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  • In Power Girl fanfic A Force of Four, Superman tried to be a father to his cousin, but Kara couldn't accept a surrogate.
    Power Girl: We both cared about each other. We were both glad that we weren't the only Kryptonians left alive, when we found each other. But he wanted to play Daddy, because he'd never had a child. And I... couldn't do that, Jimmy. I had a daddy, and it wasn't Kal.
  • In Supergirl (2015) fic Survivors, Eliza and Jeremiah Danvers find Kara and baby Kal and become their new parents.
  • Misato is this for Shinji and Asuka, as in Neon Genesis Evangelion canon, in MANY fics. Sometimes, that role extends to other characters as well.
    • A Crown of Stars: Misato was Shinji and Asuka's guardian and caretaker during the Angel War, at the end of the which she got killed. During the story Daniel brought her back, and she dedicated herself to fight to rebuild the post-Third Impact world as a way to atone for neglecting her wards during the War. During a conversation with Asuka she admits she was the closest thing they had to a parent, she screwed, and she is awfully sorry about it.
    • Advice and Trust: Misato is this to Shinji and Asuka. She takes care after them and even tries to encourage them to get together... having no idea that they hooked up with each other when she was not looking.
    • The Child of Love: A while after Asuka got ditched by her father and step-mother Misato became her guardian, and later Kaji. When Shinji arrived on Tokyo-3, Misato became his guardian and then she took Asuka in again. Both Misato and Kaji are the only reliable adult role models both teenagers have, and the only people really looked after them after their families abandoned them.
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    • Hail To The King: When Shinji was unable to synch with Unit 01 Misato decided to take him in, and she also became Asuka's guardian when she arrived to Tokyo-3.
    • Ghosts of Evangelion: Misato took Shinji and Asuka in when they were teenagers, and helped them raise their daughter.
    • HERZ: Misato has looked after Shinji and Asuka since they were young (although Asuka moved out after the battle of 2015) and even after so many years she sees and Rei as the children she never had.
    • Higher Learning: Misato was Shinji and Asuka's surrogate guardian. During a heated arguemtn with other character she blurts out she cares more about her kids than about NERV or anything else.
    • Children of an Elder God:
      • When Shinji arrived to Tokyo-3 Misato took him in and took care of him.
      • After her parents died, Asuka was adopted by Dr. Himmelfarb. Her foster mother took care of her and mentored her for many years. Later Kaji became her guardian, and when the war began, Misato took her in together with Shinji.
      • After the end of the war Shinji, Asuka, Touji and Hikari have lost their respective families. Misato insists on becoming the surrogate mother of the four teenagers. When they warn her that other people will give her grief about it, Misato retorts she does not give a damn.
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    • Doing It Right This Time: When Shinji and Asuka arrive to Tokyo-3 Misato takes them in... and shortly after they insist on she taking Rei in, too. When she asks Asuka what is going on, they explain that they were time-travellers, and she had been her and Shinji's caretaker in the original timeline (and Rei did no longer want to be under Gendo's legal guardianship). After their explanations Misato agrees to be Rei's guardian, too.
    • Evangelion 303: Ritsuko took care of Shinji for a short while when his father sent him away after his mother's death. However Ritsuko seemed to be always with his father, and Shinji did not like her very much. When the story starts he is twenty and he has been used to take care of himself for a long time.
    • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide: Misato is Shinji and Asuka's caretaker. Although she failed them in the past, she wants sincerely to take care of them and protect them, not matter what.
    • Nobody Dies: Yui and Gendo sent Shinji away because several eldritch abominations on the basement wanted to eat him (don't ask). When they summoned him back, Misato became his guardian. She also became Asuka's caretaker when the Sohryu family arrived on Tokyo-3. After considering she had ruined her daughter's life utterly Kyoko thought it would be for the best if Misato adopted Asuka, but Misato talked her out of it.
