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Time and Space

There isn't actually a House of Time and Space per se. All of the deities in it are always constantly hopping through space and time, whether it is to change the timeline, to better themselves, or just to go where no man has gone before. Either way, one would be hardpressed to find a deity from this house, as they are always in a different place at a different time, or as the deities of Time and Space would say, at every possible place at every possible time...

The sole building in the House's compound is the Watch Tower, which holds the staff of the Pantheonic Time Police, which monitors the timestream in the Pantheon and prevents its forced alteration. Considering the waste of space, the Watch Tower has since been moved to the vicinity of the Main House.

No, Poland cannot into this house.


And if you're looking for the Interdimensional Time Displacement Museum of the Multiverse, it's over by the Main House.

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The Overseers of Time and Space

They are the great wanderers of the vast space-time continuum.

    The Doctor 
The Doctor, God of Time Travel Stories and Time Shift Actors (Theta Sigma, Lord-President of Gallifrey, The Traveller from Beyond Time, The Sandman, The Last of The Time Lords, The Oncoming Storm, Ka-Faraq-Gatri; Destroyer of Worlds, Bane of Nightmares, John Smith, The Lonely God, Christo, The Sainted Physician, The Raggedy Doctor, The Man Who Gives Monsters Nightmares, The Madman with a Box, Predator of the Daleks, Doctor Who?, The War Doctor, The Valeyard, "Get Off This Planet", Basil, The Timeless Child, Dr. Hooves, Time Turner, The Stranger, and whole bunch more we don’t wanna mention)
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    The Living Tribunal 
The Living Tribunal, God of Guarding the Multiverse (Living Trinity, currently the Adam Warlock of Earth-19141)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The purple shroud surrounding his faces
  • Theme: Living Tribunal Double D
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Guarding Reality, ordering around The Powers Cosmic, Multiple Head Case, Absolute Power that's rarely used
  • Domain: Law, Balance, Time and Space, Justice
  • Second in Command to: The One Above All
  • Underlings: Eternity, Galactus, The Celestials
  • Allies: Eiki Shiki, The Spectre, The Endless, Primus, The Protectors of the Plot Continuum
  • Enemies: The Anti-Monitor, Darkseid, YHVH, Lord English, Fused Zamasu, Barbatos, Galeem and Dharkon, Hajun, Unicron, Lord Fuse, Sigma, any being who poses a serious threat to multiversal balance and order really
  • Opposes: Every other Hadou God, Nekron, The Daedric Princes
  • The Multiverse is a large place, and as such someone has to make sure it's safe. There are a number of multiversal guardians, but the Marvel Multiverse's official guardian is the Living Tribunal. Second only to The One Above All, the Living Tribunal keeps the balance of the various powers in creation and prevents any reality from becoming too powerful or any being from truly upsetting the balance. It's rare that something gets his attention, with even universe-level cataclysms often being below his notice, but his judgement is absolute and only scant few have ever avoided it.
  • Technically the second Living Tribunal. The original was slain by the Beyonders, so The One Above All chose an alternate Adam Warlock. It is unknown if the original was ever a mortal being or the successor to another. His three faces effectively serve as judge, jury and executioner. Known to few is the ever-covered fourth face, which reflect those who see it as a sort of cosmic mirror.
  • Is one of the most powerful members of the Pantheon. He is second only to his God (hinted to be Jack Kirby) in the Marvel multiverse, and is almost as powerful as the Four Alignment Overdeities. However, he rarely showcases this because of a fatal weakness: his heads need to be in agreement with one another to act. And whenever he's involved personally, the Living Tribunal has a harder time for some reason. Maybe it's down to having little combat skill, since he almost never needs it.
  • The Living Tribunal quickly became a co-worker with Eiki Shiki, who saw his massive power as a boon to the cause of justice. With their combined powers, almost no-one will dare try and rebel against the Court of the Gods. YHVH has tried to get him to work for him, however, he has declined. The reason? YHVH as a flagrant abuser of power, and upsets the balance of creation by tying it to. He and Eiki Shiki are working for a way of eliminating Him for power abuse, or at the very least make Him more manageable.
  • The Living Tribunals' antipathy towards YHVH has only grown upon his Eiki Shiki being co-leaders of the Magistrate Judges, in order to monitor YHVH and serve as an ethical center. While not looking favorably on him, he doesn't actively oppose Nekron, due to being a natural cosmic force who exist to defend/embody the natural darkness and void, he has warned the Lord of the Unliving not to push his luck. His opinion on Lucifer, however, remains undecided.
  • On good terms with the Endless, being cosmic entities who are fundamental constants like Death, Destiny etc. It's just he's far more introverted than them and only very rarely shows up in person. He generally acts indirectly, willing to destroy whole worlds to preserve trillions of lives (though as Doctor Strange has shown, he will listen to reasons against such extremes). He looks favorably on Primus, for being a force of benevolent while also knowing not to interfere all that much.
  • He is in contact with the Protectors of the Plot Continuum, who's work fits his own vision of cosmic balance and stability by hunting down irregularities like Mary Sues that'd throw it out of whack.
  • As per his role of Multiversal Guardian, The Anti-Monitor has placed him high on his list of opponents. The Living Tribunal is preparing to slay him once and for all. Others have proven serious threats to the safety and stability of the multiverse, such as Lord English and many within the House of Legendary Foes. Predictably, Zamasu is the most vocal about his critique of the Living Tribunal, calling him out by how rarely he intervenes. The Living Tribunal simply replied "your extremism shows why beings like me can't interfere too often".
  • Since the Throne overwrites and creates new laws of the entire multiverse, the Living Tribunal opposes those who sit on the Throne. He is not completely averse to change as he argued in favor of Galactus being the Lifebringer as opposed to Master Order and Lord Chaos demand that he remain the Devourer. However, they proceeded to kill him using the newly formed order to hit him when he's weak and justify their actions through it. Hajun is the one being the Living Tribunal is absolutely opposed to sitting on the Throne, as his Law would destroy all that is and ever shall be so Hajun can forever be left alone. Which is actually similar to The One Below All in motivation, actually.
  • Because Order and Chaos killed him while the cosmic order wasn't set in stone, the Living Tribunal has grown a distaste towards Galeem and Dhakron. They're very overbearing and destructive, and have proven to disrupt the balance of order and chaos on a multiversal level. He is interested in Ugo since he maintains divine ranks, though has yet to form a concrete opinion on him.
  • Though he is not contemptuous towards them as he is to Hajun, the Living Tribunal doesn't like most of the Hadou Gods as their Law hurts the mystic, moral and cosmic balances he exists to maintain. Mithra started the whole thing, and her Law is highly chaotic in practice. Nerose Satanel may have noble goals, but purges free will. Mercurius causes eternal stagnation in his eyes. Ren Fuji's Law is the only one he can tolerate.
  • The Living Tribunal dislikes the Daedric Princes on principle, though he does not consider them a serious and direct enough threat to creation compared to the likes of Zamasu and Barbatos that he has to intervene. His reasoning is that they are generally chaotic beings who had no hand in creation; this is in contrast to the orderly Aedra who sacrificed their power to take part in Mundus' form.
  • Despite his frustration towards the Throne, the Living Tribunal tolerates someone gaining ultimate power over their single universe. Just as long as they do not affect multiversal balance. He tolerated Thanos taking the Infinity Gauntlet because its range is limited to a single universe, and because he worked for it. For example, he does not have anything against Asura taking down Chakravartin, for example.
  • Unlike most other Gods of Pantheon, The Living Tribunal was actually glad to see the Celestials ascend. His reason is namely that Scathan the Approver, his own personal Number Two, now resides.

