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  • In Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Judge Turpin's mistreatment of Johanna is half of Sweeney's motivation to go on a murdering rampage (the other half being, of course, what the bastard did to his wife Lucy after transporting him for life).
  • Captain Walker in the 1993 musical of Tommy. And he's not very happy when he discovers his wife and son with her new jerkass lover on her 21st birthday!
  • In Love Never Dies, after Christine sings the title song, she discovers her son Gustave is missing. Needless to say, his father is livid. He is ready to use every bit of his influence to stop Raoul de Chagny from leaving Coney Island, and to manhandle and/or murder the Girys to get back his son.
  • In "The Tempest", Prospero could be considered one in his fierce protectiveness of Miranda.