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  • Lieutenant Victor Sabien of Black Jack Justice has gained this reputation over his career as a homicide detective. Bad guys on the street know that if you hurt young girls, Sabien will come for you. "The Albatross" highlights this most strongly, as he simply can not let go of a case concerning the murder of a young, pregnant black girl, goes to Jack and Trixie for help when he's essentially taken off the case, and comes within a hair's breadth of killing the man responsible once he's identified. A few episodes earlier, the narration mentioned Sabien had a teenage daughter.
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  • Bart Baker's Blurred Lines parody ends with Thicke being confronted by the father of a woman he impregnated against her will. Thicke then gets slugged by the guy, and it's implied that he was raped by him while he was unconscious.
  • Chakona Space:
    • Due to being Hermaphrodites, Chakats get to be this as well as Mama Bear.
    • Freighter captain, Neal Foster is made of this as well.
  • Channel Awesome:
    • Atop the Fourth Wall: Linkara has been known to do this for MarzGurl.
    • So has Spoony of The Spoony Experiment when it comes to fanboys.
    • And on the Kickassia DVD, the Ask That Guy segment is not so much an ATG episode but more like Doug slamming those who thought certain producers shouldn't have been included.
    • Rob Walker is usually a calm guy who is more than willing to admit if a Critic episode didn't come out great, but go too far with insulting Doug and he'll switch to big brother smash mode.
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    • The Nostalgia Chick: Mr. Ellis (Lindsay's father) didn't exactly take kindly to fanbrats who thought her abuse of Nella was real. The full quote is on her page.
    • Whether you're a bad comic or a bad game, do not mistreat young children unless you want a very angry reviewer raging at you.
    • The Nostalgia Critic goes on a sickened Character Filibuster when children are hurt in a film he's reviewing. Seeing as the Critic (not Doug) was apparently abused himself as a child, it's quite understandable.
    • Even when it doesn't make sense (Ask That Guy for instance), Doug has made each and every one of his main characters a defender of kids. Donnie from Demo Reel still had sympathy for a little horror who'd abused him when she was getting yelled at by her father.
    • What the Fuck Is Wrong with You?: Nash does not take kindly to his friends being slandered or otherwise insulted.
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  • In Death Battle, Vegeta maintains equal footing with Zod for most of the fight, until Zod reveals a captured Trunks and threatens to kill him if Vegeta will not kneel. Cue Vegeta HAMMERING Zod with blows in a fit of rage.
  • In one of the strangest bits of this trope ever, Vegeta shows this in Dragon Ball Z Abridged after Cell kills Trunks. He ends up roaring "MY BABY BOY!" and tries to murder Cell right there. Too bad Cell's way stronger than before.
  • Let's just say that YouTuber Hunter Avallone does not take kindly to people who go after his daughter, Rose.
    • On his social media, he dropped a Precision F-Strike on someone who tried to convince him that it's bad to have gay/bisexual daughter.
    Hunter: Your sexuality doesn't define you as a person. If my daughter turns out to be gay, that will never stop me from loving and respecting her. (bleep) you for thinking otherwise.
    • He also got very angry when another YouTuber went after Rose (as well as his fiance, Carissa) after Hunter made a video critiquing activists using veganism to push their agenda.
  • Lightning Dust: Tying into James Melfton's Berserk Button: Harm his son Klaus, and you die.
  • Cobalt, one of the leads of Pokémon World Tour: United, has a very strong protective streak where his Pokemon are concerned, and it shows in the few times he shows genuine anger. When confronting Brian in the Underground Path, faced with Brian's insulting remarks towards Treble and the implication that Brian was Treble's trainer before Cobalt got him, he is far quicker than normal to engage in battle. In episode 30, upon discovering that Team Rocket has kidnapped his Cubone and Nidoran among others, his reaction is, quite simply, "They took my babies!" and, when he needs to get to them in a hurry to rescue them, simply jumps down on top of the Rocket currently threatening them with zero hesitation.
  • There are several of these in A World Less Visible, including one that is an actual werewolf. Mess with Matthias's surrogate family, and he will literally rip your head off. And Gabriel takes it up a level past that.
  • Jessi Slaughter's "You Dun Goofed" dad. He wouldn't hesitate to backtrack Trolls' messages and report them to the cyber-police should they harass Jessi or screw around with their computer. In short, come near his daughter, and consequences! Will never be! The same!


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