    Rosalina & Lumas 
Rosalina & Lumas, Overseers of The Stars (Rosetta & Chiko, The Cosmic Travellers)
Rosalina with a Luma
  • Greater Goddess (Rosalina); Lesser Deities individually, but can perform feats of greater status depending on how many come together (Lumas)
  • Symbol: A Power Star surrounded by a multitude of Lumas; alternatively the Comet Observatory
  • Theme Music: Rosalina's Theme (Super Mario Galaxy 2 Version); Comet Observatory 3; Luma
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Space, Stars
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Enemies: Bowser & Bowser Jr.
  • Enemies: Galeem & Dharkon, Unicron, The C’Tan, Planet Remina, The Sleeper, Thanos, Oryx, King Ghidorah, Majora, Lord Hater & Commander Peepers, Lord Dominator, Brainiac, Dark Matter Horde
  • Pities: The Admins
  • Uncertain Relations: Omni-Man
  • Once there was a little girl who encountered a strange star-shaped creature and the two went off on an intergalactic journey to search for the star’s mother. As the two traveled across the cosmos, the girl started to feel lonely without her mother, who might have been long dead by the time the star-shaped creature had appeared and thus, to fill the void left behind, the girl adopted these stars and they have since viewed her as their “mama”. This was how Rosalina and the Lumas originally met and since then, the two have traveled across the cosmos to keep them safe. When Bowser attempted to take over the galaxy, Mario would find The Comet Observatory, the home of Rosalina and the Lumas and with their help, was able to thwart Bowser’s cosmic scheme. Since then, Rosalina and the Lumas have gotten to meet up with Mario quite often even during recreational activities the plumber holds with his friends and frenemies.
  • The Comet Observatory managed to find its way to the Pantheon one day, resting near the main planet where many of the Pantheonic denizens resided at. At around that same time, Mario was going through different planets at his own leisure when he saw the Comet Observatory and decided to visit the place once more. He then met Rosalina and the Lumas, with Rosalina telling Mario that she learned of an interesting place in the stars that was stated to have many different galaxies connected to it, prompting her and the Lumas to see what it was. Not only was the Mushroom Kingdom connected to the Pantheon, but so were many other worlds that Rosalina had never heard of. As someone dedicated to watching over the cosmos and exploring them, Rosalina and the Lumas decided to watch over the galaxies of the Pantheon and ensure those places are safe from harm, though she has enough time to hang out with Mario and his friends during the Pantheon’s calmer days.
  • Lumas are star-shaped creatures who see Rosalina as their “mama” and have helped Mario on his journey through transforming into not just planets for him to explore, but different types of stars to give him more mobility. Some of the more notable Lumas include Polari, an elderly retainer for Rosalina, and Lubba, a large purple Luma who built Starship Mario for its namesake to use in his intergalactic travels. While the Pantheon had plenty of planetary bodies, there were a few notable ones that Rosalina and Luma took a strong liking towards. Mogo was one such unique planet given its sentient nature and it actively being a force for good in addition to having a serene landscape has given Rosalina and her Lumas plenty of reasons to keep it safe and prevent it from getting destroyed by potential adversaries. The Little Prince was someone who had a close association with a planet akin to Rosalina, prompting her and the Lumas to befriend him, especially since the Lumas are fascinating creatures to him.
    • Despite Rosalina and the Lumas maintaining good terms with many of the planets across the Pantheonic cosmos, there were a few planetary bodies that posed a great danger to others. Some dangerous entities present in the cosmos included Remina, a malevolent planet that eats others of its kind across the solar system, and The Sleeper, a comet capable of corrupting the world around itself, including those that get too close to it, something that Rosalina and the Lumas found to be far more deadly than any Prankster Comet that they have previously detected. One particularly troubling adversary for them was Unicron, a massive robot that can disguise itself as a planetoid and devastate galaxies by eating the planets that reside there. As such planets in the Pantheon include those that were originally Lumas, Rosalina knew that something like Unicron cannot exist and has done what she can with her allies' support to fend off his attacks. Such animosity extends to those such as Majora who are willing to drop different kinds of planetary bodies onto Earth so that they can destroy Earth for their own benefit.
  • As someone who is dedicated to watching over galaxies, Rosalina and the Lumas quickly took an interest towards others in the Pantheon who had a similar role as them such as the King of the Cosmos. Among those include Palkia, a Pokemon who embodies the concept of Space and is part of The Creation Trio that keeps Time and Space stable, with Rosalina frequently working alongside the Pokemon when it comes to the cosmos. Aurelion Sol was another godlike entity who watches over the stars and values them greatly, with Rosalina and Luma being among the cosmic characters that The Star Forger has respect towards. Rosalina and the Lumas’ friendship with those associated with the cosmos extended to those that aren’t explicitly cosmic in nature, but have a cosmic theme such as Lemres, who is known as the Comet Warlock and is fascinated with the sweet Star Bits and how they can make Lumas turn into planetoids.
  • There have been plenty of space travelers who have come across the Comet Observatory at one point or another. Wander and his sidekick Sylvia saw the place while looking for others in need of help and took a brief visit there, with Rosalina admiring the two for their dedication to helping others in various planets that are in trouble. She would also meet up with a team of space heroes known as the Guardians of the Galaxy at one point and would learn of the time where Star-Lord would learn of his father, who turned out to be a planet that wanted to take over the galaxy and the team had to destroy it. In spite of this rather strange story related to planets, she’s still willing to help them out whenever they cross paths with her. The Star Twinkle Precure was another team of space heroes that Rosalina has helped out a number of times, with Hikaru Hoshina being greatly enamored by the Lumas and the little stars enjoying her company as well.