    • Once More with Feeling:
      • After returning to the past Shinji hopes Misato becomes his guardian again. She does not disappoint. Later he says to the face of SEELE Misato was the only person had looked after him, unlike his so-called biological family.
      • Misato was also Asuka's guardian in Germany. Asuka felt she was the first person since her mother's death had genuinely cared about her. Later, when she nearly died while she was fighting into a volcano, Asuka felt betrayed because Misato seemed more concerned about destroying the enemy than about her safety, but Misato acknowledged she had acted wrongly, explained her actions, apologized and reassured her than she cared about her and Shinji.
    • The One I Love Is...: Misato took Shinji and Asuka in when they were summoned to Tokyo-3. Shinji also looks up to Kaji and often goes to him for help, advice or counseling. Several times He has wished that Kaji was his real father.
    • Last Child of Krypton: When Shinji told Misato he had to go back to his uncle’s house again without ever talking with his father she insisted he could stay with her. Shortly after she also took Asuka in when she arrived. Misato was the first adult wanted to take care of both kids in one decade. A while later, when Shinji decides to fight Gendo head-on, she joins him despite of Kaji's misgivings because she can not abandon her kids.
    • RE-TAKE: Misato to Shinji and Asuka, even though Asuka left Japan at the end of the history. She took care of them and even encouraged Shinji to be happy.
    • Scar Tissue: After Third Impact Misato returned to the real world because her wards Shinji and Asuka needed her. As far as she is concerned, they are now her children, not her biological mothers'.
    • The Second Try: Misato had been Asuka's caretaker in Germany and later Kaji replaced her. Later Misato was both Shinji and Asuka's guardian. In the After the End episodes Asuka tells Shinji how her guardians had constantly changed back in her homeland.
      "After my mother died, I was practically raised by NERV. Despite living with them, my father never really cared much about me, and my stepmother was 'almost afraid of me', as she said it. So I was mostly in custody by someone from NERV; send from one guardian to another. But those were the same; only when I got good grades or even more so when I was good in training, I got praise. Even Misato wasn't much better..."
      "Yes, don't you remember? She had been my guardian awhile once before. Looking back, I'd say she most likely still had her own problems dwelling on her mind, but I guess it were those differences between her behavior then and when I came here that made me think she preferred you." Shinji nodded understanding, but didn't interrupt her.
    • Shinji And Warhammer 40 K: After Shinji's arrival to NERV Misato took her in, even if she thought he was a weird kid. As things get crazier and crazier she also becomes Asuka's guardian, and Rei's for a while when Shinji was away.
    • Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton: When Asuka arrived to Japan she thought Misato was replacing Shinji with her, but to her surprise Misato took him and her in. Formerly her guardian had been Kaji.
    • Thousand Shinji: When Misato decided to take Shinji in, he initially resisted. However, he quickly -and reluctantly- bonded with her because she was the only person had treated him like a son after his mother's death. Later he tells Asuka -who had also become Misato's ward- that despite all her human flaws Misato is the mother he missed during his childhood.
  • Bait and Switch (STO): Lieutenant Commander Reshek Gaarra's mother died when he was two, and his father was an officer in the Bajoran Militia's local garrison and had to go out on maneuvers a week out of every month. He was raised by his father and his paternal aunt Nefris.
  • In Hogyoku ex Machina, Isshin feels this way about Ichigo's relationship with Zangetsu. He asks Yoruichi to describe Zangetsu to him leading to this.
    "The soul of a fifteen-year-old formed itself a partner according to its own needs and desires, Yoruichi. And when it did…" his voice broke a little "… when it made the being it wanted to fight with for its entire existence… it made a middle-aged man. A teacher. A mentor. Stern and unrelenting, and so damn proud of him it hurts to watch." Everything Isshin had never shown Ichigo he could be. Yoruichi began to understand.
