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Pantheon / Revenge and Retribution
aka: Vengeance

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Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Home to probably the most resentful people you can imagine, The House of Revenge and Retribution is not a very friendly place at all. Those who inhabit this place have very personal reasons to pursue revenge on their wrongdoers, regardless if it's right or wrong.

It also has close ties with the Hall of Anger and the House of Hatred and Rancor given the shared emotions between these three houses. In fact, many deities from the previously mentioned places have moved here and still wander there from time to time.

This house has the direct opposition of most Good-aligned members of the House of Law and Justice. While both houses share the same idea, the latter doesn't condone the actions that some members may take to gain the revenge they want.

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The Harbingers of Revenge

    Alfred Borden and Robert Angier 
Alfred Borden and Robert Angier, Dual Gods of Repeated Vengeful Acts (Borden: The Professor, Freddy Borden, his real identity | Angier: The Great Danton, Lord Caldrow for his new identity)
L-R: Alfred Borden, Robert Angier
  • Quasideities
  • Symbols: The Transported Man poster, alternatively two identical top hats
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Two magicians who desire the perfect magic trick, dedicated their lives to out-tricking each other
  • Domain: Magicians, Revenge, Illusions and Details, Clones and Twins, Obsession
  • (Assumed) Associates: Nikola Tesla, Abra Kadabra
  • Banned from: The sub-House of Clones and Counterparts and House of Love and Affection
  • Rivals: Each other
  • Opposed by: Most stage magicians, especially The Wright Anything Agency (particularly Trucy, Apollo and Athena), Zatanna Zatara, Oscar Diggs and Kaito Kuroba, Rynn Jacobs
  • Alfred Borden and Robert Angier were two simple stooges of a magician who slowly grew into the art of magic. Once great friends, a mistake occurred that resulted to the fatal drowning of Angier's wife, causing a rift between the two with the blame going to Borden for the latter's knot being responsible for her not being able to escape. Following the split, the once amicable magicians became sworn enemies, each staging their careers and attempting to one-up each other in their tricks. For each advancement in one's trick, the other would use unsavory tactics, either from espionage to intimidation of personnel. After multiple tries, cloning and twin trickery, and the eventual arrest of Borden was there finally peace, until a bullet ended Angier's life, thus proving that Borden is still alive but two things still persist, the cost to end his revenge, and which Angier did he exactly kill.
  • While the trick of the Transported Man has not been attempted for a long while, it did not take long till a sudden arrival attracted a large crowd within the House of Magic and Sorcery, attracting many of the Pantheon commoners to see such a magic trick come to life. What they were greeted was a man in a suit, of which he demonstrated the effectiveness of the trick, using one trap door, himself and viola, the Transported Man was done. Without divulging any details that may have exposed it, the trick was done and everyone was pleased. The next day would arrive and another iteration of the Transported Man was scheduled on the same venue, where a different magician was eager to show his performance, somehow longer than the former trick. After the trick, many people were puzzled about the trick but clapped nonetheless. It was not till 30 minutes after the show where a shot was heard outside the hall, where a man was found clinging to life, found out to be Robert Angier, on the ground. Above him was the shooter, Alfred Borden, who ended the façade of which his former-friend-turned-rival tried to rob him of his prestige. Unfortunately for them, their presence in the Pantheon had already marked their ascension and right after the day of arrest, Angier was found alive, with his scientific secret hidden within his temple.
  • Magic can be seen as a serious business to some, and it does not have to be exclusive to extravagant magic, sometimes it can come from an "artistic" version, such as what these two magicians have done with their careers. When combined with some personal grudges however, things can get heated and at times, very questionable acts start popping up within their livelihoods. To say that the two magicians are not done with their rivalry is an understatement, as their ascensions means their business with each other is not done and after the rivalry that costed various amounts of clones and the death of a twin brother, their bitter hatred for each other and their stunts have not receded one bit. Neither side seems to be back down either, so their temple is partially split, a request from the House of Revenge and Retribution right after the papers were signed.
    • Right after their temple placement, they would be greeted with not one, but two House bans. The subhouse of Clones and Counterparts are among the biggest oppositions to the two of them, seeing how their revenge killed off many clones, courtesy of Angier showing how far he is willing to go to best his rival. Borden was not excused however, as he was responsible for killing off his actual twin by sacrificing him to his crime in order to reunite with his child, which is inexcusable to everyone who resides in that sub-House. The other House that banned them, the House of Love and Affection, also saw their mistreatment towards their own wives, though Borden has the blame on this but Angier is still banned over his actions and personal feud over him on it, which became the source of his obsession.
