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Fanfic writers find much potential in the Peggy Sue formula and tend to use it on their favorite characters.

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    Anime & Manga 
  • The Prince Of Death is a Death Note peggy sue where this happens to Light after dying and becoming a Shinigami. The Shinigami King, is wary of Kira's presence in his world, and so sends him back to his mortal life, back to the day he would have received the notebook in order to get him out of the way and try to get him killed off for good.
  • Another one for Death Note: Silver Pard's Redivivus sends Light back to his infancy with Ryuk still at his side, tasked with saving as many lives as he took the first time around. Unfortunately for Light, he killed a lot of people, and (of course) L will always be around to make things difficult for him, even when he's just a frustrated Enfant Terrible who ''definitely'' hasn't killed a single person ''this time''. Long since dead, but solidly in position as the third best Death Note fan fiction.
  • All For You, a Code Geass fanfic, has the premise that CC does this after Lelouch's death at the end of R2, and yet despite knowing all of what is going to happen and even actively including herself in the Black Knights as Infinity, everything still happens pretty much exactly like the anime. Well, except that the story is far more fluffy and all the death and emotional turmoil that made the canon interesting to watch has been removed.
  • Hogyoku ex Machina is a Bleach fanfic that offers a few twists from the usual Peggy Sue premise. First, it has Ichigo and Aizen travel from the final battle back three months to when Aizen betrayed Soul Society. Then within minutes, Ichigo yells out that time travel shenanigans are going on, which other characters are quickly able to confirm. Finally, although Ichigo keeps his power-ups while Aizen loses his, it ends up being a more even playing field than one would expect.
  • Ashes of the Past is by far the most popular among all Pokémon fan fictions. The plot is that Gen IV's Big Bad Cyrus reattempted to gain control of the Sinnoh Creation trio…and succeeded, causing the end of the world. Consequently, Arceus sends someone with plenty of experience saving the world back in time to stop him: Ash Ketchum. He returns to the very beginning of his journey…meaning that until the journey takes them to Sinnoh and Team Galactic, the whole "saving the world" thing takes a backseat to Ash and friends taking several levels in badass as they go through their adventures again.
  • In the Hetalia: Axis Powers fanfiction Chasing an Empty Dream, while trying to use magic to get information on the Holy Roman Empire, England accidentally sends himself, Germany, and Italy back to that time period. They witness HRE's fatal injury at the hands of the French Army and, upon seeing how devastated Italy and the past self of Prussia are by the kid's death, Germany decides to fix things by removing the bullet and disinfecting the wound. It works and Holy Roman Empire lives, only to reveal that the whole thing was a Stable Time Loop - Holy Roman Empire loses his memories from the trauma of the attack, and Prussia decides to rename him "Germany" because his empire doesn't exist anymore.
  • It turns out that the entire reason for Zero 2: A Revision universe to exist in the first place is because the featured Original Character, Shaun wants to travel back in time in order to stop himself from releasing Demon and subsequently, killing off the entire Digidestined in the original timeline. However, a malfunction in the time causes him to travel way too far back, as in 33 years back to the point that his actions ultimately caused a divergent timeline and subsequently created the Zero 2 universe as we know in the fiction.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines has Arceus sending Ash back in time to prevent Cyrus from gaining control of reality and reshaping the world in his own image. However, a few things get garbled in transition, so the new timeline is quite different even before Ash's return. For example, he's 15 years old now, he kept in contact with Serena, and he's a Bloodliner (essentially a human with Pokémon-related powers). The story is, by Word of God, inspired by Ashes of the Past.
  • Pokemon Secret Journeys involves The Beyonder from Marvel's Secret Wars taking over the Pokemon universe, and sending Ash Ketchum back in time as part of a challenge to help Arceus regain control of the world. The twist is, the world Ash is sent back in time to is an alternate timeline to the one Ash originally came from, merging the world of the Pokemon anime with the worlds of Sonic the Hedgehog, the Power Rangers, Digimon, Godzilla and the Disney Ducks Universe.
  • There's this Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple fanfic, appropriately titled History Strongest Disciple Again. The summary goes: When the missile detonates prematurely at Yami's base of operation during the invasion to prevent the Eternal Setting Sun, all hope seems lost... Until Niijima somehow rips a portal to the past that sucks Miu, Kenichi and himself in. Now armed with that knowledge, the trio must work together to change the future! Probably the first story of this genre in this particular fandom.
  • Subverted in Codes And Geass: Embracing Your Inner Megalomania, because Murphy actively hates "Trollouche" just as much as he does in canon. Which means Lulu has to work for his victories.
  • The Dragon Ball Z fanfic Twice Upon a Time sees an elderly Vegeta sent back in time fifty-five years prior thanks to a wish on the Dragon Balls by Vegeta Jr. due to Vegeta's exact words, providing him with a chance to be there for his family.


