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Parental Abandonment / Web Animation

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  • ASDF Movie 9:
    Woman: ...I think we should just be friends. *walks away*
    Later in the video
    Guy 1: Hey! Wanna see an impression of my dad?
    Guy 2: Sure!
    (Guy 1 is suddenly gone)
  • Bitey of Brackenwood was taken in by a family of Morrugs, after the event that wiped the other Dashkin out. When they have their own child however, they abandon him. It's heavily suggested that this was what made Bitey such a bitter and cruel Jerkass.
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  • Broken Saints: Raimi's dad left he and his mother in his childhood. And that's just the tame one... Shandala's biological father abandoned her on a Fijian Island as part of a magnificent plan to further his Evil Plan.
  • Octavia from Helluva Boss discusses this. Being closer to her father Stolas has her fear that he would one day disappear from her life.
  • RWBY:
    • Yang Xiao Long's mother Raven abandoned the family shortly after Yang was born, and to this day makes it clear that she couldn't care less about her daughter's safety. When Raven's brother Qrow calls her out for this, she says she saved Yang's life once, which is more than she'd do for most people. Even when Yang does catch up with her, Raven treats her as a spoiled brat for expecting some sort of familial loyalty. The worst part might be that Raven's Semblance lets her make portals to people she's bonded to, and she explicitly has a bond with Yang. She could have visited at any time.
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    • After Raven left, Yang's father married Summer Rose, and they had Ruby Rose, Yang's half sister. Eventually, Summer went on a mission and never came back. It's unclear exactly what happened, but everyone assumes she died, and Yang certainly still has a good opinion of her years later.
    • Ren and Nora are both orphans. Ren lost his parents when the Nuckelavee attacked Kuroyuri, while Nora was already a Street Urchin.
  • In X-Ray & Vav, it's initially Played for Laughs when the Corpirate mentions that he's X-Ray's Disappeared Dad, only for him to brush it off. Episode 5 of Season 2 ultimately reveals that X-Ray's father left him and his mother one day and never looked back. It causes major trust issues with X-Ray, to the point where he's scared that Vav will leave him, too, due to the fact that he's head over heels in love with a reporter.


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