  • After seeing the sequence of events that led to the destruction of each other's lives, one has to wonder who exactly was at fault for the vicious cycle of revenge. While Robert Angier can be seen as the suspect given his increasingly obsessive attempts at besting his rival, Alfred Borden is no different, seeing that the entire cycle was his fault to begin with and was just as equally vicious as Angier was in regards to his acts. During a case study within the House of Law and Justice, the Wright Anything Agency decided to pick up their case to potentially answer what happened, with Trucy leading it. According to her analysis, both are at fault but if she had to pick who was the sole person responsible for the cycle, she pointed at Borden for not answering to Angier regarding his wife's death from a misplaced knot. As the case went further, and with assistance from both Apollo and Athena, they found Angier's actions to be almost to the bordering of extreme obsession, which also responded with Borden one-upping his rival alongside his obsession to his craft. This led to the lawyer-magician rather traumatized as she had dealt with a similar revenge-ridden magician who held a grudge against her family line of magicians. After the case study, she has since avoided the two, out of fear for their revenge and the possibility that Roger Retinz might end up ascending.
  • A session for Nikola Tesla led to him being absent for three days, of which the name Angier, rang a bell to him. A portion of his memories led to him slowly remembering that he had been assisting two magicians, except he only helped Angier at the time. He was supposed to meet with Borden but it turns out that he pushed Angier into Tesla's assistance hoping it would waste his fortune on what would seem to be a fake machine for his Transported Man trick. The catch was that Nikola did manage to create a machine for Angier and became the basis for his trick through the use of duplication. That said, the machine did come with a price, not on a monetary case, but from a self-destructive perspective. Given what happened to Angier, he was sorely disappointed that the magician's obsession overcame his sensibilities and payed dearly for it. As for their presence in the Pantheon, Angier has refused to return to Tesla his machine, seeing that obsession will never stop, not even in a different dimensional plane.
    Tesla: I have dealt with obsessive tendencies Angier, perhaps you should destroy that machine as I had warned you.
    • That said, they are not limited to Tesla when it comes to assistance in magic. One of their visited clients was Abra Kadabra, who was more than willing to share them his technology, even if it was a bit costly. This was however short-lived as their dealings caught wind from the Flash, who warned the two to cast aside their revenge and reconsider their deals with him, showing a narcissistic attitude that disgusted both of them. When Abra Kadabra approached them one last time, the two willingly declined and had Borden shoot him down, ending their deals with him for good. Some rumors have shown however that a portion of his technology was stolen, hinting that Angier's later performances had traces of his "magic".
  • After the case study from the Wright Anything Agency, other magicians heard about the duo and were less than pleased hearing their fates. Most blame on Angier and his increasingly obsessive actions, such as the numerous clones locked in many water tanks but others equally blame Borden and his insane dedication to stage magic, as well as the person who is possibly responsible for tying the knot too tight that lead to Angier's wife drowning and kicking him off the deep end, not to mention him not apologizing after. With their duels still continuing in the Pantheon, other stage magicians have since avoided them and the same can be said towards them, seeing that their acts will now have to contend with other magicians' acts, vying for attention for many audiences. This is especially aggravating for Angier, since now he has to repeatedly use his machine to newer acts.
    • The first one to call both of them out was Kaito as he noted that their unwillingness to let go of their obsessions to be petty at best and outright disastrous at worst and seeing what happened to them afterwards, it mostly ended on a sour note. Zatanna was equally horrified, especially what the two did to their twin and clones for Borden and Angier respectively, calling the two unjustifiable for their revenge. The two, especially Angier spoke back however, calling the two to be inconsiderate of what they had to endure, whilst the two were simply living their lives in great measure. Since then, the four never spoke back, showing that any signs of amicability are lost between the magicians.
    • Out of all the magicians within the Pantheon, the famed Wizard of Oz sees the two as the most violent type of magicians he has ever encountered. The extent of which the two fueled each of their obsessions-then-turned-revenge was staggering even for someone as experienced as him. While he commends their efforts in their acts, that is where the praise ends. Ever since the duo had arguments towards Kaito and Zatanna, they have been hesitant to make more arguments with other magicians, the Wizard of Oz included, of which he finds to be a sign of cowardice for the duo, or rather, a lack of admittance that indeed, their acts were ultimately too much.
    • When the pair of magicians ascended, Rynn Jacobs first thought one of them was Mario but upon closer inspection, she was absolutely shocked to see how far the two magicians were willing to go against each other, so much that she locked the entire house. While the two could care less about her, she was willing to dig up what happened to the two and was even more horrified about the fate of the duo's respective wives. Borden's obsession with his acts lead to his wife Sarah committing suicide and might have been responsible for Angier's wife to drown because of a tight knot, leading to his original feud. This lead to her appreciating her limited time with Mario even more as she was confident her lover to be kind and not as vengeful as the two.