  • In The Dragon That Will Pierce the Heavens, protagonist Hikari becomes this for Tony-Tony Chopper starting in the Drum Island Arc, being a maternal figure for the young reindeer and proving extremely protective of him.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • The Grand Ruler for Lightning Dawn in My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic. Not that their relationship has any significance on the overall plot.
    • In Sophistication and Betrayal, the protagonist's boss Pipe Wrench becomes something of a father figure to him. Pipe Wrench's wife similarly becomes something of a mother figure, and both provide advice on how to deal with various personal problems he encounters.
    • Played with in The Twilight Child, when Princess Celestia admits she sees Twilight as a daughter, and Twilight points out she already has parents, whom she loves dearly. Doesn't mean she isn't touched, though.
    • In Dear Scootaloo, Rainbow Dash was raised more or less personally by Firefly, former Wonderbolt and founder of the Cloudsdale Home for Wayward Pegasi, and as far as she's concerned Firefly was her mother.
    • The Differentverse: Derpy Hooves is this for Scootaloo, having raised her since she was a year old, though Scoots’ mother does drop in from time to time. Twilight is also this to Spike, whose biological parents are unknown.
    • In a lot of fanfictions, it's popular to have the Cakes killed off and have Pinkie Pie as the closest thing to a relative for the Cake twins, leaving her as the Parental Substitute.
    • Similarly, it's common for Scootaloo to be an orphan or have a neglectful home/Abusive Parents and end up being taken in by someone (examples range from members of the Mane 6 [with Twilight and Rainbow Dash being most common] to background ponies to even Discord; crossovers also sometimes have characters from other fandoms taking her in) who becomes this trope for her.
    • In The Witch of the Everfree, Celestia was a parental substitute for Sunset before their fight, but she didn't directly acknowledge it, leading Sunset to become jealous of Cadance for Celestia having officially adopted her. After their reconciliation, Celestia starts actually calling Sunset her daughter.
    • Throughout The Nuptialverse story Families, Spike, Scootaloo, and Pinkie Pie all experience a form of this.
      • Spike wrestles with seeing Twilight Sparkle as a mother figure. He's afraid to say it out loud to Twilight but once it's acknowledged openly, Twilight happily accepts Spike's feelings and even formally adopts him.
      • While Rainbow Dash starts out as a Cool Big Sis to Scootaloo as in canon, Rainbow Dash takes her in following Scootaloo's Abusive Parents being arrested. In The Visit, after confronting her biological parents in prison, Scootaloo begins referring to Rainbow Dash as "Mom" and Soarin' as "Dad".
      • Pinkie Pie was essentially disowned by her family following her getting her Cutie Mark. Their rejection of her mark prompted her to run away from home, where she was eventually adopted by the Cakes. Pinkie regards the Cakes as parents as much as she does her biological family.
    • In The Bridge this happens on both sides of the crossover.
      • Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were raised by the Equestrian Founders, seeing Starswirl the Bearded especially as a father figure. Part of the reason Luna grew jealous of Celestia and turned into Nightmare Moon was she felt, incorrectly, that she was the Un Favorite in Starswirl's eyes.
      • Aria Blaze's mother, Hymnia, was one for her cousins Adagio Dazzle and Sonata Dusk. Their mother, Hymnia's sister, died shortly after Sonata was born and Adagio was still a baby. Hymnia was the one who taught them their song magic before she too passed away years later in a storm.
      • Dr. Azusa Aoki, formally Azusa Gojo, was this for Godzilla Junior's early years due to him imprinting on her when he hatched. When it became apparent Junior was sapient, the two saw each other as mother and son even after Junior grew to his titanic adult size. It's heavily implied her care is why he grew up wanting to protect others and turned him into Terra's Big Good.
    • The Pieces Lie Where They Fell: Page Turner is a ward of the Great Library and was raised by its matron, the griffon Hush Tone, whom she says is like a mother to her.
    • Escape From the Moon: In the sequel The Mare From the Moon, per canon, Twilight is this to Spike, but it’s made more visible as Twilight actually refers to him as her son here, especially when Spliced starts calling her out on her inadvertent stunting of his growth.