  • Given that Bowser attempted to take control of the cosmos and that Rosalina and the Lumas helped Mario out in thwarting the Koopa King’s plan, she has plenty of reasons to keep an eye out on others in the Pantheon who had a goal similar to that of Bowser’s. While Bowser has since moved on to other ambitions and even had the time to participate in recreational activities that Mario and his friends (Rosalina included) are involved in, many of these galactic villains have conquest as their main objective and are very likely to surpass the power Bowser has, even taking his alternate forms into account, and it’s clear that Rosalina is going to be much tougher on them than she was towards Bowser. In addition to those that conquer parts of the galaxy such as Thanos, Lord Hater, and The Dark Matter Horde, there were plenty of figures who destroyed planets and wreaked havoc on the cosmos such as King Ghidorah and The C’Tan. One particular enemy that was a cause of alarm for Rosalina and the Lumas was Brainiac, who preserves knowledge for himself by destroying planets after shrinking them for “research”. The fact that Lumas can turn into planets after consuming enough Star Bits intrigued Brainiac and he’s set his sights on the planets closely associated with Rosalina to see if there’s anything of use for his greater ambitions, especially if there’s some mechanical aspect to it. Brainiac is someone who’s never taken lightly in the Pantheon and Rosalina has gotten help from powerful entities related to the cosmos to fend off Brainiac’s plans.
  • There are plenty of cosmic entities both good and evil in different ways that Rosalina learned about, but it’s a series of enigmatic characters known as The Admins that’s a rather unorthodox case in terms of how both parties view each other. Canopus serves as the top Admin of the ensemble and rules over the Four Factors that keep the cosmos stable, with Polaris and Arcturus being other admins that rule over the life cycle of a universe, and Arcturus being an interim Admin if one of them dies before their cycle is complete. As a whole, The Admins have access to extensive amounts of information about life, but their desire to maintain Order no matter what has led to conflict against those that oppose them. Rosalina isn’t involved with such a daunting war that the Admins are involved with, but she feels that their fatal dedication to keeping Order has led them to not fully appreciate the cosmos as much as she’d want. As someone heavily associated with the cosmos, Rosalina was one of the small number of people that The Admins are on good graces with and they have put in place measures to ensure her safety against those who threaten her line of work.
  • When Mario thwarted Bowser’s initial attempt at galactic conquest, a supermassive black hole was formed that required the Lumas to step in and sacrifice themselves to destroy it, resulting in a new universe being created. As Rosalina would later learn, there was a godlike entity that had to stop a similar black hole from consuming their universe, prompting her and the Lumas to find that character. They would eventually meet up with Ultraman King, who was the strongest member of a group of super-powered individuals known as Ultras and had to merge himself with his whole universe to stop Ultraman Belial’s Super Eradicator Bomb from destroying everything, forcing Ultraman King to put himself in a dormant state until everything was restored. While Rosalina’s role in watching over the cosmos was daunting as is, she’s aware that there’s others like Ultraman King who have a much larger commitment to keeping the world around them safe. Even so, the two have gotten along with each other fairly well considering what they had to go through and the similar actions taken to prevent their respective universes from being annihilated.
  • It isn’t clear if Rosalina’s mother was dead before or after she met the Lumas, but regardless, she had to accept that her mother was long gone before moving on with watching the cosmos alongside the Lumas. There were others in the Pantheon who had to cope with a deceased mother that Rosalina and the Lumas were able to sympathize with. Among such characters include Lucas, who had to endure an arduous journey following his mother’s death and had to contend with an enigmatic entity that was later revealed to be his brainwashed brother, and Ponette, who learned to accept that her mother was dead for a while after being in denial about it for a while. They, among others who have gone through the tragic loss of their mother, have listened to Rosalina’s story in the Comet Observatory at one point and can relate to her past very well.
  • The relationship between Rosalina and the Lumas can be seen as a surrogate family and the Pantheon had its share of characters who have taken to being surrogate familial figures to those they know quite well. The 00-Cyborgs was a surrogate family who Rosalina and the Lumas were supportive of given the team’s backstory of having tragic pasts of their own before fighting back against an evil group that wanted to use them for world domination and moving on to different adventures related to varying threats. Some of their adventures have taken the cyborgs to outer space and one such endeavor in the Pantheon led them to the Comet Observatory where Rosalina and the Lumas offered the team help in finding a galactic villain that wanted to conquer the many planets surrounding the Pantheonic world. As the cyborgs made their way to the villain’s lair, they took note of how the Lumas reacted to Rosalina and were aware of the surrogate dynamic she has with them. Once the villain was defeated, Rosalina promised to support them and that she’ll offer them aid should another challenging adventure in the cosmos await the cyborgs.
  • Omni-Man was one otherworldly entity who Rosalina is very unsure of in terms of what he’s gone through. Having served a dangerous extraterrestrial race of beings known as Viltrumites, Omni-Man was tasked with going to Earth so that the Viltrumite Empire can conquer it with his help as they have done with other worlds. While getting accustomed to Earth, Omni-Man developed a moral conscience thanks to his interactions with his wife and son, culminating with him turning against the Empire he used to work with. As Omni-Man is still working on trying to build trust among heroes in the Pantheon following his past actions, Rosalina found something to like about how a morally complex man was able to better himself thanks to family. That said, Omni-Man having enough power to destroy planets if he goes all-out was something that Rosalina was wary of and while she is hoping that Omni-Man can become a true hero, there is still concern on if planets will be destroyed and if Omni-Man will end up being as morally dark as he was in the past.
  • In addition to participating in various sporting-related events with Mario and the others, Rosalina was one of many different individuals who participated in the Smash tournaments not just with Mario and his closest associates, but with various other characters as well. The Lumas show up alongside Rosalina to provide a boost to her attacks, though they’re vulnerable to being attacked and can be rid of for a period of time until a replacement shows up. Being involved in these fights also meant that Rosalina had to team up with the other participants to stop Galeem and Dharkon from laying waste to the worlds around them. The number of victims caught in Galeem’s attack and the wide range of power it and Dharkon possess led Rosalina to see the two as extreme dangers to the cosmos and given how her abilities on her own weren’t enough to thwart Galeem’s initial attack, she is willing to take whatever help is needed, even from Bowser and Bowser Jr. who also fought against the two abominations, to prevent the Pantheon from falling into either Galeem or Dharkon’s grasp.