  • Has a FanficRecs page.
  • Sasuke gets sent back (as an adult) in Two Steps Back, and adopts Naruto in order to give him a better childhood this time.
  • This Time Around sends both Naruto and Sasuke back to save everything.
  • Mixed With the Lightning of Slaughter beautifully subverts this by sending Sasuke back (from presumably some point near the end of the series)...but he may be going insane from the mind-breaking stress of involuntary time-travel.
  • Reload Also has Naruto and Sasuke doing the time warp again. Only it's been thousands of times, and all they want to do this time around is drink, party, and kill that damn cat. The end result is a very, very crazy Naruto who uses the power of SCIENCE! and an equally crazy Sasuke who has no gender identity — or, at most, a decidedly female one. At the start of one repeat, Naruto convinces Sasuke(-chan) to go on a road trip; their ultimate goal is a Ramen Festival in Suna. Inuzuka Hana joins them as the Only Sane Man. Then we're introduced to Naruto's most frightening creation — Keisei. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Word of God supposedly says that they're actually now free of the loops. Whatever happens now is going to happen period.
  • "A Second Chance For a Frozen Heart", definitely fits into both Death Fic and Fix Fic, though the death was canon. And if you can't figure out who just from the title, you don't read Naruto. Summary: Given a second chance to save people precious to him Naruto accepts and bonds with the Kyuubi. Now back at the age of Nine he gets ready to save a certain swordsman and his pupil. NaruXfemHaku
  • A Chance At The Road Not Taken
  • Here's a very interesting take on it. Afterthoughts Summary: Time-travel, that is not really time-travel. Naruto makes his way from his first day as a genin, with a 'feel' about how he should do things as a shinobi, and dreams about what 'a' future holds.
    • From the looks of it, it really is a time-travel fic, and not one where Naruto suddenly gets precognitive powers. This is evidenced when Jiraiya sends word to the Sandaime in ch. 2 (I think) and says Naruto may be acting strangely.
    • An older version of Naruto from an alternate dimension is sending him random memories. He doesn't get all of the memories from his alternate self, so it's really more of a limited precognition of a possible future than actual time travel.
  • False Memories by Relden Calder: At the Chuunin exams, the Kage's Box where the Hokage, his wife, the Kazekage and the Kage's aides are sitting gets attacked by person or persons unknown.
    Fifteen years in the past, Naruto, Hinata, Gaara, Shikamaru and Temari wake up with all the memories they accumulated up to the attack — despite the fact they're just ten years old. Features excellent characterisation, very good grammar, and a fascinating plot that never breaks verisimilitude.
  • In Myriad Ways by Charles Bhepin: It's a Peggy Sue with a twist: Naruto slowly goes completely insane. Sent back in time by the Shinigami to just before the Chuunin Exam, Naruto...well, just read it for yourself.
  • Time and Again by KyLewin: Essentially, this story is a deconstruction of the usual Naruto goes back in time fanfiction. The main difference is that, unlike most other Peggy Sue fics, Naruto not only has a hard time readjusting to his 12-year-old body for the first few days, but he also doesn't even believe that he is in the past; instead, he is convinced that he is trapped in some kind of super illusory world. It gets better and worse for Naruto and his friends as he tries to change the village's fate for the better. It has a sequel, Here and Now, which is dead.
  • The Tragedy of Repetition, by Rurouni12065: Instead of waking up in his twelve-year-old body, Naruto (who goes by Nanashi) exists as a separate entity to his younger counterpart. Puts a refreshing spin on the Set Right What Once Went Wrong time-traveling fics. In addition, this is perhaps the first fic that not only pulls off a believable Naruto/Anko pairing, but one where she doesn't come across as a creepy pedophile.
  • For The Love of My Friends by Foxie-sama: An excellently written fic, the story is actually very believable and the characters stay in character. Recommended to any Naruto fans.
  • The Benefits of Omnipotence is a rather witty take on the genre that avoids overpowering Naruto. In fact, the biggest story arc so far happens when Haku and Zabuza kidnap Naruto after he reveals that Gato would have betrayed them, which your typical Marty Stu Naruto would've gotten out of.
  • Time Travel For Beginners Naruto and Sasuke try to "fix fic" their lives as Peggy Sues, but... It doesn't quite work out. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Yet again, with a little extra help by Third Fang is one where Naruto goes back in time thanks to the intervention of an OC. It's notable in that crosses the crack, deconstruction, and adventure variations, in part due to the antics of the OCs, weary immortals who act nuts and are for the most part intervening only because it'd be entertaining for them.
  • Time Mix Up deconstructs the genre even further by showing what happens when four different time travelers from four different bad futures fall in the same origin point, and each one of them tries to fix what went wrong in their respective timelines. The result is utter plot derailment as their respective plans conflicts with each other. Later another time traveler shows up, one who comes from a future where everything came peachy and traveled by mere accident.
  • I Am NOT Going Through Puberty Again!! is another deconstruction in that it's epilogue-compliant — Team 7 and Hinata didn't want to go back in time because the future they come from was as ideal as it could be considering the circumstances. They don't even know how they ended up in the past (Naruto had sealed away all scrolls and knowledge pertaining to Time Travel, as it was potentially dangerous), and unfortunately, they have no idea or means of undoing the situation. Also, unlike most Peggy Sue fics, they don't even bother trying to keep to the plot once they realize where, or when, they are, as to them, all of this happened decades ago and there is no way they'd manage to remember all the details, even with Sakura's amazing retention rate. To top it off, it's a Crack Fic, because they all managed to retain their skills and abilities, making two of them (Naruto and Sasuke) the most powerful shinobi in the world by far and diminishing any and all potential threats to them. All four are completely aware of this, and seemed to be milking the experience for all it's worth.
    • It also provides an inversion when it turns out that they weren't so much sent back in time as swapped with their child selves, which causes its own set of problems.
  • Blackkat's Reverse stars Kurama (the Kyuubi), sent back in time in a modified version of Naruto's body. Kurama cares about very few things and protecting the timeline isn't one of them. Once Kurama reunites with a child version of Naruto, everything goes Off the Rails as Kurama decides to Screw Destiny and let Naruto know that he has family. It results him in essentially declaring a one-man war against Akatsuki and the Elemental Nations.