    • Motherly Scootaloo has Scootaloo under the care of an earth pony mare named Sandy Hooves, a friend of her mother's before she passed away. While their relationship is very strained, especially from the beginning, they do genuinely love each other.
    • The fic Falling Backwards and its sequel Flying Forwards, have rather sad variation on this trope. In it, Rainbow Dash receives brain damage after stunt gone wrong that leaves her mentally regressed to a child and ends up imprinting on Twilight as her mother. With no apparent way to fix her friend available, other than just shipping her off to a mental asylum and feeling guilty over her failure to fully save her friend, Twilight reluctantly takes Rainbow in and plays along with the whole "mommy" thing until a way to cure her can be found. Ultimately no cure is found and with no other options available, Twilight physically regressing her to match her mental, so she at least has a second chance at life and accepts her new role as Rainbow's mother.
    • Fallout: Equestria: Watcher explains that when the war began, Princess Celestia worked hard to keep the Mane Six out of danger because she saw them as her children. After a massacre, Celestia stepped down and her sister Princess Luna took over. Luna saw the Mane Six as equals or even saviors, and recruited them to win the war however possible. That's when everything started going really bad.
    • Principal Celestia Hunts the Undead: Celestia basically adopts Sunset the second she realizes that Sunset is homeless. Despite her protests that she's just looking out for a student, she lets her live with her, packs her lunches, and makes sure she is properly punished when she does something wrong. Everyone lampshades it.
      Harshwhinny: [to Dash and Sunset] I am contacting your parents and informing them of the incident.
      Sunset: I don't have any parents.
      Harshwhinny: That is a fiction I see no reason to indulge.
  • In Marie D. Suesse and the Mystery New Pirate Age!, toward the end, it is revealed that a woman named Denise was this to Madelyn, taking her in, giving her a job, and through being tough but fair, helping to make her a better person, inspiring her so much that she gave Denise's name to her daughter as her middle name.
  • Asaph in Obsession is the mentor to Jirarudan and Veronica, and is more present in their lives than their real parents.
  • Not shown directly in Ginny Weasley Double Life, but Milikan’s flashbacks reveal that she took on a parental role for one of her past servants while the girl’s parents were on holiday and her only guardians were an aunt and uncle who occasionally visited. Milikan’s influence compelled the girl to become less of a rebellious brat, lose some weight and be more polite to her parents even after Milikan left.
  • In Pokémon: The Great Adventure, Ash gets one in the shape of Silver, a mysterious tailed man with silver hairs that raises him like his own son and teaches him everything he knows. Even after learning the truth about his legacy, the man is still the only one Ash calls "Father".
  • In the Jackie Chan Adventures fanfiction Queen of All Oni, Uncle notes that, even if Jackie and Jade aren't aware of it themselves, Jackie loves Jade to the point that he essentially is her parent in every way except blood. Given that Jade herself suffered Parental Neglect so severe it bordered on abuse, she on some level does see Jackie as her true father figure. To the point that the Aspect of her mind known as "Father" looks just like him.
  • In Blue Moon, Giles recalls his own bond with Buffy when reading about Francesca, a vampire slayer who was captured, turned and killed by the Volturi, as the diaries of Francesca's Watcher, Sir Richard Gladwin, make it clear that he had a similar relationship with Francesca to Giles's bond with Buffy. Francesca clearly reciprocated this affection; even after she faked her death to escape the Volturi, when she learned that Sir Gladwin was dying, she went to see him despite the risk so that she could assure him that she had survived and was happy.