  • Borden: Are you watching closely?
  • Angier: Man's reach exceeds his imagination!

    Edmond Dantès, The Count of Monte Cristo 
Edmond Dantès, God of Revenge (The Count Of Monte Cristo, Lord Wilmore, Sinbad the Sailor, Abbé Busoni, Monsieur Zaccone, Number 34, The Maltese Sailor, Zatara)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The Isle of Monte Cristo, alternatively Château d'If or him barely crouching on a rock against the sea
  • Theme Song: Hell To Your Doorstep
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral but with Chaotic Good intentions.
  • Portfolio: Once a dutiful sailor who was wrongly accused and imprisoned leading to his desire for vengeance, determined to escape the prison and gain his revenge, created several identities and disguises to mask his return, became rich due to a hidden treasure, takes glee at his revenge after long years but realizes the error of his ways and stops
  • Domains: Revenge, Wealth, Knowledge, Bloodlines, Forgiveness and Redemption
  • Heralds: Abbé Faria, Giovanni Bertuccio, Luigi Vampa, Peppino, Jacopo Manfredi, his slaves Alin and Haydée, (the latter being his would-be lover afterwards)
  • Allies: V, Judah Ben-Hur, Afro Samurai, The Bride, Prince Hamlet
  • Mixed Reception: The actual Sinbad the Sailor
  • Sought after by: The House of Commerce
  • On Speaking Terms with: Napoléon Bonaparte, most members of the House of Revenge & Retribution, especially his fellow Guardians
  • Opposes: The House of Law and Justice
  • Opposed by: The House of Family and Relatives
  • As a regular sailor, Frenchman Edmond Dantès is having the time of his life. His luck has given him a ship, and a romantic life with his beloved Mercédès. All was well, until he was suddenly framed on his wedding day for having connections to Napoleon as a spy, which leads to his arrest and confiscation of his efforts. His attempts of innocence would also be dashed as the prosecutor who would be able to find him innocent found a letter connecting his father to a Bonaparte conspiracy, immediately sending him to Chateau d'If, becoming a political prisoner. After years of waiting and hoping, he would lose all hope and attempt to starve himself to death until one faithful meeting with an Italian priest would teach him new lessons and become his mentor in harsh times at prison, where upon his death, told him of a rumored treasure hidden underneath the Monte Cristo. When he escaped, he found the treasure and became rich, slowly climbing into the ranks of the royalty, building his identities and plotting against those who wronged him, no longer by the identity of Dantès, but as the Count of Monte Cristo.
  • On one of the few days of the Count's last moments with Haydée before their departure, their ship landed in an unknown island, unusual for a place within the Orient to suddenly have a bustling scene unless it was an occupied port. During which, he was met with a courier who wished to sign the Count a contract, claiming of greater riches and a new future specifically for him. When he signed the contract, the sight of the busy port was gone and what was replaced was a temple laden with gold. The Count was confused, until he saw his title, his true identity, named as a "God". The realization finally hit the Count, he had become a god himself, and this place he was in, the Pantheons, was proof that his godhood was indeed true.
  • It is said that anyone who has ever pledged a portion of their life to their vengeful desire has empowered the Count to a great degree, as his story is one of, if not the most well-known tale of revenge. Being the God of such has led to the Count being a respected figure within the House and even outside to those who recognized him. Edmond's tale of patience and plotting are second-to-none, becoming what many believe to be the hallmark of retribution, as his revenge was not only satisfying, but it also showed what entailed to his revenge, be it the misery of his opponents, to the cost and eventual madness that resulted when one goes to the path too far. He has taken his position with great pride, becoming the House's very own mediator and representative.
    • As one of the main Guardians, Dantès' relationship with his fellow representatives is of highly mixed reactions. He may be an advocator of revenge and forgiveness, but some vengeful acts are understandable and others not so much. The ones he sympathizes are Niko Bellic and Sakura Matou, as their acts are equal to the suffering they have dealt with and while Sakura gets the better half, Niko's life has never improved, even when meeting (and either killing or sparing) Darko, who was the sole person responsible for his friends' ambush. Maleficent and Borden and Angier are the ones he has great opposition with, as the former's revenge was not of equal measure, dare he calls it petty, while the two magicians' actions is something he never considered in his time of vengeance, since no one from the opposing families ever laid a finger on him or his bloodlines. If anything, the magicians' repeated acts have shown a nasty side effect that even he never thought of.
