole dress.
    • Pin-up Parade #4, Katy wearing several dresses each with a fur of some kind, and two of the dresses have white fur trimming on the skirt.
    • Pin-up Parade #5, Katy in five different outfits. The top left is an orange 18th century dress with white ruffles at the skirt, sleeves, and collar, and a pink petticoat with flower embroidery. The top right dress is light purple middle ages dress with ermine trimming on the neckline, sleeves, and skirt. The bottom left is a green Raygun Gothic mini dress with a blue cape. The bottom right is a green high fashion dress with a white fur stole. The center dress is white with opera gloves, flowers covering the chest, and a bubble skirt.
    • Pin-up Parade #7, Katy in a red dress with opera gloves, white trimming on the neckline, a gauze cape hanging like a train, and the skirt fabric is bunched up.
    • Pin-up Parade #11, Katy in a white lace wedding dress with a pleated underskirt, and a train covered almost all in ruffles.
    • Pin-up Parade #12, Katy as a fairy and in a red mini dress with ruffled petticoats and ruffled trimming on the neckline.
    • Pin-up Parade #13, Katy and Sis in matching skating dresses (aside from Katy's being red and Sis's being green), the dresses and boots trimmed with white fur and white fur puff ball decorations, and white fur hats with a puff ball on top.
    • Spectacular #1, Katy in a blue dress with opera gloves and large leaf decorations all over the dress.
    • Glamour #1, Katy in a wedding dress with heart-shaped lace on the bodice and neckline.
    • Special #1 (revival series)]], Katy in a red Queen of Hearts dress for a Masquerade Ball. The dress is trimmed with ermine on the skirt, neckline, and attached cape, has puffed sleeves with slashes, pink heart motif lace on the bodice and petticoat, and the hem of the petticoat is red flounces and pleats.
    • Special #12, Katy and Gloria dressed up for Halloween. Katy wears a Cleopatra dress with lots of gold decorations, and Gloria wears a red 18th century dress with lots of ruffles, and a triangular/diamond pattern on the white parts of the skirt and bodice.
    • Special #13, Katy in a fuchsia holiday dress with holly embroidery on the shoulders and skirt.
    • Special #14, Katy and Gloria in pink circus girl leotards with glittery gold trimmings, and feather showgirl skirts and headdresses.
    • Special #16, Katy in a wedding dress with Giant Poofy Sleeves and lots and lots of brocade and embroidery decorations. Gloria is in the background in a pink dress with an orange feather neckline.
    • Special #18, Katy in a blue middle ages style dress with sleeves that have two puffs (upper sleeve and lower sleeve), has a pink brocaded trim on the skirt and orange brocaded trim on the top, neck ruff, and a white pleaded underskirt.
    • Special #20, Katy in a pink dress with a Giant Waist Ribbon on the side and white opera gloves.
    • Special #25, Katy in a red holiday dress that is covered with glitter, as is the pink gauze cape, add white opera gloves and a white fox cape that has a large sprig of holly.
    • Digest #1, Katy in a purple dress with a gold decoration strip curving and flowing down the dress. She also has opera gloves and is carrying a white fox wrap.
    • Digest #2, Katy in a yellow flamenco dress with loads of ruffles, making the sleeves into giant poofs of ruffles.
    • Digest #4, Katy in a red Queen of Hearts dress with a pink heart making up the bodice, long tassels wrapped around the shoulders, a tiara of red hearts, opera gloves, and an ermine-trimmed cape.
    • Digest #9, Katy in a red skating dress with pink lace on the sleeves and edging the mostly exposed back, white fur trim on the cuffs and skirt hem, and a diamond tiara.
    • Digest #10, Katy as a fairy in a purple sparkling leotard with white opera gloves and a gold feather showgirl skirt.
  • Millie the Model and her friends have modeled some, also from Official Fan-Submitted Content. Some of the cover dresses include:
    • First Series
    • #12, Milli in a red and black skating dress with yellow trimming and white lace around the neck. Millie can't even skate, but she likes wearing the dress anyway.
    • #74, Millie in a red dress with a jewel clip on the top of the skirt slit and the back of the waist, and a white ruffle neckline.
    • #80, Millie in an orange and black striped dress with an ermine scarf, hat, muff, and boot trimming. She's wearing it in the summer, because she just bought it and wants to show it off anyway.
    • #84, Millie in a Fairytale Wedding Dress with lots of lace trimming, and a lace heart shaped hat to go with the veil.
    • #90, Millie in a red dress with a lacy top and white opera gloves. Chili wears a green dress with two yellow roses on the waist and yellow opera gloves.
    • #100, Millie in a red dress with fur trimming, and Chili in a green dress with little lace trimming and a yellow silk stole.