  • The Godzilla MonsterVerse fanfiction Abraxas (Hrodvitnon) has several examples:
  • In the Transformers Film Series fic Property Of, when Annabelle Lennox is taken to Cybertron as part of a twisted 'pet trade' set up by a group of Decepticons, she is purchased by Ironhide. While most Cybertronians are unaware that humans are sentient and humans believing that they all know about the trade in full, when Sam and Mikaela (who have been purchased by Bumblebee) are brought to Ironhide's place of residence to try and calm Annabelle, they calm Annabelle by convincing her that Ironhide sees himself as her father figure, with Ironhide becoming fond of 'Softspark' even before he learns that humans are sentient.
  • In the Castle fic "Of Finding Innocence", while the main focus is Kate Beckett forming a relationship with Richard Castle while she's still an officer and he's writing Derrick Storm, equal importance is given to Kate's developing role as Alexis's second mother figure. While Alexis never forgets that Meredith is her biological mother, Kate is an important maternal influence in Alexis's life when Meredith just 'forgets' to be there for her daughter, with the seven-year-old Alexis eventually calling Kate 'Momma' to distinguish her from Meredith (although by her teens she has settled into calling Kate 'Mom').
  • In Once Upon a Supernatural Time, Dean Winchester swiftly ends up becoming this to Henry Mills as his relationship with Emma develops, to the extent that, after Henry meets his real father for the first time, Henry explicitly states that he wishes that Dean was his father.
  • In the Back to the Future fanfic Ich Liebe Dich, Marty tells Doc that back in 1985, he's more of a father figure to him than George is.
  • Mortality: Holmes's parents are never mentioned, so most likely Holmes sees his friend Watson as this.
  • Escape From The Hokage's Hat: Tsunade to all three of her students (Shizune, Naruto and Hinata). While Shizune is a fairly well adjusted adult, she spends most of her time helping Naruto and Hinata with their own personal issues.
  • Rei plays this role in Kiryuuin Chronicles with Satsuki, Ryuuko, and Nui and has been doing so since birth, raising them more than their parents do. Of course, she does have a reason to be, considering how their parents are.
  • In The Vow (a Kung Fu Panda fanfic), Lianne comes to hold in her heart Lord Goa and Lady Jing, Shen's kindly parents, like second parents. In particular, she regards Lord Goa a true father her biological father has never been able to be to her.
  • There are some Fullmetal Alchemist fanfics that have Edward put in this role. Bonus points if he's the oldest child in an abusive or neglecting household who takes care of the kids more than the actual "parent" does.
  • In Undertale (Fan Novelization), Frisk takes to Toriel as a mother-figure, though it takes a while for the child to acknowledge the fact. When Toriel calls to check in after leaving on her own, Frisk says "Bye mom", only to immediately backpedal. Even Frisk isn't entirely sure what prompted that.
  • In The Tale Of Nagato Uzumaki, the (now adult) Ame Orphans become this to Naruto after his parents' deaths.
  • In Pareidolia, the fusion of Naruto and Genkuro becomes the father figure for Tayuya in the alternate timeline. What makes it odd is that in the original timeline they had been lovers; Naruto worries for a bit whether he'll be able to keep the two separate.
  • A Man of Iron plays with the trope: Antony and his wife Pepper have basically adopted Jon Snow, but they consider themselves more as a Cool Uncle and Cool Big Sis to the youth. Nonetheless, their behaviour is very much supportive and loving parenting when you look at it.
    • Played more straight with Tyrion Lannister who finds himself saddled with Samwell Tarly as a squire and cheerfully decides the boy will do as a substitute son.
  • In the Pokémon fanfic, Common Sense, it's revealed that Misty's parents abandoned the Gym when she was younger. With her older sisters being too busy and/or self-absorbed to look after her, the Pokémon of the Gym wound up looking after her with Staryu and Goldeen playing with her and teaching her to swim while Starmie was the voice of reason growing up.
  • For Better or For Worse (One Piece): Thanks to being Corazon being Spared by the Adaptation, he serves as this not only to Law, but also to Luffy, Ace, Sabo, and Bepo. Ironically, he's in complete denial over it, while everyone else (including the boys themselves) have acknowledged it.
