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  • Thespiphobia's Rich Gurney will MAUL YOU if you mess with his techies. Any other time, he's the sweetest, most harmless guy on the planet.
  • In Wigu, Quincy Tinkle may be a happy, somewhat dumb guy, but if Wigu or Paisley are harmed he will go to great lengths to get revenge. To date, Quincy has annihilated an alien insect that bit Wigu, fought off a group of Plesiosaurs with nothing but a knife when they attacked the Tinkle family van, and almost murdered Hamburglar after the latter hospitalized Wigu.
  • In The Order of the Stick, Vaarsuvius' mate and children are threatened by the mother of a young black dragon the Order had slain earlier. Vaarsuvius makes a deal with fiends to gain enough power to not only kill the dragon but use an epic spell to slay every single relative that black dragon had to great distance. His/her mate was suitably horrified. Said pastry chef then placed themself between V and the children, brandishing a stick.
  • Ed in Digger appears, for a Hyena, harmless and non-violent, to the point he doesn't try to defend himself from or leave his abusive wife (hyenas are matriarchal, as is a major theme in Digger). That is, until his violent, mentally ill spouse started beating their daughter. This did not end well.
  • In The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!, Mook the Bigfoot is this to his son Rocko, almost starting a war by way of overreaction when Rocko gets stood up for a date.
    • Bob rarely loses his composure much beyond his stock look of Dull Surprise. We've seen him scared or frantic upon occasion, but the only times we've seen him furious are the times Jerry has threatened Molly with a gun. When Bob believed she'd actually been hit, he launched himself at Jerry (who was armed) and tackled him without hesitation.
  • The Shintulla Chieftain from Dominic Deegan gets royally pissed when Jacob apparently kills his son. Jacob's expression makes it perfectly clear that he knows he's screwed.
    • Most Weedles are just harmless little puffballs, but their Patriarchs are very protective.
  • El Goonish Shive gives us Mr. Verres. Sure, he's a Reasonable Authority Figure, sure he's an endless barrel of exposition, and sure he's a little eccentric. But mess with his son, his niece, or any of their friends, he WILL blast you without warning or mercy.
  • Goblin Hollow: When gargoyles come after his goblins: Ben in action
  • Daisy Owl: Mr. Owl is a Papa Wolf, despite being an owl. He's willing to go up against NASA armed only with a bear if it means saving his kids.
  • Hon Arkraptor from Tower of God is a Papa Wolf who failed to protect his daughter. As a result, he is overcautious whenever it comes to Miseng, who resembles her. This includes trying to fail her so she gets out of the inner section of the Tower and beating up the creeps that get too close to her. Their relationship is rather shaky, to say the least.
  • Zombie of Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name is usually a pretty mellow guy, but don't touch his friends. Ever.
    • And you don't mess with him, either, or you'll have Hanna to deal with.
  • In Megatokyo, Ed learned the hard way that just because Ibara may be a jerkass that leeches money off his daughter Junko doesn't mean he takes kindly to having a shotgun pointed in her general direction.
  • In The Fancy Adventures of Jack Cannon we have that rare example of both parents being Badass and protective of their son. Not that he can't stand for his own.
  • In Exterminatus Now, Lothar Hex's adoptive mercenary father is fiercely protective of Lothar and his other foster son Kyle. He even threatened to cut out the hearts of the other main characters if anything happened to Lothar or Kyle because of their Inquisition work. Lothar is equally protective of his crazy mercenary family — he and Rogue nearly killed each other when Rogue refused to believe Kyle selling weapons to cultists was just a stupid mistake and threatened to kill him and Lothar's dad.
  • Goblins has Pan, a blind ogre, fulfilling this role for Yala, a mute, disabled kobold who acts as his 'pilot'. Threatening Yala while Pan is nearby is a good way to get yourself brutalised, as the dwarf in this strip finds out to his cost.
  • Even though Iratu and Sakido are demons, when they are put in danger Darius, the angel from Slightly Damned, exemplifies this trope in spades.
  • In the webcomic Luci Phurr's Imps [1], the three imps (Pain, Tears, and Misfortune/Alsadair) are devoted to happy, good little girl, Luci. But as some kids, adults, and even other imps have discovered, if you threaten or upset Luci, or try to take her away from the trio... you WILL end up regretting it.
  • Girl Genius has a number of them, most of them Sparks:
    • Adam Clay (né Punch) and his wife Lilith (née Judy) are this toward Agatha, willing to challenge the entire Wulfenbach regime to protect her.
    • For that matter, Agatha's father Bill and her uncle Barry as well, to judge by flashbacks in both the comic and novelization. When Castle Heterodyne was wrecked and Bill's wife and children apparently dead, they embarked on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge to find and stop The Other. Given that The Other is still ''terrified'' that Barry will show up, they did a good job slowing The Other down.
    • Even Baron Wulfenbach has his moments, albeit more subdued than most.
      • And sometimes not so subdued. (Complicating matters somewhat in this case, the "Klaus" speaking here is a mental imprint he put in his son...)
      • Most plainly put, Klaus' reason for taking over most of Europe wasn't to seek power or out a desire to rule, but to keep his son safe.
    • Othar Tryggvassen, Gentleman Adventurer!, shows traits like this towards his sister.
  • In Goddamn Critical Hits, Dusty's father faces down a rampaging Vigoroth to protect him and his sister during an earthquake. He's killed along with his daughter; Dusty is spared by evolving into an immobile Cascoon.
  • Even though his wife is the wolf in their marriage, Kevin can have his moments. When a rabbit's ready to go carnivore on his daughter's boyfriend....
  • Matt of White Dark Life is portrayed like this in the RP sections of the series where he attacks three out of the four suitors for his children regularly. He gets even more violent when his children are in actual danger. Walls, mooks, witches, god like beings? he'll break all of them.
  • Max in 1/0.
  • The Gamer has Hwan Sung-Gon. He's feared far-and-wide as the Black Summoner and makes it clear to everyone that if they so much as think of touching his daughter, they will die. When she's kidnapped by one of the nine strongest factions of Korea, he heads out to utterly annihilate it without a second thought. He would have destroyed it single-handedly if it weren't for the Eight Sealing Pillars.
  • Rebirth: Do not harm, or attempt to harm, Neo in front of Noah. Ian found that out the hard way.


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