  • For Love, a fic where Hinata was sent back fifteen years from a Bad Future where Akatsuki has won (after Naruto created a different timeline to canon by killing Nagato instead of sparing him) and tries to improve things starting from when she's five years old.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • Has a FanficRecs page.
    • Done to death in the Evangelion fandom, to the point where it's become an Epileptic Tree for the Rebuild of Evangelion movies. Considering the original End of Eva basically tore a hole in the fabric of reality, the possibility of that happening is the least surprising.
  • The most notable, though the least acessible, example is the Evangelion doujinshi RE-TAKE, which shows much of the later half of the series as Shinji's dream. Of course this doujin, despite the hentai, is also Original Flavour for Eva, so things go horribly wrong, such as Asuka dying in the second volume after being unable to sync with her Eva anymore and it being forced to self destruct for example.
    • This gets subverted entirely in Volume 3, when it turns out it's not really a Peggy Sue, but the original Shinji's consciousness sort-of possessing his analogue's body in an Alternate Universe. In the end, Shinji changes that parallel universe for the better, gets his taste of happiness, but recognizes he can't take back what he messed up the first time, and winds up back on the beach from EoE with Asuka, wiser, happier, and better-adjusted, but with nothing in the past really changed. Oh, and the Shinji he possessed and the local Asuka analogue forget everything that happened during the comic. At least they get to work out their issues in peace.
  • To counterpoint the above, Crazy-88's Once More with Feeling has up to the current point of the story, generally positive results of Shinji going back in time. This can be explained by him having gone back to before stuff began going downhill fast, and having a spine shoved in him during the time travel. Still, it's a good story so far. It has his own Tropes Page now.
  • Yet another straight up and well written example is Higher Learning by Strike Fiss, although the Peggy Sue is not immediately apparent. It has his own tropes page now.
  • The Second Try by Jimmy Wolk is something of a subversion; Shinji and Asuka travel back in time, but they leave their daughter behind. Emotional and well written.
  • Yet another one (by a troper!): Taking Sights has Gendo go back instead of Shinji. Also a subversion of the common Fix Fic aspects of this genre.
  • Better Luck Next Time subverts this to the point of Dark Fic territory.
  • There's at least one story (Home) that has Asuka going back and trying to hi-jack the plot. It ended up as a Dead Fic before much could happen with it.
  • Unbroken has Asuka taking care of a near-catatonic Shinji after Third Impact for several months, until he disappears. Then Lilith/Rei shows up and sends Asuka back to just before Leliel with instructions to stop Shinji's descent into despair... but Asuka still has her own mental problems to sort out. It certainly doesn't help that her first attempt at being honest with her feelings resulted in Shinji going paranoid and shutting into himself even more, convinced that she's messing with him for her own amusement.
  • NGE Mitigation by Fourth Impact shows Gendo is Crazy-Prepared for everything... including possible time-travelers. However, when he is alerted someone has indeed come back from the future, and that person is beginning to influence his scenario, he has the identity of the traveler quite wrong.
    • For the first few chapters, it stays more or less in line with the original show, albeit with some minor (but poignant) deviations (such as Shinji being the one who's sent to retrieve the Lava Angel instead of Asuka). Then things completely "jump the tracks", so to speak, when Gendo decides he can no longer risk having his Scenario contaminated any further, and orders section 2 to eliminate Shinji. Normally, this would have been a good guess, seeing as how Shinji is prime Peggy Sue material, and the kid had been showing unexplained Character Development. However, in this case, the character growth was due to the influence of the actual time-traveler... Asuka. OOPS!
    • Now with its own tropes page that needs a lot of love.
  • Samsara by Chuckman shows Shinji having an awful day in his mother's death's anniversary. Before turning in for the night he wishes he had at least one good day. The next day he wakes up... and realizes it is still his mother's death's anniversary. He finds himself reliving that day hundreds of times without knowing how or why or how fixing it. After going crazy for several dozens of loops he realizes what he really wants -and his only way to break the loop- is making Asuka happy. He only needs figuring out how accomplishing that in one single day.
  • Fruity Loops by SpiderLobb plays this trope for both comedy and tragedy. Shinji, Asuka and Rei return to the beginning from the history every time that he dies. Unfortunately he does this a lot, and the continuous repeats are having crazy effects on the pilots. For example, Asuka and Rei start to bond, and they go from rivals to friends to lovers that consider that Shinji belongs to them by right (and if the fic reaches that point, it is possible that Kaworu joins the harem).
  • In Tune by Z98 pulls several subversions: Shinji, Asuka and other characters have traveled back in time with their intact memories... but instead of keeping their old bodies or reincarnating into their younger selves they have been reborn into completely different people -Shinji became a German violinist; Asuka a German army captain ad UN Auditor; Misato a German army general; and so on...-. So that rather setting out to influence events directly, they opt to work behind the scenes, infiltrate Nerv as average, clueless employees and mentor and support the Children without raising suspicions. They are also well-aware that their knowledge of the future will become useless after a while due to them altering the past.
  • You would not know that Thousand Shinji is one until the last chapter when it is revealed that the Warhammer 40,000 gods sent a time-traveler back to the past to prevent an awful future.
  • Doing It Right This Time: The three Children and some other characters are sent back by Kaworu three months before the beginning of the War. This story stands out for several things: Shinji does not believe he can prevent the Third Impact but he decides to try anyway since it's very unlikely he could make things any worse; the three pilots have turned into accomplished snarkers and are both more cynical and more carefree, and one major trope convention is defied straight out of the gatenote : They don't try to keep it a secret from their allies... including Gendo, whose inclusion as an ally is grudging at best. Oh, and there's something about polyamory, too.
  • "Coupled Effort": After Instrumentality the three Children return to the past in the middle of the battle against Sandalphon... and Shinji and Asuka decide getting married inmediately. However Rei returned right after Shinji's choice, whereas Shinji and Asuka spent ten years surviving alone in the devastated world, forced to lean on and help each other in order to survive, before going back. Unfortunately Shinji became a tad -more- mind-broken and aggressive in the process, and Asuka of all people has to be the voice of reason among her fellow pilots and future family.