  • In the slice-of-life Pokémon fanfic Team Dad Assemble!, Archie and Maxie have put aside their villainous ways, merged their teams, and become a couple, as well as surrogate fathers to Brendan and May, who now live with them. When May's father Norman skips out on their annual father-daughter picnic due to an important evaluation at the Petalburg Gym, leaving her crushed, Archie and Maxie decide to go with her to the event as honorary dads for the day to cheer her up. Hilarity Ensues.
  • To Hell and Back (Arrowverse): Slade Wilson and Shado Gulong served as this to Oliver Queen, Barry Allen, Kara Zor-El and Kal-El during their time on Lian Yu. When Slade is reunited with the latter years after Shado's death, they return to this dynamic.
  • Child of the Storm, has several examples:
    • Wanda Maximoff serves as this to Harry - unsurprising, given that she's his godmother and his actual mother is dead. Well, actually, Ascended to a Higher Plane of Existence. Pepper Potts, in addition to being Team Mom to the Avengers in general, was also one to Harry before Wanda showed up, and continues (to a lesser extent) to be one, given that Wanda isn't always around due to her job.
    • Carol is noted to be consistently searching for a better father-figure, since her own father is an emotionally abusive Stay in the Kitchen type, which is why she latches on to her Cool Uncle, Jack O'Neill, and later, Steve Rogers, her great-grandfather. The former reciprocates when he can, but he's rarely around New York, while the latter is initially deeply shocked to find out that they're related (the fact that he's less than twice her age, in terms of lived experience, doesn't help). Once he processes it, though, he takes up the mantle with determination and kindness, encouraging her in her dreams, supporting her when she's upset (in one case, by providing a 'Thor-sized' bucket of Rocky Road ice-cream), and playing Papa Wolf. As in, at one point in the sequel, she and Harry get kidnapped by a Renegade Russian group. His response is to calmly consider this, tell Thor to get his temper under control, then literally kick down the doors of the Kremlin to demand them back.
    • Though it's not stated outright, it's heavily implied that Sean Cassidy also serves as this for Warren Worthington/Archangel, given the latter's abusive father.
  • Oddly, Jaune Arc in A Monster's Marriage acts as one to Mercury Black despite only being a couple years older at most. Since Jaune is married to Cinder, Mercury had to interact with him regularly and he eventually realized he wanted someone like Jaune to be his dad, especially after reflecting on how supportive Jaune was of his (fake) breakdancing hobby, even signing him up for a competition and cheering him on. In a later chapter, Mercury distracts Jaune for Cinder by playing catch.
    • To a lesser extent, Jaune is one for Emerald as well, having given her a birthday after learning she didn't know her own.
    • The epilogue further drives it home with Jaune running a clothing store with Mercury named "Arc and Son's".
  • In Faded Blue, Blue Pearl acts as Steven's primary caregiver, and while she is as loyal to Steven as she was to Blue Diamond, she is treated more like a mother and friend than a servant.
  • In Kara of Rokyn, Kal was like a father to Kara back when she was a just-orphaned teenager.
    Kara: From my fifteenth year on up to... somewhen... Kal was like a parent. Or he thought he was. I’ve told him about this, probably haven’t told you. Sheol, back then I needed a parent, or a big brother, or whatever. I thought my mom and dad were dead, and I hadn’t been adopted. I cried, Nar. Cried a lot. But Kal was always there for me, always buoying me up, always guiding me on a path he thought was best for me.
  • In chapter 2 part 1 of SilfofinaDragon's Sengoku Basara fanfic Let's Endless Party!, Maeda Keiji and Date Masamune and Sanada Yukimura's son Masa's ex-Split Personality Sei, now in a body from a potion brewed by Kyogoku Maria, take in a one month old baby boy who they name after Masa's late boyfriend Oyamada Nobushige.