Pantheonic Time Police

While the Overseers of Time And Space travel and navigate timelines, it's their job to keep things stable. For additional details and other members and associates of the Pantheonic Time Police, click here.

Chronoa, Goddess of Correcting Distorted History (Supreme Kai of Time, Lord of Time, Kaioshin of Time, Time Kai, Master of the Time Nest, Halo Chronoa)
Power of Time Unleashed form 
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: Tokitoki, her magical pet bird
  • Theme Song: Standoff, Tokitoki in lighter moments
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, with some Lawful Good tendencies
  • Portfolio: Restoring Proper History via the Time Patrol, Little Miss Almighty, Cute Child Leaders Who are Actually Over 75 Million Years Old, Lonely at the Top, Squishy Wizards, Omniscient Morality License via Loophole Abuse, Sometimes Manipulative Brats but mostly Reasonable Authority Figures, Pink People, Small People in Charge, Lethal Chefs, Immortal Immaturity, Girls Who Like "Bad Boys"
  • Domains: Time, Godhood, Magic.
  • Herald: Tokitoki (see Symbol)
  • High Priest: The Beta Suiter
  • Followers: McDonald
  • Superior: Zeno (present and future)
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rival: Android 21
  • Enemies: Merged Zamasu, Cell, Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash, Dio Brando, Lord English, Goetia, The Vex, SHOCKER, Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, Lucifer, YHVH
  • Approved by: Chronos, Nozdormu, every good deity in the House of Time and Space
  • Annoyed by: Greed the Avaricious
  • Fears: Beerus, the freaking God of Destruction!
  • Opposes: Noximillien Coxen
  • Conflicting Opinion towards: Hibiki Kuze, The Dahaka
  • Good Counterpart to: Kronika
  • Chronoa is the Supreme Kai of Time, in charge of keeping the timelines together so that they do not create too many divergent points and in turn start unravelling the Dragon Ball multiverse. For this purpose, she created an organization called the Time Patrol based in Conton City (formerly Toki Toki City, named after her magical pet bird), a distant location in Universe 7 connected to the Time Nest.
  • The Time Patrol was organized mainly off the back of Future Trunks, who with his mother's time machine had travelled back in time and altered the course of the main timeline by warning the Z-Fighters about the android threat. She guilt-tripped him about committing the divine taboo and galactic crime of time travel and asked him to atone by serving at her side in her time-guarding duties, though she failed to inform him that, as the only being aside from Zeno's angels with the legal authority to cross through time, she was actually legitimizing his actions by doing so. Not only had she planned to deal with Cell herself (who had travelled back even further into the main timeline than Trunks himself did) and thus Trunks' actions worked out in her favor, his Time Patrol status placed everything he did under her umbrella.
    • Androids 17 and 18, the good versions at least, are grateful that she allowed them to become who they are by not deleting Trunks' initial changes in time. Ditto for 16, whose (re?)activation would not have happened otherwise.
  • Once news entered the Pantheon of the ascension of Eobard Thawne, an evil speedster whose M.O. involves going back in time to make people suffer, being aided by the Time Breakers as his followers, Future Trunks instantly sought out Thawne's famous arch-enemy Barry Allen and directed him to Toki Toki City to notify Chronoa. She used her power to enter the Pantheon and petition for a seat in short order in order to counterbalance Thawne, only for the meeting to be interrupted by Sailor Pluto via the Door of Space-Time. Pluto's request for her temple with the Gates of Time to be reinserted back into the Pantheon was then added to Chronoa's petition, gaining the approval of the Court of the Gods due to what Thawne did putting everyone on such heavy guard.
  • Naturally, she and Zamasu are completely opposed to one another. In a different version of the future timeline, it's Zamasu rather than Chronoa who intercepts Trunks' actions, and it becomes one of the rogue apprentice Kai's points of condemnation against mortals altogether, convincing Future Zamasu to align with Goku Black in the Zero Mortals crusade. Zamasu condemns Chronoa's delegation to Trunks and the rest of the Time Patrol as a mark of inaction and laziness in her duties, as well as a desecration of her godhood by allowing mortals to represent her. She, in turn, can't stand the evil that Zamasu visited upon her assistant and friend Trunks, nor how incredibly short-sighted and violently self-righteous he is. The only good that came of anything he ever did was the fact that it made Trunks more decisive and stronger here in the Pantheon.
    • Eventually their two lines crossed thanks to leftover historical distortions from the Time Breakers' efforts to raise the Demon World, resulting in several different alterations that the Time Patrol was forced to stop so that Zamasu couldn't kill Trunks. When Zamasu realized he hadn't killed all the remaining gods, he warned the Time Patrol that as soon as he finished with them and the Saiyans, the Supreme Kai of Time was next. Targeting the Time Nest even helped him maintain coherence in his Infinite state after his fused body was destroyed by Trunks... but then Zeno, the Omni King of their multiverse, destroyed him.
  • Is said to possibly be an alternate version of Chronos, the God of Time. The one in the Pantheon doesn't have an opinion on the subject but is one of many time deities who does approve that she continues to maintain the integrity of the Scroll of Eternity.
  • When Cell heard about Chronoa who would've come after him had Future Trunks not done so, he decided to enter her territory and try to attack her, only to be completely rebuffed by Trunks even in his perfect form.
  • She's a huge fan of Dialga, the Pokémon of Time who's taken on Trunks as a partner in the Pantheon, seeing Dialga as a less cute but more imposing and badass counterpart to Tokitoki. Because of this, she's inducted Dialga into her Time Patrol. They've also formed a healthy alliance with Sailor Pluto, sometimes including Sailors Chibi Moon and Saturn as well, partly out of gratitude for helping Setsuna get back her place in the Pantheon. She's also finally met Clockwork, who helped out Trunks on occasion since before she even ascended. However, she has no intention on joining forces with the Dahaka; while their goals do ultimately align and she appreciates its dedication to guarding the timeline, the Dahaka leaves no room for exceptions and cares little to nothing about good or evil, to the point of having even gone after Trunks as well as some friends of his.
    • The SHOCKER organization is on her team's radar as one of the most dangerous time travelling threats due to their propensity to use time manipulation to retroactively Take Over the World. Dio Brando is also a high priority threat due to his superior time-stopping abilities and pure evil ambitions of conquest.
  • Appreciates the contrast between Vegeta's efforts to train Trunks into becoming stronger and Bulma's doting over him to make sure he's okay, seeing the fact that they actually care about their son, and is grateful that they somehow managed to raise such a kind and dutiful young man. In turn, they both like that she's given the young master responsibility so that he doesn't get lazy and is able to continue tapping into his full potential, both as a warrior and otherwise.
  • In her own words, she is attracted to wild, tough, and handsome older men that are also open-minded. This explains her attraction to certain bad boy anti-heroes and wild cards such as Goku's father Bardock.
  • Her desire for friendship, which had partially led her to manipulate Trunks into her employ, now also attracts the attention of Teddie and Greed. She's cool with Teddie, but annoyed by Greed despite his also fitting her criteria for attractive men because she offered to give his bar some of her home-cooked meals, but he taste-tested it himself and told her it sucked. Speaking of which…
  • The Supreme Kai of Time is a dangerous cook. As in, her cooking is literally poisonously bad, but she thinks it's awesome. It has crippled Goku's fighting ability, triggered Beerus' destructive rage, given Pluto a bad case of indigestion for about ten days, and Trunks won't even talk about how badly a taste of her cooking affected him. However, almost no one has the guts to tell her to her face how atrocious she really is. When Greed did so without hesitation, she angrily summoned her Time Judgment cloud to shoot at him for close to four hours, during which he had to keep the Ultimate Shield over his head the entire time.
  • Made friends with Karen Minazuki after being introduced to each other by Setsuna. Karen, whose resolved to help lonely rich deities make friends, was soon able to tell that under her cheery demeanor Chronoa gets pretty sad when Trunks isn't around and has resolved to hang out with her whenever possible.
  • The idea that only certain people deserve to live or everyone has to be a certain way reminds her too much of Zamasu, hence why she has no patience for Red Skull and YHVH. The Vex is even worse in this regard, as they feel that they and they alone deserve to live and they wish to corrupt space and time to take over reality itself. Also hates Lucifer due to manipulating and corrupting a fellow time-based deity for his own twisted goals.
  • Goetia is particularly disturbing to her, as his corrupting demonic god nature and his plans to destroy and reshape everything seems too much like those of her former friend turned Arch-Enemy, Demon God Demigra. She even wonders if he may have secretly corrupted Demigra into becoming such a horrible villain in the first place.
  • The original heroic Time Lord, The Doctor, occasionally pops by to give her team a hand with certain threats; particularly if Trunks and Dialga's full attention is already being demanded by a separate issue OR they're being overwhelmed by the threat in question. Lord English is very frequently the opportunist in the former scenario and his mastery of manipulating stable time loops to destroy worlds is so deadly she's trying to find a way to seal that monster in the Crack of Time. Though she knows he's destined to fall into the dustbin of history, she's still not taking any chances with how much damage he'll do on the way there. Thankfully, he and Zamasu both hate each other as much as they hate everyone else, so they WON'T be teaming up.
  • Is a bit mixed regarding Hibiki Kuze. He and his friends have constantly rewound time, which she doesn't particularly like, but only to alter history in which their world's humanity would go extinct thanks to the Administrators. He's kinda similar to Trunks, except fairly more extreme, definitely more smug, and disconcertingly cool with both Lucifer and YHVH.
  • Following the events of two wars they had with the Time Breakers in which Bardock inadvertently helped out with their mission both times, she's decided to take him on as a Herald. Knowing that he's still a Blood Knight above all else, she also needed the help of a High Priest who could travel back and undo any damage he might cause, so she then whisked a certain agent scientist in a time suit out of a Temporal Paradox. Not too long afterward, Bardock ascended to the Pantheon proper. Whis and Beerus find this arrangement amusing.
  • Shortly after that Chronoa was made a part of Chronormu's petition to move out of her subhouse, along with Trunks and Pluto, into a primary position in the House of Time and Space as the Pantheonic Time Police. She was honored that Chromie had considered her this highly and glad to be able to further cement her alliance with Pluto.
  • Chronoa has revealed a more powerful form in which she ages herself to physical adulthood… and manifests the same halo as Merged Zamasu. The rest of the pantheon isn't sure what to think about this.