Ranma ½

  • Ringmaster's The Demon's Contract.
  • Lord Archive's Second Chances features an emotionally-shredded Akane going back in time via a wish from Urd to both prevent Ranma's eventual death and make their lives together happier.
  • Actor in the Mirror is a well-written straight example that is quite enjoyable.
  • Parodied in the short story Deja Vu All Over Again by Scott Jamison, wherein Akane is given a magical amulet which will take her back to the day she met Ranma so she can make sure their relationship gets off on the right foot — only to discover that a similar amulet has been given to every other girl chasing him as well when they all show up within minutes of each other.
  • Ranma, the Second Time Around, which is set to break one million goddamned words.
    • Already has, still not at 100 chapters yet.
  • Toyed with in The Bet: Study in Scarlet, where Akane found a way back to the day Ranma arrived after an ill-worded wish dropped her in a far-future era long after Ranma's bloodline died out, and she spent several centuries getting back (in the process becoming a legendary and universally-feared villain in that era). Problem is she seems to have forgotten a lot about human society (one does not use pain-inflicting pressure points to impress a prospective mate, even if putting them through a wall would somehow slide).
  • MM007's Ranma Restart: Bid for Freedom.

One Piece

  • One Piece has a lot of Peggy Sue fics, being one of the most lengthy manga series ever created and the single most popular one, but for those that refollow the journey of the Straw Hats, none of them have ever finished; in fact, the vast majority of them dead-end before or during the Alabasta arc (1/5 of the series). Some examples include:
    • Second Wind by The-Lost-Samurai. In this one, Luffy and Zoro reach the end of the Grand Line…but everyone else dies shortly before that. Luffy and Zoro come back in time to Set Right What Once Went Wrong, the method of which is revealed in Chapter 22. As of October 2016, it holds the new record for how far a One Piece Peggy Sue has made it in canon progression. Indefinite hiatus as of October 2020.
    • New Game Plus by DuncanIdaho2014. In this one, all nine members of the Straw Hat Pirates escape certain death from a Marine ambush thanks to Dr. Vegapunk's experimental time machine, sending their minds five years into the past. When time catches up to them, Luffy resolves to do things differently to ensure that they don't end up in that situation again, so he takes a leaf out of Whitebeard's book and begins recruiting more crews to follow him, forming the Straw Hat Armada. In canon progression, it's just begun the second saga (which ends with the Alabasta arc); it's a testament to the author's skills that it stands with even the other Peggy Sue fics that have already made it past Alabasta. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond the author's control, the story is on an indefinite hiatus as of September 2017.
    • Luffy's Renewed Adventure by F-ckthesystem125. This one has Luffy's crew massacred on the island before Raftel; only he survives, and he's imprisoned in Impel Down. He's eventually rescued by an old man with the power of the Open-Open Fruit, who offers him the chance to go back to the start of his adventures to ensure that the World Government does not attain the power it had before. Oh, and one thing sets this fic apart: said old man uses his powers to open Luffy's eyes to women. He's still an idiot in matters of love, but he's no longer oblivious. The story made it to the Skypiea arc before, in July 2020, the author announced that he was going to rewrite it.
    • Once Again by TheVictor. In this one, Akainu kills Luffy's crew, Luffy gives up, and a couple of years later Admiral Coby sends him back with his Toki Toki no Mi powers. This fic was the first Peggy Sue ever to make it past the Alabasta arc, and while the author vanished without a trace back in 2013, he set the bar high by making it to the middle of the Enies Lobby arc (about 1/4 of the series) before that. Once Again subsequently became the most popular fic in the One Piece fandom, a title it held for at least two years afterward, and it maintained its place as being the longest Peggy Sue in canon progression for three.
    • The Will Of D by The Animaniac Dude has Luffy travel back in time with Gold Roger's ghost helping him to do things right and save his crew while operating on another agenda involving the fishmen. Originally begun in 2008, the author began a rewrite in 2018, keeping the original premise but adapting with canon's revelations and twisting the entire fic to be Darker and Edgier, bringing the bad guys up to Luffy's level. The rewrite of already-present chapters is half-done, with the last update being in March 2019.
    • There's also Young and Built to Fall by fingers-falling-upwards. In this one, the time travelers are Luffy and Ace, and they return back to their childhood sometime after Sabo's "death." The first eight chapters of the story are original content that follows Ace and Luffy as they come to terms with their past and gather the necessary materials to prevent Blackbeard from ever coming to power, easing a few tragedies along the way. Everything after that is rehashing of canon with a few minor changes and very little detail, skimming or even skipping entire arcs. Updates are slow, but the author is planning on making more AU changes soon. Note that the author began this story before canon revealed that Sabo was alive. Last updated March 2017.
    • For Better Or For Worse is another one where Luffy is sent back to his childhood. He made it to Raftel, but his friends died along the way; his willpower, with a little guidance from Roger's ghost, allows him to return to his 6-year-old self. The thing that sets this fic apart most is that one of the first changes Luffy makes is taming the Lord of the Coast and using it to travel to Minion Island to save Rocinante, collecting him, Law, and Bepo and bringing them back to Dawn Island. The three brothers grow to five and receive a father figure as a result. Infrequent but quality updates.
    • The Rubbery Vengeance is one of these as well. Luffy made it to the end of the Grand Line but lost all of his friends along the way. Despair finally overtakes him and he kills himself, but he receives a second chance from God Himself. The story follows a very dark and very overpowered Luffy as he goes through his journey from the time he first ate the Gum-Gum Fruit. Also a harem fic. Last updated April 2020.
    • The Coward's Redemption continues the idea that after all of the other Straw Hats died, the only one left was sent back in time to change things. Just one slight change from the normal formula: the one who gets sent back with enough years before the journey begins to train themselves into shape for the Grand Line is Usopp, not Luffy.

  • Ah, Screw It! is a Harry Potter/Stargate SG-1 crossover, though the latter doesn't start showing up until the fourth year. Harry winds up going back to the day of his Sorting right after beating Voldemort, and, armed with seven years' worth of extra knowledge, does his very best to become the ruler of Magical Britain — while mercilessly trolling everyone within range.
  • The Infinite Loops is a Massive Multiplayer Crossover with too many franchises to list. The World Tree, Yggdrasil, has been damaged causing numerous realities to loop over and over again. Sometimes, the loops are different than normal, and other times, loops involve characters from different worlds meeting each other.
  • Martian Manhunter is a Veronica Mars/Buffy the Vampire Slayer fusion in which a college-age Veronica is inserted into the Buffyverse as a high school student along with enough of her surroundings to make her past make sense. Only the Veronica Mars half of it is a Peggy Sue in the strict sense, but the Buffy half often functions in much the same way, as Veronica's a fan...

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The Desert Storm is a Star Wars Series Fic in which Obi-Wan Kenobi, mentally scarred from the Clone Wars and Order 66, is transported twenty-three years into the past. He then changes his name to Ben Naasade, rescues Shmi and Anakin from slavery, and takes up his younger self as his padawan.
  • In the Star Wars fic Shadows of the Future, Obi-Wan is killed by Anakin at Mustafar. The Force then sends him back to when they first met during the Naboo crisis 13 years earlier and works to connect with Anakin better this time, becoming more of a cool Big Brother Mentor rather than the cold and aloof one he was before. Well, after he's done spending the first few chapters thinking he's been captured by the enemy or has gone insane.
  • From the same premise, Obi-Wan saving Anakin, we have Here I Go Again by Above the Winter Moonlight. Once again, Anakin kills Obi-Wan at Mustafar, but Obi-Wan meets Qui-Gon in limbo, who informs him of the Force's new mission for him. Obi-Wan accepts and awakens shortly before the Clone Wars begin. A Fix Fic that spans from Attack of the Clones through the Clone Wars series and up to Revenge of the Sith.
  • Another Star Wars example, A Sith's Second Chance by VFSNAKE, has the Force send Darth Vader back in time to the invasion of Naboo following Vader's sacrifice. However, note the title: the Force sent back Darth Vader, not Anakin Skywalker. Anakin is his own person, while Vader's body is restored to the state it was in at the end of Episode II. With the conscience that he regained against his son but the ruthlessness of the Dark Side, Vader plans to fulfill his destiny and properly bring balance to the force, overthrowing Sidious and cleansing the corrupt Jedi while at the same time ensuring that his counterpart on the Light Side has the life he deserves.
  • Yet another Star Wars example is Make a Brand New End. Though, instead of any familiar characters like Anakin or Obi-Wan, the Peggy Sue of this fic is Feemor, Qui-Gon's obscure former apprentice. After being killed by Order 66, his past self is bombarded by visions detailing events of the entire saga just before Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan leave for Naboo at the climax of Episode I. Much like Obi-Wan in the previously mentioned fics, this series is a Fix Fic where Feemor works to avert the Clone Wars, lead Anakin along a brighter path, and rekindle the lost relationships he had with Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and many others.
  • Born Of The Same Impulse is a Marvel Cinematic Universe fic where Tony and Stephen is sent back to several years before Infinity War. Tony finds himself in his lab with Bruce Banner, in the midst of creating Ultron. He manages to stop the AI from becoming malevolent and spends the rest of his new life trying to rebuild his now undone-tech, keeping the Avengers united, and helping his fellow time-traveler deal with his injuries and loss of power.
  • The Hobbit:
    • A Shot in the Dark has Bilbo being unexpectedly sent back in time to the beginning of his journey with the dwarves. Armed with the knowledge of what transpired on that journey, he becomes determined to make sure that none of his friends die on the journey this time around even if he has to keep recklessly putting himself in danger to do it and also to destroy the One Ring himself so that Frodo won't have to take on that burden. The fic depicts this as a light-hearted romp for the most part until near the end where it's revealed that the reason Bilbo was sent back in time was that the lingering remnants of Sauron latched onto a portion of his soul and sent both of them back, knowing that Bilbo would want to go to Mordor himself to destroy his Ring and setting him up to fall into a trap by doing so. Bilbo is forced to give the Ring back to Gollum to prevent Sauron from getting his hands on it, leaving the fate of the Ring uncertain, but he does succeed in keeping all the dwarves alive and it's implied that the heroes knowing much earlier of Sauron's return will make the war go better for them this time around.
    • lay down your sweet and weary head has Thorin being sent back to the day Smaug attacked his kingdom. He slays Smaug before the dragon can destroy Erebor, causing massive changes to canon events from there on.

