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In the House of Philosophy, there is a downplayed forum that's the equivalent of the Council of Cloudcuckoolanders. Occasionally, you get an oddball who makes up something really random like My left leg is a time lord, or something equally inane. Diana and anyone who decides to help sends them here. Here is where the roll of Grand Unifying Guesses are kept, the Pantheon roll is updated, and wild mass guesses are categorized and labeled. Visiting tropers will make claims about the future, make considerations concerning the past, or make odd remarks about things that make them scratch their heads. We could tell you about all the people who work here or make a good amount of contributions, but nobody ever reads the credits, so we'll just tell you the names of the patrons.


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The Main Trinity

    Haruhi Suzumiya 
Haruhi Suzumiya, Goddess of Gods and the Reset Button (The Unstoppable Force, O-Haruhi-sama)
  • Mad Overdeity
  • Symbol: SOS Dan Logo
  • Alignment: (Very) Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Tropes, Genki Girls, Aliens, Psionics, Time Travelers, Tsunderes, Hairstyles, Altering Reality
  • Domains: Creation, Chaos, Charm, Destruction, Envy, Mentalism, Tyranny
  • Followers: God, Calvin, Kolla Su
  • Haruhi holds multiple positions in the Pantheon because she keeps getting bored with her other positions.
  • She also holds domain over propositions that such and such is a god or whatever, simply because it's interesting.
    • In fact, she probably makes about half of these propositions herself.

    Shinji Ikari 
Shinji Ikari, All-God of Instrumentality

    The Doctor 
The Doctor, Lord of Time (The Last of The Time Lords, The Oncoming Storm, Ka-Faraq-Gatri, Destroyer of Worlds, The Raggedy Man, The Sainted Physician, The Lonely God, The Madman With A Box, Bane of Nightmares, Doctor Whooves, John Smith)
  • Time Lord
  • Symbol: A Police call box with slightly oversized windows. Also the Holy Sonic Screwdriver.
  • Alignment: Varies (Usually Chaotic Good, Neutral Good, or Lawful Good, sometimes Chaotic Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Adventure Towns, Alternate Universes, Magic Tools, Obfuscating Stupidity, Rubber Forehead Aliens, Time, Zeppelins
  • Domain: The TARDIS, and thus potentially anywhere and anytime
  • Followers: A list of them can be found Here, and the entirety of the TV Tropes Wiki could also count. Though he is stated to be the last of the Time Lords, many others have claimed that there still exist others of his kind. Even though he doesn't believe they really ARE Time Lords, he plays along anyway for laughs.
  • Most WMG'ers make a quick prayer to the Doctor by proposing a new Time Lord at the start of each new entry.
  • Can usually be found in the House of Time and Space.

    The God-Emperor of Mankind 
The God-Emperor of Mankind, God of THE FUTURE!
  • The God-Emperor of... yeah
  • Symbol: Imperial Crest, The Holy Chainsaw Sword
  • Alignment: Lawful Comatose
  • Portfolio: Crystal Dragon Jesus, Light Is Not Good, Kill It with Fire
  • Domains: Law, Tyranny, Chainsaws
  • Followers: Calvin/Frazz, Minus/Haruhi, Nightmare/Inferno, and all Digimon/Pokémon
    • In the past, people have believed the God Emperor was everyone from Jesus to Zasalamel.
  • Invoked when making a prediction saying that X is really Y in the past/future.
  • May be an alternate form of Shinji Ikari, but our minds are too screwed to figure it out.

    Joss Whedon 
Joss Whedon, God of Theory Negation
  • Greater Deity
  • Symbol: The Finger
  • Alignment: Snarky Neutral
  • Portfolio: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse
  • Domains: Fanon (in opposition to), Wit
  • Followers: People who don't mind getting their Fanon trampled on. And Hideo Kojima, who just likes to screw with people.
  • Some gods like it when mortals build up crazy theories... this guy isn't one of them.
  • Joss Whedon's ultimate enemy may be Ash's father, because there's nothing to disprove the theories about him(since we have no clue who he is).

    Ash's Father 
Ash's Father God of Epileptic Trees
  • Lesser Deity
  • Symbol: A literal epileptic tree.
  • Alignment: Unknown
  • Portfolio: Chekhov's Armoury, Everyone Is Jesus in Purgatory, Urban Legend of Zelda.
  • Domains: Not Appearing, Divorce, Crazy Theories
  • Followers: Professor Oak, Giovanni, Lugia, Aaron... The list just goes on forever.
  • Invoked when somebody proposes a theory that is too crazy for the other gods to handle.
  • No-one knows who he/she/it is. Some say that The End of the World as We Know It and the final battle between good and evil will occur when Mr Ketchum finally walks on stage. According to Word of God, he may appear, but it depends on the necessity to Ash's further maturity.

    The Question 
The Question, God of Conspiracy Theorists
  • Lesser Deity
  • Symbol: The Union Jack, because he thinks the members of the British royal family are really shapeshifting space lizards, and he wants to get on their good side.
  • Alignment: Lawful Chaotic Goo- No wait! The Anarchists are really being mind controlled by a clan of Buddhist Ninja Zombies! Make that Neutral Good.
  • Portfolio: Wrong Genre Savvy, Crazy Awesome, and ocassionaly I Knew It!.
  • Domains: Superheroes, Crazy Theories
  • Followers: Most people won't admit that they follow him, mostly because they think his clergy are really all Vampires in disguise, his altars are equipped with life-sucking devices, and that their phone companies secretly installed hidden cameras in their homes. They're right about that last one, but only by coincidence.
  • He seems to have a grudge against Rorschach. Most people think this because he thinks Rorschach stole his costume, but the real reason is that The Question thinks he's an Illumimanti spy.
  • Has theorized that Littlefoot agreed to grant Batman and The Avengers safe passage in return for a favor in the future, and that favor is the reason why My Little Pony has become highly proficient among the gods. Most of the gods just roll their eyes at such a ridiculous thought.
  • Goes through everyones trash.

Nabeshin God of Afros, Crazy Directing and Author Avatars
  • Greater Deity
  • Symbol: A large afro and a red jacket.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Gag Series, Author Avatar
  • Domains: afor warriors, directing while on LSD
  • Followers: everyone wants to be like him...except for Pedro
  • Invokes himself whenever you least expect him and proceeds to direct your life into chaos

    Derpy Hooves 
Derpy Hooves, Goddess of Ascended Extras and Muffins
  • Lesser Deity
  • Symbol: A muffin
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Occasionally Chaotic Good)
  • Portfolio: Ascended Extras, muffins, animation errors, being unintentionally destructive, mail delivery, caring mother
  • Domains: Food, Charity, Destruction
  • Allies: Pinkie Pie
  • Followers: Bronies, Unstoppable Mailmen
  • Said to have ascended after the bronies refused to allow her censorship.
  • Is now the official mailmare of the Pantheon, but several Houses (notably the House of Technology) refuse to let her in after several incidents involving her leading to destruction of valuable material. To be fair, she just doesn't know what went wrong.
  • Phoenix Wright once tried to talk to her regarding a trial, but Pinkie Pie had to constantly warn him about calling her by her name. It wasn't because it sounded's because she constantly changes it to one or the other, something Twilight Sparkle had to deal with when she tried to ask her about a trial.
  • Has an adorable little daughter named Dinky Hooves and woe be to anyone who harms her.
  • Nobody knows what to say of Auron's ridiculous yet awesome choice of choosing her as his mount.

Madotsuki, Goddess of Hikikomoris, Ambiguous Situations, and Freudian Horrors