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Parental Abandonment / Manhwa

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  • Sul-yin from Kiss Wood was dumped on her uncle by her father when she was a child. There's no mention of him again or of her mother.
  • Chaehee and Gihuun's parents are both dead in Aflame Inferno.
  • In Faeries' Landing not much is known about Ryang's parents, other than the fact that they both work overseas. Ryang lives with his older brother Hun and his wife, Taeyeong.
  • In Hot Blooded Woman Aram was an orphan who got adopted by her foster father.
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  • Cho-Ah's parents in Magical JxR are in another country.
  • Jae-min from Orange Marmalade claims his was abandoned by his mother for two years but what really happened remains to be seen.
  • Bam from Tower of God never knew his parents.
  • Da-Jeong's mother in The Friendly Winter left her and her dad ten years ago, due to being unable to deal with the fact her daughter will always look under nine. They meet again when Da-Jeong is nineteen however it takes a lot of time for their relationship to become less strained.


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