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Person Of Mass Destruction / Film

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People of Mass Destruction in movies.


  • In Castle in the Sky, the robot guardians of the titular Castle in the Sky certainly qualify. One of them almost manages to takes out an entire military base single-handed, if not for Dola's interference and the artillery reprisal from the airship Goliath.
  • The Disney Animated Canon has a few examples...
    • Aladdin's Jafar, after being made a genie. He already had the ability to shapeshift into a giant snake. Now he has added Reality Warper powers! Except of course, being a genie meant being bound to your lamp.
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    • Elsa from Frozen, or at least she sees herself this way. Given that she subjects her seaside capital to an Endless Winter harsh enough to freeze the harbor solid in midsummer and can create not only an entire massive castle out of ice but also living ice creatures all with barely any effort and with no real training , she has a point.
    • Hercules has a cast full of people of mass destruction: Hercules himself, the Titans, Zeus, Hades.. The list goes on and on. Though Hades' status as Non-Action Big Bad raises at least some doubts about his capabilities, he's still a Physical God commanding a cabinet full of creepy monsters.
    • Ursula in The Little Mermaid, but only after she obtains Triton's trident and therewith power over all the oceans (which means power over roughly 71% of the world.) She is only defeated by being caught off guard.
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    • Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty is so powerful she nears Reality Warper status. She casts incredibly complicated curses, creates a giant spiky forest or rose thorns in an instant and can turn into a dragon. All the powers of hell, indeed. She is so powerful that the story's hero is unable to defeat her, and needs the three good fairies to cop him out.. multiple times.
    • Ralph from Wreck-It Ralph arguably applies.