Chronormu, Goddess of Casual Time Travel (Chromie, Keeper of Time)
Click here to see her dragon form 
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess in her Dragon form)
  • Symbol: A Sandclock
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, but she comes of as Neutral Good most of the time
  • Portfolio: Being in charge of keeping the Timelines in check, Taking the form of a Gnome while being a bronze dragon and kicking ass while at it, Gender-Blender Name, Meeting lots of people while time travelling, Odango Hair, Time Master, Sand-based magic
  • Domains: Time, Gnomes, Dragons, Time Preservation, Magic
  • Superior: Nozdormu
  • Allies: Alexstrasza, Ysera, Chronoa, Future Trunks, Dialga, Setsuna Meioh/Sailor Pluto, The Doctor, Emmett L. Brown, Marty McFly, Clockwork, Rika Furude, Oyashiro, Nanako Dojima, Lena Oxton/Tracer, David the Gnome, Gnome Chompski, Gaara, Crixalis
  • Enemies: Deathwing, Nefarian, Garrosh Hellscream, Dio Brando, Porky Minch, Enrico Pucci, Bernkastel, Xehanort
  • Conflicting Opinion: Homura Akemi
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Dahaka, Brightwing
  • Chronormu, better known as Chromie, is a bronze dragon tasked with keeping the timelines in check. To do this, she normally travels in time almost every day and she basically does that so often that she got used to it.
    • The reason as to why she arrived to the Pantheon was because she was searching for her boss, Nozdormu, who got lost one day (which ended in him getting ascended). Chromie was glad that Nozdormu was safe and was ready to return to her duties, but her boss convinced her to stay in the Pantheon. She was offered a spot in the House of Time and Space (which wound up more specifically in its Time Manipulation subhouse) to keep an eye on the numerous deities there given that Nozdormu was located in another house.
    Chromie: Time and Space? Oh it's all the same to me.
  • Many don't really know that she is actually a dragon in disguise, to the point that no even Ornstein knows about it. Chromie explains that she is really comfortable with her gnome form:
    Chromie: When you spend most of your existence as a colossal scaly dragon, sometimes it's nice to be small and cute, you know.
  • Her job consists of overseeing the different timelines and check that they flow correctly. That's why she has to constantly deal with various deities who want to change it for their own selfish reasons. So far, she has put down a list of most of the deities that she will have to deal with at some point.
  • The Pantheon really intrigues Chromie on how it's supposed to work. She is banging her head in trying to understand it better but she tends to forget what Uther told her when she ascended.
    Chromie: This Pantheon is so peculiar. Characters who are alive but should be dead, others from strange alternate timelines. You know, when I discover who's tampered with the timestream, they're gonna be sorry!
  • She quickly befriended Rika Furude after hearing of her ordeal, which she really feels sorry for. Chromie is glad that she isn't the only one that expresses concern for Nozdormu and she sometimes secretly aids Rika in trying to convince him to change some of his ways.
    • Although Rika has a feeling of uncertainty with Chromie, given that she sounds really similar to Miyo Takano.
    • She also promised Rika that she will personally take care of Bernkastel. Her constant manipulation of the timestreams is one thing the dragon won't tolerate.
  • Being constantly traveling through time, Chromie feels that she already knows everyone in the Pantheon. She is worried that people might want to berate her for underpaying some adventurers and probably not remembering that.
    • People tend to believe that she is a little spaced out. This is because she is usually overseeing all the timelines and that makes her space out sometimes.
  • She is really good friends with Tracer, and she offered the former Overwatch agent her aid while they are in the Nexus.
    Chromie: Oh, I've seen this before! You're Unstuck in Time! I can fix that, you know.
  • She is also reluctant around Brightwing, as the Faerie Dragon tried to eat her more than once, even if they're in the same team whenever they're in the Nexus.
    Chromie: Hi, Brightwing! You do remember that I'm not food, right?
  • She really doesn't like how the Dahaka approaches those who defy their destiny but because of the orders of her boss, she usually has to work with him. That doesn't mean she has to get along with him.
  • No, even though she is named Chronormu, she is not a male dragon. Get your Bronze dragon facts straight!
  • Gets along with the God of Gnomes David. The latter thinks that she is an actual Gnome and often invites her to hang out with Gnome Chompski. She usually accepts because David is such a Nice Guy to her. (Although she heard rumors that he actually slaps people's shit when pissed off, so she is careful around him.)
  • She befriended the young Nanako Dojima, particularly because the little girl sounds a lot like her. She tries to be like a Cool Big Sis to her but Nanako can hardly take her seriously, because they are both about the same size. (She hasn't seen Chromie's dragon form.)
  • Chromie's magic is mostly made of sand, and it's very powerful to boot. This in turn made her befriend Gaara and Crixalis, who are also known to control sand as well.
  • She was the first of her Dragonflight lucky enough to enter the Nexus, even before Nozdormu himself. She is really glad that she gets to have some time off her duties, since she hardly can take a break.
  • She once stumbled upon a timeline where she became the queen of the Fel Drakes. How did this happened is beyond her.
  • Since the Pantheon has entrusted her to oversee the timestream of the Pantheon, she decided to form a group that would help her control the timelines. Trunks volunteered himself to give her a hand. Over time he formed a partnership with the legendary Temporal Pokémon Dialga, brought in his Time Patrol boss, the Supreme Kai of Time, and helped Sailor Pluto reestablish her temple with more importance than before, along with several associates in other houses willing to back them up. Realizing that she finally had her team, Chromie successfully petitioned to move herself, Trunks, Chronoa, and Pluto out of their subhouses into the primary section of the House of Time and Space, officially making them the Pantheonic Time Police.
  • "Here We Go Again!!"