    • #106, Millie in a red dress with lots of glitter, a dark red bell-shaped overskirt to contrast the narrow underskirt, and a pearl necklace.
    • #112, Millie in a purple lace dress with a blue gauze overskirt, white pearls, gold and red jewels, jeweled tiara, and an ermine jacket.
    • #129, Scarlet Mayfair in a gold dress with white gloves and a white fur wrap.
    • #132, Millie in a purple lace dress, white gloves, pearls, and an ermine wrap.
    • #133. Millie in a gold dress with gauze gloves, pearls, and an ermine wrap.
    • #135, Millie in a brown all-fringe dress.
    • Date with Millie
    • #1, Chili in a red lace dress with a flared and ruffled hem, overskirt wrapped around like a large ribbon, and black long gloves that end at the wrists, and her outfit still loses to Millie's Curtain Clothing.
    • #3, Millie in a red dress with a very wide flared hem.
    • #6, Millie in a glittery red dress with a gold necklace and white fox fur wrap.
    • Life With Millie
    • #1, Millie holding up a red dress with ruffled lace at the hem.
    • #13, all the girls but Millie are wearing fancy dresses.
    • #17, Millie in a black and red dress with ruffled trimming and a scarf with a flora pattern.
    • #19, Millie wears a long white dress with a red lace top and skirt lining. Chili wears a short green dress with ruffled hem and a puffy Giant Waist Ribbon.
    • Annual
    • #6, Toni in a Fairytale Wedding Dress with lots of lace trimming the skirt.
    • Modeling with Millie
    • #22, Millie wearing a wedding dress, in an Imagine Spot, that has an all lace overskirt.
    • #26, Chili wearing a blue dress with a dark blue lace top, opera gloves, and pearls.
    • #35, Millie wears a dark red dress with a black zig-zagging design, white opera gloves, and pearls. Toni wears a green dress with a flared skirt, white opera gloves, pearls, and a white fox fur wrap. Chili wears a pink dress with lace on the skirt and chest, pink opera gloves, and pearls. Another girl with auburn hair wears a purple dress with a scaled texture, pink opera gloves, and a black fox fur wrap.
    • #36, Millie in a wedding dress with a lace top and lace trimming the skirt. The veil also has a tiara attached.
    • #48, Millie in a pink lace dress with pink satin opera gloves and a dark mink wrap.
  • Jean Grey's wedding dress in X-Men has long High Class Gloves, a hooded cloak, and a diamond threading pattern all over it, stopping at the flared hem.
    • Even her dress in her first appearance would count (given her family's moderate wealth). Even if it doesn't look fancy, the fabric was likely high end, and the clean lines and form was typical of some upper class women at the time.
  • Golden Eyes, the heroine of the World War I serial Golden Eyes Andher Hero Bill gets to wear some very pretty dresses, even though she spends half the serial driving ambulances in an active war zone. Not surprising, as the author & artist Nell Brinkley was famous for her editorial illustrations of pretty girls in gorgeous outfits. Of particular note are:
    • The dress she wears while detaining a German spy in her garden, a long-sleeved, high-collared white dress with floral embroidery on the overskirt and matching white shoes & stockings. It even comes with lovely red scarf and a Parasol of Prettiness.
    • The pilfered French finery a German officer dresses her up for a Captive Date - a slinky, sleeveless floor length scarlet gown trimmed with lace & fur, with matching heeled shoes and gossamer stockings:
    "In the dark casket of the Hun captain's cave she glows—a jewel—a little rare thing of gold and scarlet decked out in siren-fashion, made gorgeous, her gold curls piled high, her throat laced with pearls, her feet in the silken shoes of loot—wrapped with the lace and fur of a fled and vanished French girl, her eyes glinting goldenly, her lips smiling; a poised, jeweled love-bird..."
    • Her wedding dress - a flowing, lace-bedecked empire waist gown with short sleeves:
    "Golden-Eyes didn’t mean to be a bride but ONCE! So she spent her heart out on the misty froth and silver of bride-white— “a REGULAR bride, by gosh!” breathed one of Bill’s dough-boys in reverent admiration—and she carried roses with shell pink and gold hearts that matched her cheeks and eyes."
  • Wonder Woman:
    • Sensation Comics: Holliday Girl Bobby Strong wears a modified Louis Seize/Late Rocco style inspired strapless gown, with the appropriate tall wig and some long fishnet gloves to a Masquerade Ball. Another Holliday Girl dressed in a wide luxurious dress as a Southern Belle for the same shindig.
    • The Legend of Wonder Woman (2016): Etta Candy is a fashionista in this universe, and puts together some very striking outfits for herself the most notable being the black strapless dress with white frills and gold embroidery she wears at the ball in France.


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