  • Aurora/Marie Zorn in Babylon A.D. is believed to be a viral weapon at first. In the book "Babylon Babies" another woman is used in this fashion — when she comes into proximity with the pheromones of her target, her body rapidly creates a virus that kills several hundred people in minutes, wiping out the upper echelons of the Neolite sect.
  • Andrew in Chronicle after he snaps. He nearly demolishes an entire city with his Psychic Powers and there is absolutely nothing anyone except Matt, who also has telekinesis can do to stop him.
  • In Dracula Untold, once he becomes a vampire, Dracula is able to devastate entire armies singlehandedly with his supernatural powers.
  • Paul Atreides in the David Lynch film Dune is capable of calling gigantic sandworms, using the voice and using sonic weapons without the weirding module. His name is a killing word.
  • A bit downplayed in Godzilla (2014). Though still very destructive and tending to take out whole cities in his fights, Godzilla doesn't cause as much destruction as the Mutos do during the film and takes some effort not to plow through everything in sight.
  • Liz Sherman of Hellboy. The harmless-looking girl is the one who as a child lost her temper and destroyed an entire city block and everyone on it (except herself).
  • Looper has Cid, an extremely-powerful telekinetic who can level city blocks when angry or upset and crush people like lemons. Later on, he learns to control this power and becomes the Rainmaker.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe: A number of powered people (especially the Avengers) are extremely dangerous, to the point that they can literally fight entire armies.
    • Tony Stark as Iron Man technically counts, but the world generally gives him a pass because he can always take off the suit.
    • Bruce Banner as Hulk is a much straighter example since he can rage out at any time and the only thing that has ever stopped him is Tony's Hulkbuster armor. This gets worse in Avengers: Age of Ultron, when he is driven into a mad rage by Wanda's powers.
    • Thor is arguably a god, and definitely a superhuman alien who is considered extremely powerful even by their standards.
    • Vision is an Artificial Human with a wide range of abilities granted by an alien artifact implanted in his skull. He's a bit too dorky for people to really be scared of, but at the very least he's Nigh Invulnerable with the ability to fire energy beams that can cut through steel like cheese.
    • Wanda as Scarlet Witch is a Squishy Wizard, but in terms of pure power is probably the strongest of them all. She's definitely on the short list of most powerful entities in the world (including the television shows), and her character arc in Captain America: Civil War is about accepting that she can't control how people fear her, only how she fears herself. Notably, when Cap performs an illegal mission that has nothing to do with Wanda, Tony immediately asks Vision to keep her at the Avengers compound solely to keep the United Nations placated.
      Tony: She's not a US citizen, and they don't give out visas to weapons of mass destruction!
    • On the television side, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. introduces Daisy Johnson, also known as Quake. She can produce violent tremors, which can be used as a sort of telekinetic push, or shatter someone's spine, or bring down a building. A Kree who has studied the Inhuman project theorizes that she might be able to affect entire continents, and in one Bad Future she seemingly destroyed the Earth.
    • Also from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., there is Alveus, more commonly known as Hive. For starters, it is one of the Inhuman Prototypes created directly by the Kree, rather than having Inhuman DNA being passed down through the generations, like Quake. It possesses corpses, rendering them superhumanly strong and durable with a massive Healing Factor. It can also turn its host's flesh into sand-like spores that it can use to devour any living thing it chooses, as well as infect other Inhumans to add to the Hive Mind, allowing it to manipulate them into following its orders. From what we see, Hive is strong enough to withstand electrocution, having multiple bone fractures, being shot repeatedly, and being able to recover from Lash's energy blasts, which have been shown to instantly kill anyone else. Its weakness is fire, which is a moot point since it can just abandon the burnt body and salvage a new one. It is also susceptible to mental attacks, which disorient and confuse it due to its Mind Hive — even then, it recovers over a few hours. When Hive is first encountered, it is on an alien world that has been turned into a barren desert with a near-perpetual sandstorm. Hive is quite happy to explain to people that there used to be a prospering civilization that spanned the entire planet — until Hive ate everyone.
    • In Guardians of the Galaxy, we're given Yondu Udonta, an amoral Space Pirate and One-Man Army whose weapon of choice is a nigh-unstoppable Attack Drone arrow that he controls through a cybernetic implant on his head. When Yondu goes all out, he can kill a ship-full of several hundred people in a matter of minutes. And best of all, he can do all this without damaging any infrastructure if he wants, essentially making him a perfect weapon of mass destruction from a military perspective.
    • Captain Marvel was described by Word of God beforehand as the mightiest hero in the movies thus far. When we see her in action, she is a veritable cosmic powerhouse who destroys an entire alien armada at once when they try to target Earth. Her powers include Super Strength, photon blasts, Flight, Nigh-Invulnerability, survival in the vacuum of space, Faster-Than-Light Travel, and a Golden Super Mode that takes all of the above Up to Eleven.
  • The Matrix: After Neo Took a Level in Badass after dying and learned to disbelieve the reality of the Matrix, he gains Enlightenment Superpowers that effectively makes him a Physical God. The only time where he shows how potent a Reality Warper effect he can achieve is near the end of The Matrix Reloaded, where Neo escapes an exploding building, flies at such speed that virtual reality literally bends and breaks, with cars and debris ripped, pulverized and dragged behind him. After catching Trinity at super-speed without killing her, Neo uses his powers to reach into her body to revive her after she dies in his arms from an Agent's gunshot wound.
  • Spider-Man 3's Flint Marko / Sandman is literally a natural disaster, able to become things such as a sentient sandstorm and an enormous Kaiju.
  • The villain Nuclear Man from Superman IV: The Quest for Peace was supposed to be an Anvilicious statement about nukes... until it was shown that he was actually solar powered, making him possibly the greenest supervillain in existence. Ouch.
    • Ironically enough, Superman would prove to be this in Man of Steel, as his fight with Zod causes catastrophic damage to Metropolis as the two aliens demolish whole skyscrapers simply as a side effect of their battle.
  • X-Men Film Series:
    • X2: X-Men United: Professor Charles Xavier can kill everyone on the planet with Cerebro if he concentrates hard enough.
    • X-Men: The Last Stand: The Phoenix effortlessly vaporizes hundreds of human soldiers and Magneto's mutant followers.
    • X-Men: First Class:
    • Deadpool (2016): Negasonic Teenage Warhead destroys a large part of the scrapyard with her last attack, capsizing the grounded helicarrier and sends Angel Dust bouncing around like a pinball.
    • X-Men: Apocalypse: En Sabah Nur is so powerful that, when he wakes up from his 5500-year-long slumber in Egypt, the energy release can be felt in Germany. He single-handedly razes the city of Cairo to the ground with his Mind over Matter powers, potentially massacring millions of its inhabitants. He is defeated once Xavier gets the young Jean Grey to unleash the full extent of her powers as the Phoenix.
    • In Logan, Transigen Security Chief Donald Pierce pointedly reminds an aged Wolverine that the HSA considers the brain of an elderly Professor X, whom Wolverine has been caring for, to be a weapon of mass destruction.


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