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Paranoia Fuel / 1000 Ways to Die

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Though most of these deaths are caused by stupidity, the ones that aren't definitely qualify for this trope...

  • Any of the deaths caused by asphyxiation or someone dying from an allergy that the victim was unaware he or she had (like the 32-year-old virgin whose first — and last — time was with a dominatrix who made him wear a latex gimp suit. The man died from a massive latex allergy and the dominatrix didn't realize that the man was dying because she mistook his groaning of pain as groans of pleasure or the bitchy redhead at a spa who died of being exposed to water when the spa's sprinkler alarm system went off after her pubic hair caught fire), or the Amish teenager who drank too much, not aware he lacked an enzyme that could break down his alcohol and was poisoned.
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  • The politician who died from a parasitic infection he acquired while having sex with a hot Brazilian.
  • The Japanese couple who died from a heart attack because neither had sex before (if you're a virgin, it might make you think twice before having sex).
  • The woman suffers from SUNDS (Sudden Unexpected Nocturnal Death Syndrome) who died in her sleep from a heart attack while dreaming about a dwarf strangling her. Trust us. If you haven't seen it, it would be wise of you to avoid this by all cost, because it might make you afraid to fall asleep.
  • One episode has a woman's cell phone explode in her hand (sending shrapnel into her inner ear and brain) because the battery was faulty. Think about that the next time your cell rings.
  • We already have enough to worry about from hornets, but now, there's the Asian giant hornet from the segment "Crappy Ending". Those things are friggin' huge!
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  • "Jack N' Croaked" recounts the death of the famous Jack Daniel (the man behind Jack Daniel Tennessee Whiskey). In short, he gets a nasty gash on his toe after trying to kick open his safe, which then becomes infected and he dies of sepsis two days later. That's right, something as seemingly benign as a cut can spell doom for you if you let it get infected. Granted, his death happened back when antibiotics weren't used to treat infections, but it still counts.
  • Ditto the death of the Viking who got an infection after he hit his thigh on the mouth of his decapitated foe. A human is one of the worst things to be bitten by in terms of infectious disease.
  • "Nite Capped" features a man and his girlfriend coming home from a New Year's Eve party. Suddenly, an unknown bullet pierces through the man's chest and shoots him through the heart. As it turns out, another party was going on a few miles away, and one of the guests at that party shot a handgun in the air to ring in the new year. The stray bullet ended up building enough velocity to ricochet and travel several miles away and cause the death. Needless to say, it is a good reason why firing a gun in the air for any reason is a criminal offense.
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  • "Sky Scraped" shows a banker in the Sears Tower who dies when a window explodes. The idea of this happening is enough to make you stay away from windows.
  • "USSR-Dead" has three men from the Russian Mafia celebrating their new member with vodka. Unlucky for them, the bartender accidentally gave them sulfuric acid (which was used to burn the fingertips of the new member). Being a colorless liquid, it'll make you wanna think twice next time you drink water.
  • "Suck Her Punch" features a cross-dressing boxer killing a would-be rapist with one hard blow to the temple with a right cross. This makes all you macho tough guys think twice the next time you want to get into a fight with anyone else.
  • "Another Up the Butt Story" had a man celebrating his bachelor party. He gets drunk and tries to rape the stripper who had been hired only to be the human sushi display, and when she fends him off, he accidentally flushes a toilet, causing the lid to blow and a giant shard up his ass. Now the fact that this was in a public place was bad enough, and it's worse because he tries to force a woman into having sex with him, but it happened IN A HOTEL due to some shitty repair job on the pipes which caused water buildup. Yeah, hope you have fun going to hotels now!
  • "Bed Buggered" has a jock being crushed to death by the top bunk that fell on top of him due to the impact of the nerd (his roommate) and his lover making love with each other while shaking the bed so it becomes loose. Would you like to lay in bunk beds now after watching this?
  • "Homie-Cide" has a method actor (aiming for a role as a gangster in a movie) successfully survive a gang initiation. As he walks away triumphantly from the underpass where his initiation took place, he's suddenly struck dead... by rival gang members dumping a body from the bridge above him, completely oblivious to his presence until their victim and the unfortunate actor "butt heads" at terminal velocity. This isn't a case of lacking peripheral vision, either. He was killed by a large object being dropped from far above him, just out of view (the angle of impact had the body strike him from the back on the head). The same thing could, in theory, happen from something as mundane as walking past a multi-floored building. Try not to scan the roofs the next time you're passing an apartment complex.
  • Let's not forget "Bad Max" where an arrogant, ill-tempered movie star hops into a jacuzzi and ends up getting his intestines (as well as his other vital organs) sucked out of his rectum after accidentally sitting on the suction pump, killing him by evisceration. Let see how relaxing you find jacuzzi hot tubs now!
  • "Crib Your Enthusiasm": As the narrator puts in, "Barnaby's about to demonstrate why the government recently outlawed all drop-side cribs".
  • The victim in "Ass-Plosion" who eliminated one of his rivals in a bodybuilding competition by cheating and ended up dying by pushing so hard that he wound up crapping out his intestines. Makes you wanna think twice not to "push" so hard the next time you use the bathroom.
  • If you're going to use a nasal irrigation system, make sure the water used is somehow purified. "Phlegm Phatale" had a man use it with tap water instead and ended up with an infection that destroyed his brain! note 
  • "Habeas Corpse" had a man who fell to his death by jumping on a window. Not out of one, but on one. Granted, most people probably won't attempt this, but it does make one paranoid about the stability of your average window (and may make you think twice about even leaning against one that has other support attached, ala the one scene from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.)
  • "Bowed Out" has a Japanese job-seeker accidentally headbutt his interviewer while bowing to him, rupturing an aneurysm he didn't know he had and causing a fatal stroke. It's enough to make you very afraid of bumping your head even slightly.

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