Harry Potter
  • Has a FanficRecs page.
  • Again and Again: Harry discovers that his life is stuck in a "Groundhog Day" Loop and he can't die... and this totally sucks.
  • Back Again, Harry?: A most unusual Peggy Sue fic, one that refuses the usual powerups and exceptional maturity in favor of sending Harry back from his visit to Kings Cross Station in Deathly Hallows to a certain night spent staring into the Mirror of Erised.
  • Backward With Purpose: Always and Always complicates the premise in three ways: 1) Harry, Ron, and Ginny go back, 2) The Lost Prophecy has changed as well, bringing For Want of a Nail to unpredictable levels, and 3) the author seems to have had the whole fic planned out before posting the first chapter.
    • And then its sequel, The Book of Albus has Albus Severus Potter travel back in time and he indirectly interacts with his own parents when they traveled back in Always and Always. Again, signs that the author has everything planned out.
  • Curse of Fate: Immortal Harry, after watching friends and family die over thousands of years, only wants to join his loved ones in death. Believing he's found a way, he sends himself back into the body of his infant self, vowing to change his fate. A really hilarious crack fic; Harry manages to convince the Death Eaters that he is the reincarnation of the Dark Lord; Hilarity Ensues. Also, find out just how many Death Eaters ("here to kill you") can fit into a phone booth. Was said to be discontinued by author in personal messages.
  • Fox Ears: The Weasley family is deep in mourning after the battle of Hogwarts, but George has better ideas than to sit around and cry about something he'd rather just fix. And Charlie believes he can do it.
  • From the Flame to the Spark is among the rare breed that features Ginny Weasley as the only time-traveler, though other characters are affected by fragments of the future that comes back in Ginny's wake. Features a believable determinator!Ginny, hardened from leading the DA during the year Harry was Undesirable No. 1, that doesn't even attempt to keep events close to the original timeline. At only half-way through Harry's first school-year, three horcruxes are already destroyed, and Snape has died fighting Quirrell.
  • Furious Angels features Ginny Weasley, rather than Harry Potter, returning to the past. The return is incomplete, however, so she doesn't quite remember details from the future very often, or very completely, and this causes problems.
  • Zigzagged in George Weasley and the Computational Error. George Weasley jumps back in time as a 40-year-old man to his first year. He still has his own body, but he has the ability to possess his younger self when necessary...though the person who decides whether it is necessary is Fred and Fred doesn't particularly like it when this mysterious "Saintlike One" possesses his twin.
  • His Own Man, has Harry return to the summer before his first year after meeting Dumbledore in the other King's Cross Station. He ends up far closer to the other Houses than he was in canon, especially the Slytherins, and the Malfoy family in particular.
  • In This World and the Next: Harry and Hermione are sentenced to death for killing Ron the Death Eater, but are saved when the Dementor explodes and sent back in time to visit various strife on the Weasleys and Dumbledore, among others.
  • Jamie Evans and Fate's Bitch: Harry, at the end of his life, comes back as himself, only he's a girl now. And in an alternate timeline where the Potters lived and had a daughter (him). It's pretty confusing.
  • Mirror of Maybe: An old fic from before Order of The Phoenix where Harry isn't technically time traveling — he's just had a very long look through a clairvoyant magical object. SuperPowered!Harry + SnapeSlash may scare people away.
  • The Moment It Began, in which Snape goes back to the point where he called Lily a mudblood. 300,000 words, and the story has an unfinished continuation by another author.
  • Nightmares of Future Past is the best of this sort, judging from its popularity; with over 20,000 favorites, it's easily the most popular fan fiction in the entire Harry Potter fandom. Although well-written, Harry's future knowledge and skills make him extremely powerful, extremely quickly. ~400,000 words and it's only at the start of the fourth year; the author hasn't updated it in over two years, but he's taken breaks just as long as that before.
  • Oh God Not Again!: So maybe everything didn't work out perfectly for Harry. Still, most of his friends survived, he'd gotten married, and was about to become a father. If only he'd have stayed away from the Veil, he wouldn't have had to go back and do everything again. Also, because the Veil was the method of time travel, he finds out that Sirius time traveled as well. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Throughly deconstructed in A Question Of When by vlad, in which Romilda Vane (a Stalker with a Crush side character from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) is given nearly limitless Mental Time Travel powers... which she uses to try and seduce Harry Potter. Exceptional use of language (tenses begin to switch constantly about halfway through as Romilda begins to lose her grip on things like "where" and "when") and is unique in how Time Travel is treated as a Mundane Utility.
  • Reunion: A parody of Peggy Sue fics, starring Harry, Hermione, Luna, and Susan Bones as the returnees. They're on a mission to take the timeline and tie it into a pretzel. Unfinished.
  • Sisyphus: Takes a twist on the general Peggy Sue plotline; Harry gets another chance - and another and another... After a while they stop feeling like chances at all. Very well-written and be prepared for a hint of dark, morbid humour.
  • Harry Potter and the Temporal Beacon: Harry and Hermione find a way to make a “save checkpoint” at the end of the 3rd year, just before its end. Each time they die they get resetted to that point. Author warns not to expect it to have an ending, since he plans to keep expanding on it as long as he has enough new good ideas to add to the story. 430,000(+) words
  • To Shape and Change: AU. Time Travel. Snape goes back in time, holding the knowledge of what is to come if he fails. No longer holding a grudge, he seeks to shape Harry into the greatest wizard of all time, starting on the day Hagrid took Harry to Diagon Alley.
  • Wastelands of Time is only the most recent in a long series of Harry failing to save the world. And trying his hardest anyway.
  • Harry Potter and the Witch Queen — Harry gets unwillingly sent back through a dark ritual after a long stalemate with Voldemort. Main heroes are Harry and Hermione, and there is also a dark!future-Hermione featured in the story as well. 124,000(+) words and is not finished yet.


  • Warp has Victoria Dallon return to the beginning of Worm. Unfortunately, her desire to avert the end of the world is hampered by the fact that she had little influence over the events of the first novel.

