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  • Nickelback's song "I'd Come for You".
  • Eminem. Don't fuck with his daughters, or his evil alter ego Slim Shady will kick your ass. Ja Rule found this out the hard way; all he did was mention one of Eminem's daughters on a track, and Em was ready to tear Ja Rule's head off. Not only that, but he constantly mentions how he knows he has young fans, and that they listen to his lyrics to not only enjoy the music, but to feel better about themselves, and he’s proud of that fact.
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  • Kanye West seems to be something of a Jerkass version of this when it comes to his new family.
  • The Reign of Kindo's song "Breathe Again" is about one Papa Wolf who, upon discovering that his kids' Christmas presents were stolen from the tree on Christmas Eve, tracks down the thief, murders him in cold blood, and brings the presents back to his kids. Delivered in a mellow jazz-rock melody.
  • "I Will" by Radiohead. According to Thom Yorke:
    That's the angriest thing I've ever written. Almost inexpressible rage. Someone fucks with my family, I'm gonna kill them. That absolutely primal "you can do anything you like, but if you do that I'm not responsible for my actions"
  • Deconstructed in the song "A Howling Dust" by Cormorant, where said father murders an ultimately innocent man who shooting his son in the leg by accident. Both face My God, What Have I Done?, with the father drinking himself to death.
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  • The first two lines of Will Smith's "Just the Two of Us" have the singer as this.
    From the first time the doctor placed you in my arms
    I knew I'd meet death before I'd let you meet harm
  • The Irish folk song "My Son Tim", which dates to The Napoleonic Wars, tells of a sailor whose legs were blown off by a cannonball. When his father finds out about it, he vows to personally punish the rulers of the enemy states who harmed his son. (Though in some versions, it's his mother who makes this threat)
    And now I'll cross the ragin' main
    To the King of France and the Queen of Spain,
    And I'll make them rue the time
    That they shot away the legs of a child of mine!
  • Stolen City's video for the song "Faces" revolves around a transgender girl who gets beaten up by three bullies when they discover her secret. Throughout the course of the video, her father comes to accept her and walks back into the bar with her - giving each of the bullies a Death Glare, making it clear that they won't be picking on his daughter again.
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  • John O'Brien from Paul Shapera's The New Albion Radio Hour. A cyborg super soldier used by New Albion's oppressive government to eradicate rebels, he finds his daughter Constance in the line of fire during one of his missions. As soon as he recognizes her, he turns against the other soldiers and starts slaughtering them to keep her safe.


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