    Future Trunks 
Trunks, God of Badasses From the Future (Future Trunks, Trunks Brief, Mirai Trunks, Alternate Timeline Trunks, Time Patrol Trunks, Xeno Trunks, Commander Trunks, Princess Trunks, Broly's Wife, Big Me [by his past counterpart])
Trunks: Xeno 
His appearance in Dragon Ball Super 
All that Super Saiyan Rage… 
  • Greater God (borderline Overdeity when using Super Saiyan Rage, especially when fueled with the power of his allies)
  • Symbol: His Sword next to the Capsule Corp logo.
  • Themes: Battle Point Unlimited, Mysterious Youth, Mind Power... Ki, Hikari no Willpower (Fauxchestral Battle Mix), The Lone Warrior, Heroic Battle
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Badass Child of a Bad Future, Did He Just Slice and Destroy Freeza?, Last of His Kind, Bishōnen, Mr. Fanservice, Heroic Bastard, Adaptational Badass, Getting Shit Done as Quick and Sensible as Possible, Half-Human Hybrid, Breakout Character, Roaring Rampage of Revenge, Would Hit a Girl, Troubled, but Cute, Getting Stronger in the Past, Genius Bruiser, Nice Guy, The Apocalypse Brings Out the Best in People and Builds Their Character, Time Police, Destroying Any Threats Towards Time
  • Domains: Peace, Time, Conflict, Good, Knowledge, Strength
  • Followers: Nobita, Chris Halliwell
  • Herald: Future Mai (his girlfriend). He intended for Future Gohan and Future Bulma to be heralds as well, but was warned of the potential temporal anomalies that could happen as a result.
  • Superior: Chronoa
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Angelo (only because they look very similar)
  • Enemies:
  • Alternate Timeline Counterpart: To Present Trunks
  • Pitied by: Present and Future Zeno
  • In the originally destined future timeline of the Dragon Ball multiverse, Dr. Gero activated Androids 17 and 18 directly instead of making use of 19 or turning himself into an Android. It didn't make any difference to his lifespan, as they turned on him and killed him. What it did affect, however, is the nature of the twins. Programmed to hate humanity rather than focus on killing Goku, who had fallen prey to a mysterious heart virus, 17 and 18 exhibited far more sadistic personalities, terrorizing the humans of Earth and the Dragon Team on a series of sporadic killing sprees for nearly 20 years. Of the Dragon Team, only three survivors existed — Bulma, Gohan, and Bulma's son with Vegeta; Trunks.
    • Gohan taught Trunks how to fight, while Bulma created a time machine capsule hoping to travel back to the past and hopefully get help from Goku. When his mentor was finally killed by the Androids, the furious pain of loss allowed Trunks to subconsciously trigger his Super Saiyan power for the first time. After getting some training with it and failing to beat the Twins, the time machine was completed. He traveled back three years prior to the Android assault and gave Goku both a heads-up as to the terrible coming threat and a medicine for the heart virus. Presumably because of this visit (as well as that of Cell, which he later learned about on his second trip), everything changed, from the Dragon Team's readiness to the Androids' strength and even their own mentality. Thus, the one now known to us as Future Trunks is arguably responsible for the current main timeline.
  • Has a special relationship with his biological father which developed through his second visit across time. At first Vegeta didn't care about him at all and Trunks in turn found the man's arrogance nigh-intolerable. After training with him in the Hyperbolic Chamber of Spirit and Time, he found that there was true honor in Vegeta's pride — but also found the strength to openly defy and attack him when their goals were briefly at odds. The Teeth-Clenched Teamwork resumed from then on through the Cell Games until Trunks was impaled with a Finger Beam from Super Perfect Cell, which shocked Vegeta into finally outwardly caring for his son as he lashed out in a futile furious ki assault against Cell, then returned to the fight and provided the necessary distraction for young Gohan to win their beam struggle and destroy the "Perfect" being. After being revived and told all about Vegeta's flurry, Trunks returned to his time with a new respect for his father.
    • This development only continued when he returned in response to a new threat, to a point in which Vegeta had fundamentally changed into a better man. Vegeta encouraged him not to give up when things looked bleak, treated him to a Dare to Be Badass so he could become stronger and not lose to anyone, and even helped him look after Future Mai and the rest of the Resistance in addition to fighting alongside him and Son Goku against Goku Black.
  • Trunks had initially contacted Emmett L. Brown to design and create a time machine for him. However, upon seeing how it would function Trunks believed the machine was too risky to use… and he also isn’t a fan of cars from the 1980s.
  • Although Homura and Trunks occasionally butt heads when it comes to how many times one should travel back in time, they both agree that if they can get the right ending in at least one of the timelines they enter, it’s worth it. Vegeta, having heard of her and exactly what she did to get her "right ending", is not exactly keen on accepting this commonality.
  • Trunks is currently teaching martial arts and swordsmanship to Marty McFly so that if Marty were to travel back in time again and is challenged to fight, he'll be prepared.
  • After Trunks' sword was broken by Android 17 & 18, he made a quick trip to Kyle Reese’s timeline to see if he could repair it. Kyle was unsuccessful due to not being able to find the right materials. However, the two were able to bond over their past adventures, and Trunks paid Kyle a small tribute as thanks for the time before taking his leave.
    • He then went to Future John Conner’s timeline; the results were more productive due to John's greater knowledge of engineering. As a way of showing gratitude, Trunks helped him destroy all the Terminators and saved John’s timeline. They became best friends ever since then and visit each other every now and then.
  • Trunks, having admiration for the great lengths that Kessler goes to save the world, decided not to reveal to him the fact that alternate timelines exist, so he wouldn’t become obsessed with the other timelines that exist and create havoc in the space-time continuum.
  • Trunks thought of creating a time patrolling squad that would right the wrongs in history but was saddened to discover that the idea had already been done. However, the opening still existed in his universe...
  • During one of Trunks' travels to a timeline in the 21st century New York, he grew to hate the city, due to the fact that there were many people using smartphones and tablet computers.
  • When he returned to his timeline and effortlessly killed Android 17 & 18 and Cell, during the process of rebuilding cities all over the world he made sure that stores that sell bacon were not rebuilt.
    • Although, he was forced to leave a few of them rebuilt when Goku found out about it. To say that he was angry and hungry was... a bit of an understatement.
  • Was initially extremely opposed to main timeline 17 and 18's ascension into the Pantheon, and had to be convinced that they were different from the ones that destroyed his world, being far more virtuous and even settling down with families and helping to save the world. He tolerated it but refused to support it, and added the condition Hell Fighter 17 from the Dragon Ball GT timeline would not ascend with them so that Super 17 couldn't be created. They agreed to this. Super 17 would be created anyway thanks to Aghanim's Scepter, but since an evil clone wasn't involved and it was still all Lapis, the only being 17 would terrorize was Cell. This and another incident in which 17 and 18 decided not to kill or torture Hansel and Gretel for fruitlessly attacking them helped him see that they were different even before he had his epiphany (see below).