The Wicked Years

  • Meltalviel's For Good is a story which starts off a year after Wicked ends and throws Glinda into the body of herself (Galinda) shortly before "Dear Old Shiz." Thrown for a twist in that she immediately decides to change things for good and that she's not the only one finding herself back at Shiz.
  • "Almost Like a Prophecy" has Elphaba accidentally sending herself back through time through her magic, which she uses as a second chance to fix what she sees as her mistakes right. Namely, to protect those she loves.


  • One of Solo Moon's alternate universe fics has all 6 Animorphs get sent back into their 13-year-old bodies right before Elfangor lands with their memories from the end of the war (Rachel only remembers up to her death, the others remember up until they meet the One, or in Cassie's case, when the others met the One). After they get over their intial shock, they go to meet Elfangor and get the morphing power, but still can't save himnote  They acquire as many morphs as they can, and immediately head off to rescue Ax, who's swimming towards them simultaneously. They start by going over everything they did and deciding if it worked or not. They fix a number of problems before they even start, most notably taking the blue box from David before he can figure out what it is.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Lost fanfic Knowing Lost, rather than having a canon character go back in time, opens with two rabid Lost fans from the real world waking up in the wreckage of Oceanic 815 after having a Cryptic Conversation on the flight home from the finale party. The fic takes itself very seriously, with one character (Ryan) doing everything he can to fix the show's many problems, while the other (Kevin) tries to keep things in line and stay detached from the events unfolding around him. It appears the "course correction" that prevented the canon characters from changing the past in season 5 is in effect and hinders Ryan's attempts change the most painful events in the show.
  • The iCarly fanfic iFight Crime With Victorious has Megan Parker and Sikowitz going back in time after the heroes fail to stop the Big Bad from turning Seattle into a nuclear ground zero and later become Affably Evil as a result of the current timeline.
  • The Supernatural fanfic If I knew then what I know now, has Dean going back into his four-year-old body to save his mother's life and change the plot.
  • The Downton Abbey fanfic Authors of Our Own Fate sees Matthew, upon the moment of his death, waking up the night before the news broke of the Titanic's sinking. He proceeds to make a list of all he will do to change the future, with some events working out well (him and Mary get together much sooner) while others do not (Pamuk becoming a ranting, screaming madman that nearly beats Carson to death). To further complicate matters Sybil has also returned to the past and is much more willing to alter things, with her hiring Bates to kill Pamuk and then risking her relationship with Tom by revealing she is a time traveler.
  • The Game of Thrones fanfic no matter how bright a torch sends Sansa from a timeline in which most of Westeros has already fallen to the White Walkers into the body of Cersei Lannister the day of her wedding. She immediately sets herself to become a much more competent and politically active Queen, goading Robert into at least putting token efforts to unify the realm and developing a successful and productive marriage. While this does avert a great deal of the issues that plagued the realm in the original timeline, events are changing as well to counter her own efforts, starting with Littlefinger being sent to King's Landing far too early.
  • In Smallville fanfiction New Beginnings (Smallville), Lois Lane interferes with Clark Kent trying to use the Legion Ring to prevent being exposed by Linda Lake, causing them going back eight years in the past instead of some few months.
  • Arrowverse story Future Shock has the Earth's heroes lose the war against Darkseid eleven years into the future. With options depleted Kara, Miss Martian, Sara Lance and Thea Queen play the ultimate gamble, to send Kara's memories, some essential tech, and all the resources they can muster back to before the war was lost, before everyone died, before there was even a Supergirl. And this time, Kara intends to do better.

Lois & Clark

  • The questionably titled but quite nicely written Begin the Begin by Aromassa has the post-finale, married Lois and Clark accidentally going all the way back to the Pilot and their first meeting, and rebuilding the events of the show from there.
  • Zoomway's Kerth-nominated The Persistence of Memory has more intentional bits of time-travel, with the protagonists going back to revisit and correct some of the key moments in their relationship.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel

  • The Journeyverse turns Xander into a massive Marty Stu, then gives him a Peggy Sue and carries Faith, Dawn, and Giles along for the ride. It is also a Massive Multiplayer Crossover.
  • Here is Gone gives Spike (former Big Bad) a Peggy Sue after he completes his Heel–Face Turn and acquires his soul.
  • Cordelia's Wish sends Cordelia back so she can join the Scooby Gang from day one... Her efforts to turn it into a Fix Fic go rather disastrously wrong, however, landing squarely in Cosmic Horror Story territory, as the tropes list indicates.
  • M. McGregor's I Am What I Am sends the soul of a dying 97-year-old Xander back in time to take over his own body during That Halloween Episode. He takes a rather more direct approach than in most examples of the trope.
  • Yahtzee (no, not that one) has a fic called "Two Steps Back" that gives this idea an interesting twist. After his final battle, Angel is given a device that can send him backwards through his life, a little farther each time; he can use it as many times as he wants, but he can't go forward again. Angel thinks he'll only need one jump to fix everything, but he soon learns how easily "knowing then what you know now" can lead to disaster...
  • Wesleys Mulligan What happens when you get an Angel season 5 Wesley kidnapping and replacing his Buffy Season 3 counterpart? Well, things certainly go differently. This much more genre savvy and brutal Wesley does not play well with the much more innocent cast of the early Buffyverse. Played fairly straight here without any major negative impacts.
  • Compelled to Play Again features a Peggy Sue Illyria. Though the Fang Gang makes a huge difference in the battle against the First, Illyria's changes cause more evil eyes to turn towards the Hellmouth. The story is the first in a series, though the Peggy Sue aspect is strongest in the first.
  • Vintage Season is one of the very few Buffy the Vampire Slayer-based Peggy Sue stories to feature Dawn as the time traveler. She makes a deal with D'Hoffryn as a means to seek vengeance against the First Evil by going back in time to prevent its schemes from coming to fruition.