  • Gensokyo 20XX:
    • We have this happens with Yukari and Reimu, the former being the latter's wet-nurse. However, this was played for slight drama, as, to be expected, Reimu was bonded to her and wouldn't take anyone else. Tying into that, we had her play this role to Ran, taking her in as a baby, and Maribel and Renko, taking the two in after a nuclear holocaust.
    • Later on, we have Ran and Ren playing with role to Marisa, leading to an instance of Interspecies and Oblivious Adoption. Before that, Ran took in Chen.
    • In Foundling (a branch off), Ran and her husband, Ren, reprise this role to Reimu, the titular foundling. Later on, she comes to acknowledge them (along with Yukari) as parental figures.
      Yukari (narrating): Naturally, they became "An" and "En", in much the same vein that a child's parents would become "Haha" and "Chichi", thus to some extent, she acknowledged them as parental figures or something very similar.[...]She sat silent before me, as if in some thought, before she finally opted to place a name for me. "Fukona-ha" was the name for me.
  • It's hard to find a Knights of the Old Republic fanfic where this trope isn't in play when it comes to Carth and Mission. Mission's a Satisfied Street Rat who is either an orphan or abandoned by her parents, with her only known family being a deadbeat older brother. Carth lost his wife and son in a Sith attack, and his son would have been roughly Mission's age. You later find he's alive, but training as a Sith. He's the only one in the party that speaks up about Mission's young age, and tries to take a protective role. So, it was an easy assumption for the fanbase to roll with.
  • Their Bond:
  • Naturally, Dragon Ball Z Abridged plays with this, regarding the relationship between Piccolo and Gohan. It's downplayed in the beginning, as Piccolo's initial motive for kidnapping and training Gohan was for his own plans to take over the world. It actually moves closer to the source material after Namek, as both Goku and Piccolo train Gohan for the Androids. Both Gohan and Piccolo resent Goku's inattentiveness as a father. But Piccolo having this role seems to be closer to being an outward perception than a reality. And when Cell lampshades it in Episode 60, Piccolo and Goku both bristle at the idea, as the creators' attempt to kill the joke in the end.
  • In Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: The Abridged Series, Nico makes it very clear that Taiga is this to her, calling him 'dad' and in general attaching herself to him. Episode 11 reveals that she considers Taiga the only family she has, and begs him not to die, least she has to go back to her real parents.
  • In Letting Go Of Hate, Vitani begins turning to her mother-in-law Nala as a mother figure. She had a loveless childhood being raised as a Tyke Bomb in a merciless environment, so Nala's motherly nature resonates with her.
  • In The Boy Without a Fairy, a darker retelling of the The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Link sees Saria as this due to her being the most involved in raising him as a baby. As the story progresses he begins to see Navi as this too much to her guilt.
  • The Raven's Plan:
    • Osha became this to Rickon, something Catelyn notes with envy and despair. The first person he asked for upon waking up was not his mother, but Osha. She very clearly returns the love.
    • Davos is this to Shireen. For every decision where we get to see his thought process, the first thing he considers is how this decision will effect her, and his care for her is strong enough to stay his hand from ordering Qyburn's execution after he offers to treat her greyscale scars. For her part, Shireen essentially disowned her father after what he did to her and clearly cares for Davos too.
  • Linked in Life and Love: Roman Torchwick has been taking care of Neo since she was twelve, making sure to teach her how to take care of herself and always sliding her enough jobs that she had money to spare. Eventually, Roman reveals that on their first job, when Neo got caught and he had to bail her out, he told the cops he was her father. She knew that, but what she didn't know was that rather than forging the adoption paperwork, it was faster for him to just fill out real adoption paperwork and then bribe a clerk to backdate it a few years. Which means Neo is legally Neo Rose, cousin to Yang and Ruby.
  • Another Chronicle shows that Dromarch has a very parental bond with Nia. He's her most constant companion, treating her with a caring and protective attitude, and she generally turns to him for guidance and emotional support.