  • Trunks has already aided the Z Fighters in the past through time travel and defeated Future Cell by this point, however, even if it was for the protection of Earth's peace, the act of using the Time Machine is ultimately a violation of the laws of the universe (this has also accidentally confirmed that the Dragon Ball universe runs on Multiverse Theory, as his future remained bad). When used, a time paradox occurs and multiple divisions are produced, causing the formation of different histories. The Lord of Time gave Trunks a stern warning for his actions. In order to atone for his mistakes, Trunks took up the job of Time Patrol.
    • Upon taking this job Trunks became much less reckless and hot headed, as he was in the main timeline, and more honorable and compassionate. He's also worked together with Clockwork on occasion since continuing his Time Patrol duties within the Pantheon, and offered to give Chronormu a hand forming a team for her duties as the Keeper of Time.
  • Became a Super Saiyan 3 in an alternate time after seeing Majin Buu killing innocent humans by turning them into candy and eating them. Super Saiyan 3 Future Trunks effortlessly sends Majin Buu to the sky with just a few slashes from his sword, right before using his Super Buster Cannon to defeat Buu.
  • He has joined forces with Silver the Hedgehog and Lucina, when they all realized how similar their histories were. The three of them have formed a bond and promise to aid each other. He and Silver have been among the allies helping Lucina stave off the assault of the neutral time-guardian entity The Dahaka.
  • Tragically, his future has once again been brought to ruin, except this time multitudes worse than anything the Androids ever did, by a new threat emerging in his timeline. The course of events that ensued/were revealed through his struggle against this sudden enemy came with a litany of ironies.
    • Number one, the threat looked like and called itself Son Goku, effectively being an evil knockoff of the hero he called a friend. Furthermore, this turned out to be the result of a rogue Supreme Kai apprentice, the Kais being gods of creation in the Dragon Ball multiverse, stealing Goku's body in an alternate version of the main timeline — then joining forces with his own counterpart in Trunks' timeline, who became immortal with a wish.
    • Number two, it was during his return to the past to get help from this threat that he learned to finally completely disassociate the main-time Androids from his original enemies, seeing 18 happy together with Krillin and realizing that the Twins were part of the changed world which his intervention had created. He's on better terms with them after that, but still keeps a close eye on them in the Pantheon to make sure they don't get replaced by their evil time counterparts.
      • Another side-effect of this trip was that Trunks and his younger time counterpart, who he'd previously first met as a baby and then encountered periodically in the Pantheon in a tense relationship of mutual annoyance, wound up understanding each other and forming a true bond over the course of the struggle. That they were each attracted to counterparts of the same girl and vice versa was another matter altogether, which caused much more comedic hassle for the younger Trunks and Mai than the older ones. When older Trunks finally paid attention to this he straightened it out in little time.
    • Number three, despite going to Goku and Vegeta for help, it was Trunks who became powerful enough to surpass the evil fallen god. Through his anger at all the destruction and judgment being doled out by this evil god both before and after the counterparts merged into one, with an assist from the power and will of his loved ones and allies, his sword became a physical Spirit Bomb capable of skewering the evil god's fused body. Unfortunately, this would not be the last he saw of his enemy...
      • ...since one of the evil god's components had obtained immortality, enabling him to merge himself with the entire Dragon Ball multiverse after being vivisected. The evil god completely engulfed Trunks' timeline and even threatened other timelines, forcing Goku to call in Grand Zeno to completely delete his timeline, and a divergent alternate of said timeline had to be created for him and his companion Mai where Beerus was pre-warned about everything and destroyed the Fallen Kai in advance.
      • And even that wasn't enough, because thanks to the Grand United Alliance of Destruction's efforts, MOTHERFUCKING ZAMASU IS BACK. IN HIS MERGED FORM.
      Trunks: DAMN IT! Are we ever gonna be done with this bastard!?
  • The Trunks who joined the Time Patrol and the Trunks who fought Zamasu are actually two divergent versions of Future Trunks, their main difference being standard hair color (lavender vs. cyan) and which Supreme Kai's attention his machinations caught. The Pantheon's Future Trunks has the memories and combat experience of both, as well as the heightened power of the latter, thanks to the magic of the House of Time and Space. This has made him particularly valuable to the good-aligned deities of time as well as dangerous to the evil/chaos-aligned deities.
  • A huge misconception exists that Brief, his grandfather's given name, is his family's surname. He's only recently had the chance to start addressing this.
  • Following the destruction of his own timeline, he once commiserated with Tatsuya Suou, who has endured a similar experience.
  • With Eobard Thawne forcing his way into the Pantheon and it being confirmed that the Time Patrol's main enemies, the Time Breakers, helped him do so, Trunks was finally convinced that it was time to bring the Supreme Kai of Time into the Pantheon. He took Barry Allen with him to see Chronoa at her Time Nest, and the three of them agreed to go petition the Court of the Gods to give her a seat presiding over the correction of history. They ended up being joined by another ally, Sailor Pluto, who was looking to bring her temple guarding the Door of Space-Time back into the Pantheon after sensing the disturbances caused by Thawne's entry and battles with Barry. Her request to return as a representative of Time Police duties was added to their petition; both terms were agreed to, since the Court found it necessary to send a message to Thawne and his "followers" that they would be kept in line.
    • Since then the Time Patrol has kept a close partnership with the likes of Pluto, her closest fellow Sailor guardians Saturn and Chibi Moon (the latter of whom he was already friendly with even though she took one of his titles), The Doctor, and even Android 16, who Trunks had reactivated in a separate vision of his timeline. Chronoa has also taken a shine to Trunks' Pokémon partner Dialga and officially inducted the Temporal Pokémon into the Time Patrol. He's considering getting her to bring in Silver and Lucina, but hasn't brought the subject up yet.
    • This act incidentally wound up creating Chronormu's team, as Chromie and her boss Nozdormu very much approved of both Pluto and Chronoa, not to mention the multitude of allies outside the House of Time and Space that were now backing them. She was finally able to get Trunks, Chronoa, and Pluto moved out of their subhouses, creating a new primary section in the House as the Pantheonic Time Police.
  • Is NOT a fan of Broly's personality change. It all came about when Vegeta offhandedly tells Broly to mate with him in order to propagate the Saiyan race without his consent. When untransformed, Broly shows an awkward crush. But as the Legendary Super Saiyan… well...
  • As a Saiyan, he has earned the ire of the Tuffle parasite Baby. Said ire was returned equally when Trunks discovered his alliance with Merged Zamasu.
  • Despite having accepted the reformation of the Android twins, Trunks couldn't help but be shocked at 17 becoming the self-sacrificial MVP that saved the multiverse in the Tournament of Power.
  • Has been making sure to remind Chronoa that Bardock is married ever since he became an ally of the Time Patrol, especially after Chronoa made him her herald and created headway towards his ascension.