  • Vive, Vale, Gaude has Ryou Fujibayashi encounter a distraught Tomoya in the hospital where she works. She discovers that he lost everything: Nagisa and Ushio. She encounters a wish shop (which may be a CLAMP reference) and she is then sent back in time, where she attempts to ensure things flow smoothly so that they might be able to avoid that fate.
  • 4chan's /co/ has a copypasta fic involving King Arthur getting a chance to start over. He asks Merlin to change the female squirrel who pursued him in one sequence of Disney's The Sword In The Stone into a human to be his friend and companion (and implicitly his wife rather than Guinevere).
    • The T-rated story is here.
  • Halfway through ITS MY LIFE! the main character has killed almost everyone and accidentally finds a time machine. She points out that it may be possible for her to fix everything, but first she arrives too early and then too late and eventually ends up fighting another self-based villain entirely.
  • The School Rumble fanfic School Rumble: Time Rumble is this with a twist. Harima Kenji gets sent back in time to win Tenma's heart... but everyone's feelings toward everyone else in the series (both romantic and non) travel back in time with him. Needless to say the plot goes ridiculously off the tracks very quickly, with barely a casual glance at the Stations of the Canon.
  • ''Begin Again'' and ''Unforeseen Consequences'' by ''Salamon2'' have the four youngest Stark children return to the beginning of A Song of Ice and Fire. Something of a Fix Fic, save that several of the changes - such as No One/Arya killing Theon - bring things to a head ahead of schedule.
  • Another A Song of Ice and Fire example is Robb Returns, with the Old Gods sending Robb back to before the start of the series. Somewhat unusually, the typical Set Right What Once Went Wrong aspects are dropped fairly quickly. The story instead focuses on the return of the magic, the growing power of the Old Gods, and preparing Westeros for the Others.
  • The Infinite Loops is this on a massive scale. The underlying concept is that reality itself is broken, and until the problem has been fixed, all the universes (i.e. every fictional and real universe that exists) are set to repeat a certain period (usually start to end of whatever media it's based on) over and over. Also, one person in each universe is its "Anchor" and is aware of the repeats, as are any individuals they've managed to "awaken", and so have ample opportunity to engage in this trope. Many Loopers can boast millions of iterations, and the first few have mostly lost count. Shenanigans are extremely common, as it makes for a great coping mechanism.
  • one day at a time is a Batman/DCU example where Jason Todd, thirty years after Bruce's death and twenty-five years after he became Batman in the wake of Dick's death (followed by Tim and Damian's deaths two years later), travels to the past after his death at age fifty via lung cancer. It also serves as a bit of a deconstruction, as despite all the tragedy he endured Jason managed to move on and live a mostly happy and fulfilling life. He even goes into a Heroic BSoD when he realizes that he's traveled back and merged with his sixteen-year-old self.

    Video Games 
  • Mass Effect: Life is a Game has a Male!Paragon!Shepard and a Female!Renegade!Shepard take a one-way trip from Mass Effect 3's endgame into the same universe. His is Mental Time Travel, hers isn't. They get married.
  • A variation occurs in a fanfic for The World Ends with You entitled Chapters. The main character experience the game's own New Game+, which means he can't change anything, but he can mentally slap himself over how he acted...and find post-game content.
  • Fate ReNight is a Peggy Sue fic for the Fate/stay night Visual Novel, where Shirou accidentally activates the remains of the Grail and wishes himself back from the end of the Fate route to the moment he summoned Saber. What's notable about this fic is that it is both the first Fate/stay night fic of this type and, although the author is a self-admitted Saber/Shirou fan, he seems to take a sadistic glee in the fact that Fate Shirou lacks a lot of the knowledge revealed in other routes (Archer's identity, Sakura's situation etc), and because of this most all of Shirou's attempted fixes backfire. He has recently begun to play with the dream-sharing between Servants and Masters, which likely is going to complicate Shirou's efforts to conceal the time travel thing from Saber.
  • Mandi Paugh's Mega Man Fan Fic Powered Down has a variation of this. Mega Man switches bodies with his counterpart from the PSP remake of the first game, Mega Man Powered Up, eventually attempting to use his knowledge to prevent Mega Man 2 from ever happening. Unlike other Peggy Sue fics, it doesn't affect his own timeline, but he's still using knowledge of his own future to Set Right What Once Went Wrong.
  • A rather strange example occurs in the Sonic the Hedgehog fanfics (link unavailable because apparently they're on an "adult" site) A Rose And A Thorn 3 and A Rose And A Thorn 4. The OC 'Project: Mirage' loses everything — including her lover Espio and her vision — at the end of ARAAT3, and then with Sonic's help uses the Time Stones to try and re-write history in ARAAT4. She — and the reader — learn many strange things about the events on the ARK, including the possibility that she is perpetuating a time loop that may have been going round for centuries, and the uncertainty of whether Espio reminded her of a former love on ARK — known as Project: Midnight — or that Midnight reminded her of Espio.
  • Blast to the Past has Silver, Blaze and Princess Elise thrown back in time in an Archie/Fleetway mixed Mobius, when Sonic and Eggman were apparently friends. Knowing that the Metarex, the antagonists of the fic, were attempting to alter the timeline to take over Mobius and the universe, Elise ensures that the plot doesn't come to fruition. However... in doing so, it turns out that Princess Elise herself was the one responsible for turning Eggman evil, very much the same way Sonic was responsible in the Fleetway comic.