  • SAPR: In addition to Klein Sieben from canon RWBY, Weiss also was raised by her maid Laberna Seacole. Mrs. Seacole, as it turns out, is a raccoon faunus, and when the White Fang became exceedingly violent Jacques fired her. She and her family were forced into poverty after that, and the stress and poor living conditions aged her by decades and gave her numerous health problems.
  • A Diplomatic Visit: Discussed in chapter 15.
    • Rarity admits that she sometimes feels she's more a mother to Sweetie Belle than a sister, and that her own mother feels that Rarity does a better job at raising Sweetie Belle than she does.
    • Scootaloo is mainly raised by her two aunts (whom Rainbow Dash admits are more parents to Scoots than her birth parents), since her actual parents are away doing important scientific work.
  • Played straight and downplayed in A Discordant Note, Harry is dead and killing a god for most of the time Tyrion Lannister is being fostered at Dol Guldur, but he still finds himself respecting the sorcerer more than his own father. Meanwhile, Harry's wife Luna very much acts the part of a doting mother for Tyrion (as well as pretty much everyone younger than her in Angmar).
  • In Mudsnake, Hermione resonates with Snape and the two end up bonding. The story even ends with Snape becoming Hermione's guardian.
  • Rise of the Dragon Child has Jarl Balgruuf offering a home to thirteen-year-old orphan Harry and ensuring his safety, Dragonborness and prophecy be damned. Harry very much appreciates, calling Balgruuf daddy in his sleep.
  • Fate/Black Dawn: Mordred assumes that the strange man who has been hanging around her mother is her father. Shirou doesn't have the heart to correct her, and immediately does everything in his power to be a better parent than Morgan and Arturia (though Arturia doesn't know about Mordred yet, he knows she won't do a very good job once she does know).
  • In Batman fanfiction Dance with the Demons, Philip Wayne raised his nephew Bruce after Thomas and Martha's deaths (as per Pre-Crisis canon).
    Philip Wayne adjusted his hearing aid a bit and smiled. Bruce was almost 40 now, and he'd darned near given up on getting the whippersnapper married. To him had fallen the task of raising the boy, after his brother Thomas and Thomas's wife Martha had been shot dead in the street those long years ago. He'd never seen a boy so intense and serious as Bruce had been. The boy was either cracking half the books in the library, or doing experiments with his chemistry set, or building up his body, or doing gymnastics. But he'd turned out well, and then some.
  • Code Prime - R1: Rebellion: While subtle at first, later chapters in the story indicate that Lelouch is starting to view Optimus as a father figure since his real father is a...less than stellar parent. Mao's remarks in Chapter 19 outright confirms that Lelouch views Optimus as his surrogate father.
  • Gaster acts as a mentor and parental figure to Sans in Not As Simple As A Happy Ending.
  • Dr. Roman tries to be one for Mash in Fate/Sunny Order. Unfortunately, he has no idea how to be a parent, and none of the male Servants have the best experience at being fathers for him to ask them.
  • Many Persona 5 fanfics such as You See Them have Sojiro be one not just for Futaba like in canon, but also for Akira/Ren, often because the latter's parents rejected him after the false accusation.
  • In an inverse of a canon, Persona 5 Adult Confidant AU has Futaba being the adoptive mother for Sojiro. While they bicker occasionally, it's clear the two care for each other, enough that Sojiro is against stealing her heart out of fear of her becoming a soulless husk as the previous Palace rulers have.
  • In Memories of an Angel, Otonashi meets a young Noda during the train accident that would end the former's life. After learning about the boy's abusive father, Otonashi wanted to adopt Noda so he and Kanade can give him a happier life. Even in the afterlife, Noda still had great admiration for the doctor-in-training. Unfortuently, Otonashi's death and Kanade's fall into grief afterwards prevent this from occurring.
  • In It Takes a Village, the Visored from Bleach become this for Orihime after Hollows killed her family. Kensei in particular is her most prominent father figure.


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