Embodiments of Time and Space

    The Creation Trio 
Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina, Embodiments of Time, Space, and Antimatter (Dialga: The Temporal Pokémon, Primal Dialga | Palkia: The Spatial Pokémon | Giratina: The Renegade Pokémon, Discord)
From left to right: Palkia, Giratina, and Dialga
  • Greater Gods
  • Symbol: The Adamant, Lustrous, and Griseous Orbs, respectively.
  • Theme Song: Dialga/Palkia Battle at Spear Pillar!, Battle! (Giratina), Dialga's Fight to the Finish!, Palkia's Onslaught!
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral with hints of Good (Primal Dialga is Chaotic Evil)
  • Gender: Genderless
  • Abilities: Pressure (normal), Telepathy (Hidden), Levitate (Origin Giratina)
  • Moves:
    • Dialga: Roar of Time, Flash Cannon, Aura Sphere, Thunderbolt
    • Palkia: Spacial Rend, Hydro Pump, Aura Sphere, Fire Blast
    • Giratina: Shadow Force, Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Shadow Sneak
  • Portfolio: Cosmic Entities, control of astral concepts, draconic design, powerful creatures with red eyes
  • Domains: Legend, Creation, Time, Space, Antimatter
  • Allies: Arceus, Eternity, Hareta, Yog-Sothoth (as Aforgomon)
  • Enemies: Cyrus, the Incubators, the Anti-Monitor
  • Conflicting Opinions: Hoopa, Chuggaaconroy (all of them)
  • Monstrous Counterpart to: Yog-Sothoth (Giratina)
  • Though the titles of Time and Space were already taken, no one wanted to deny these entities the right to be in the Pantheon. They agreed to let the current holders keep their title, and decided to covet the very concepts of Time and Space for themselves.
  • Their temple is known as Spear Pillar, and it resides at the top of a mountain. The summit houses portals to the trio's home dimensions, which they mostly reside in. It is also known to be the only place in which Giratina can be seen in its natural "Origin" Forme. Some have decided to battle atop there, prompting Dialga and Palkia to interrupt the fray with their time-slowing and space-ripping.
    • Palkia has also been seen interrupting other fights by reversing the battlefield's gravity, alongside Giratina and its DragonBreath.
  • Dialga opposes many of the evil gods in the House of Time and Space, and it tries its best from letting them tamper with the flow of time. It's done well in its efforts, but it's rather confused on how Diavolo's power works. The good members, on the other hand, try their best to keep Dialga's mentality up, or else they end up with Primal Dialga.
    • Palkia meanwhile is getting rather pissed at Shirakawa's general space-dickery and Valentine's power abuse, and while he isn't much of a threat, faces similar problems with Tabuu.
  • One of Giratina's Berserk Buttons is calling it a Satanic Archetype. As such, it greatly opposes the efforts of Grima; while Giratina keeps things in check, Grima tries to destroy everything.
  • Giratina owes Shaymin its life after Shaymin saved it. It considers Shaymin a valuable ally, and will fight anyone who tries to harm it.
  • Several have compared Palkia to Mara. Needless to say, Palkia is less than amused at these comments.
  • Arthas attempted to bind Giratina as an undead servant. The attempt failed and while no alliance between Giratina and any holy force opposing Arthas has been formed, Sylvanas has gladly allied with Giratina.
  • Giratina is rather confused at the Mob comparing it to Discord, and would rather not be compared to the reality warping Mad God.
  • All three are opposed to Kyubey, as its actions put the balance of their domains at risk. They also have contempt for the Anti-Monitor for similar reasons, Giratina especially.
  • Giratina's form depends on the gravity of it's current location. In the Distortion World (or Reverse World if we go by the anime) or in certain parts of Cyberspace, it's in it's Origin Forme, but if the gravity is stable, it's in it's Altered Forme. Holding the Griseous Orb allows it to retain Origin Forme regardless of the gravity.
  • Similarly to the Elemental Trio of Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza, there is one god that all three of the Creation Trio fear: Chuggaaconroy. Those fears became realized when the Gaming god captured Giratina IN A HEAL BALL. While not quite as humiliating as being captured in a Nest Ball at high health like Groudon, the fact that he was captured in a bright pink, shiny ball has become somewhat embarrassing for the god of antimatter. That being said, Giratina does appreciate the compliments that Chuggaa heaped on it, and the gaming god himself commented on how difficult it was to conquer it.
    • And then Dialga and Palkia got captured in both a Luxury Ball and another Heal Ball. At this point, it goes without saying that Arceus is freaking out about when the Gaming god is going to battle it face-to-face. Much to the Creation Trio's relief, Arceus had the right mind to run away whlie he had a chance.
  • Surprisingly, they are all good friends of Hareta, as he not only stopped Cyrus' plan of using Dialga and Palkia to reset the world just to become a god, but also for managing to calm down Giratina by healing them when they were low on health before aiding them in a pokemon battle royale just so he could learn more about him. They see Hareta as one of their most noteworthy followers and have named him their second in command besides their own partners.

Ambiguous Rank

    Grandfather Paradox 
Grandfather Paradox, Living Embodiment of the Grandfather Paradox (The Voodoo Priest of the House of Lungbarrow, The Ghost of Christmas Cancelled, Everything You Swore You'd Never Let Yourself Become)
Illustrated by Martin Geraghty

Chronos, God of Clock Punk, is greatly associated with this House, especially those who are in relation with time, and takes great offence to those who would abuse those powers.


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