Persona Series

  • The Persona 3 fic Reset puts the protagonist in an interesting situation: He wakes up in front of Tartarus the day before his arrival in Iwatodai, and finds that he's been replaced by the female protagonist from P3P, and that Elizabeth has taken his place as the Great Seal. He's no longer a Wild Card and his former friends and Social Links no longer are as close with him, and he must make a great deal of effort to prevent the Arcana Shadows from being defeated to stop Ikutsuki's plans and Nyx's return. Dead-ends in the summer, unfortunately, with the author having no intention of continuing.
  • The Persona 4 fic Fortune no Hikari is an interesting take on this. In it the main character goes back in time to the start of the game after one of the Downer Endings. However he's unable to come up with a way to save the Sacrificial Lamb character at the start without making himself look suspicious and thus fails to save her. He also opts to let a lot of things play their course since he knows it will work out in the end and is afraid trying to change it will make things worse. He does however cause a few minor changes, such as preventing a friend from doing something stupid to get the police off their case, use his knowledge of the future to start of on better terms with his uncle, and subtly give a few hints to cause his two friends to admit their feelings and become a couple almost right away rather than go on with the Ship Tease for months on end.
  • Persona 5
    • The fic series Start Again features a version of this where the entire party is transported back in time from the Darkest Hour of the original game. The catch? They don't all get sent back to the same point. And certain events are isolated enough from each other that several time travelers believe they're the only ones, and start changing things from their end. A beautiful collection of chaos currently six stories long (plus a seventh fic that exists just to keep track of the twisting timeline).
    • The Trickster's Reawakening has Joker sent back from right before he would have died after the Fusion to a year before the events of the game. He vows to be a better person, friend, and lover this time around. The pairing is the Protagonist and Ann, with the biggest plot point being that Shiho joins the Thieves in spite of not having a Persona...which has serious consequences down the line.
    • Retribution of the Trickster has Joker and Morgana get a New Game+ after losing everything else to the final boss...but in the Royal timeline.
    • Rig the Game: Royal is an interesting twist on this premise. In one timeline, Joker manages to kill the final boss, but only after he's already destroyed everything else. Unable to restore the ruined world, Igor and Lavenza grant him a consolation and send him to a different timeline similar to his own, two years before the events of the game. In this timeline, identical to Royal but for the fact that the Trickster is female, Joker from the ruined world will use all of the resources he has to rig the game in the new Trickster's favor and prevent the ruin he lived through from coming to pass a second time.
  • Time Paradox is a Final Fantasy fic where Cloud, one he gets his life sorted out, gets sent back in time against his will and placed in an alternate reality where everyone else is either a Cloud Cuckoolander, The Wonka, Ax-Crazy, Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!, Crazy Awesome, or... okay, summary: Cloud Strife is the Only Sane Man and a Peggy Sue to a universe that he really isn't bothered about changing the fate of. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Another FFVII one is Fusion, where Cloud is given the chance by Aeris to go back to his life in the military and to try to save Sephiroth. This was written long before the Compilation came out, so some of the characterizations obviously differ from the later installments, and some of them coincide (like Cloud angsty-self in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children). This is a Slash Fic and it's sadly dead.
  • The Fifth Act. After an accident with a time travel material, Cloud is thrown into the past (not returned to his old body) before the events of Crisis Core. Instead of trying to save Sephiroth, he sets off to kill him and prevent the coming tragedies. Being Cloud, what he actually planned is entirely different from what he ends up doing. The Fifth Act defies The Stations of the Canon as Cloud's actions dramatically change the course of Midgar and it's revealed that the fic is a Subversion. Cloud doesn't Set Right What Once Went Wrong as he created a new timeline when he time traveled
  • Killing The Past, a Night in the Woods and Enter the Gungeon crossover, has Mae, Gregg, Angus, and Bea enter the Gungeon to find The Gun That Can Kill The Past.
  • The highly-moddable Hentai JRPG Monster Girl Quest has a popular (although still in development) mod for it called 'Monster Girl Quest NG+'. The mod is a New Game+ mode for the original that justifies being such through a new Peggy Sue narrative where the hero Luka is sent back to the day his adventure first began, complete with all his skills, powers (except the powers of the Four Elemental Spirits, since those are dependent on the spirits accompanying him and they didn't follow him back) and equipment, including the unique Angel Halo sword, and, more importantly, complete knowledge of the game's big plot twist (namely that God Is Evil and the Monster Lord is a Noble Demon who he had actually ended up married to in the future). This leads to amusing scenarios where the Goddess Ilias tries to give him a divine mission to slay the Monster Lord only for him to tell her to go fuck herself (to her complete befuddlement as he'd always been a pious believer before), and he now has absolutely no qualms about breaking the goddess' taboo about sexual contact with monster girls.
  • A Student Out of Time has this in the format of an ask blog. Hajime Hinata inexplicably find himself back at the beginning of the Danganronpa timeline, now with the chance to prevent The Tragedy and save the lives of his classmates.
  • Anachronism is a Pokémon Sword and Shield Dark Fic where Gloria is transported to a slightly different timeline after the Darkest Day goes horribly wrong. With slightly different design than she previously had, Gloria must avoid the wrongs of her original Pokémon journey.

    Web Animation 
  • Not this time, Fate is a RWBY fan fic about Jaune being stuck in a "Groundhog Day" Loop while trying to do this. But the overall narrative makes this a deconstruction of the trope. The author goes to great lengths to establish just how hard "fixing" the story would be even with time travel, while also calling into question the morality of playing with timelines for the sake of saving a few specific people.
  • What a Wonderful World revolves around Team RWBY going back over 24 years in the past and meeting STRQ when they were first-years.

    Western Animation 
  • The Chosen is an Avatar: The Last Airbender fan ficlet that features three twists on the basic Peggy Sue premise. First, it's Ozai who gets to go back in time following his defeat at the hands of Avatar Aang. Second, Ozai lives over his entire lifetime from age 15 onward multiple times, totaling several hundred years at the least. Third, the canon timeline is the last and final loop Ozai ever experiences.
  • Distorted Reality combines this trope with Mirror Universe: Yangchen sends Aang back to the end of his 100-year hibernation, but in an alternate world where the Water Tribes are bent on world domination, Kuruk was his immediate predecessor instead of Roku, and Azula and Zuko start out as his allies and Sokka is his pursuer, all to keep him from becoming the same Well-Intentioned Extremist that Jet had been. It ends up Gone Horribly Wrong, with the two realities merging and the Spirit World threatening to collapse in on itself, which Guru Pathik thinks will destroy the Multiverse unless it is stopped.
  • Weary Sovereigns is another Avatar fic of the time loop sort wherein the five members of the Gaang are trapped in this situation; every time they die, they return to their bodies in the past at the moment Aang awakens in the iceberg. Having experienced the same lifetime so many times that they have now lost count, they’ve passed the stage of insanity, settled into resignation, and begun taking turns deciding what they do to the world in each lifetime; it’s all they can do to keep themselves entertained. Long since dead, but very well-written.
  • In thePony POV Series, Queen Chrysalis ends up being a deconstruction. She sees the events of the canon episode and adjusts her plans accordingly...but fails to factor in the Butterfly of Doom and that her changing her behavior will cause OTHERS to change theirs, which is ultimately her downfall.
  • The Trollhunters fanfic Withhold takes the Peggy Sue premise of the episode “Unbecoming” and has Jim predict where Kanjigar has his fatal battle with Bular and saves him, thus Kanjigar does not die and Jim does not become the trollhunter.
  • Reboot (Miraculous Ladybug): Marinette is sent back in time by Master Fu to prevent the The End of the World as We Know It, specifically into the body of her thirteen year-old self the morning she gains her miraculous.
  • In Total Drama fanfic Total Drama Redemption, an adult Noah is sent to an alternate timeline of Total Drama Island, where he is given the opportunity to redeem himself by improving his performance in the competition. The fic was popular enough to inspire other writers to try similar stories.
  • Courtney's Crusade for Redemption has Courtney as travel back in time to Total Drama All-Stars, giving the her the chance to make up for all her mistakes on that season and take her life down a new and better path.
  • Total Drama: Cody's Redemption has Cody time travel to Total Drama Island, where he decides to use the opportunity to not only play differently, but also stop pursuing Gwen and befriend different girls, which results in Lindsay and Bridgette developing feelings for him.
  • In the Steven Universe fanfic The Peridot Effect, there's a variation in which Peridot wakes up 4,500 years prior to the events of the series to discover everything up to the season five finale was all a premonition. She had no intention of going back, and the time she left was bright, with everyone earning their happy ending and making strives towards fixing Homeworld. She's upset at first, but decides she can't just sit, wait, and let everything happen again with what she knows now, and requests an assignment to Earth at the first opportunity; she abandons Homeworld, frees Lapis from the mirror, and (re)joins the Crystal Gems.

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