  • Before becoming the Count, Dantès was a simple man of which enjoyed his luck, but when it was taken away, his life took on a turn for the worse, losing faith in justice and believing that if justice was incapable of punishing the wrong, self-justice was the only way. A firm believer of revenge, the Count has ever since opposed the entire House of Law and Justice, seeing their presence to be no better than his time at France, corrupt, slow and incapable of delivering justice. The House of which he represents proposes that to anyone frustrated with the justice system and its corrupted core is better off giving justice, appropriate to the offense done, by their own hands, and the Count is not afraid. The same can be said to the other side, believing that Edmond's actions were unnecessary and should have been left to the authorities, of which both sides will constantly argue in who is exactly in the right.
    • Speaking of the government, the Count's life was in a sudden shakeup when news of Napoleon's presence caught up to him. He knows that the letter that resulted to his arrest had links to Napoleon, which made him guilty of connections to the Bonapartist party and has heard of his tale of vengeance. However, the Count has personally spoken to Napoleon and has agreed regarding his vengeance, as he has stopped pursuing it once he was satisfied with it. They have remained on neutral speaking terms, with the two having no problem with each other.
  • Apart from that one House and his domain, the Count's stature and reputation has lead to a staggering amount of interest on him, for instance, the House of Commerce has set sights on his treasure with many making guesses and wagers on how much is his actual treasure. He sees this as petty, as the royalty as proven that even in the modern times, people will still flock to the richest out of a desire for greed, rather than using said riches for betterment. On the other hand, the House of Family and Relatives have opposed him on the basis for his actions of his opponents' second generational families, causing untold harm and even the murder-suicide of Villefort's wife and young child. Their opposition to him has become a stark reminder of his actions and has since tried to atone for it.
  • One of the few people he has found common ground upon ascension was a chariot racer going by the name of Judah Ben-Hur, who much like the Count, came into light to avenge himself and his family from the Romans after being falsely accused for a government conspiracy. Their origin stories are quite similar, however Ben-Hur talks of the Crucifixion and his desire for forgiveness, of which Dantès understands. While he may be one of the few key handlers of the House of Revenge and Retribution, he is also one of the very few on that House who has accepted the idea of forgiveness, a rather controversial idea given that he was one of the few figures who popularized the idea of retribution, but he also reinstates that with retribution comes forgiveness, that at some point, forgiving someone will give way to closure. Evidence of the two's similarities and possible origin all point that Ben-Hur has derived a bit from the Count's tale, if not added with the Christian symbolism to make his different.
  • The Count's tale is among the most well-known revenge stories known to man, but it would not take long till he would hear that vengeful tales have expanded beyond his influence, and has found two catalysts for such expansion, one being Afro Samurai and the other simply named "the Bride". He finds amusement in that the tale of vengeance has no longer referred to ruining the person's life via riches or other methods, but through gruesome and bloodied ways. Edmond's reaction is of equal disgust and understanding, in that he is disgusted by the amount of bloodshed needed to accomplish one's desire but understands (in some situations) why they would resort to such, if one is to take up a vow for revenge, the punishment must be equal to the inflicted pain one has done towards another. Both Afro and Beatrix have taken the Count's statement as a blessing of sorts.
    • Among his followers, none have come to such adoration as V, the rebel who brought down the Norsefire government in such a vengeful fashion, that he was mighty impressed. The terrorist has stated how he has seen his story as one of the main inspirations for is rebellion, so much so that his herald, Evey, has spoken how she's pitiful for Edmond's would-be wife Mercédès. His sacrifice was enough for him to see V's true nature and has accepted him under his wing, becoming one of V's staunch supporters.
    • This popularity of his has also become an inspiration of sorts, but also from the perspective of how bad revenge can get on anyone involved, best shown with Prince Hamlet. In a time where revenge has slowly seen acceptance, Hamlet's tale shows the tragic consequences that the Count has never dealt with: heavy guilt, misplaced killings and turmoil of the lives of everyone who has interacted with the Prince, including the very nation he lived in. As more of these stories come in, he has taken Hamlet's message personally and has used his retelling of events as a reminder that even in the face of vengeance, forgiveness is also something to consider later on.
  • One of the few identities Edmond took upon himself following his escape from Chateau d'If was Sinbad the Sailor, of which tells of a merchant who sails the high sees in hopes of opening new trade routes and earning riches across the whole world. As he had to build his riches, it would make sense why he would take such mantle, however less so in the Pantheon, as the actual Sinbad has heard of what Edmond has done in his tenure as "Sinbad". Now the Count has no issue with the merchant and has used his moniker to gain enough riches to save one of his most loyal companies from bankruptcy and suicide which impressed him but has told him to be careful when using his moniker in the Pantheon, as it would end up mixing up between him and the real deal. He has taken the warning to heart and has used it less in his tenure in the Pantheon.
  • Until the day when God shall deign to reveal the future to man, all human wisdom is summed up in these two words - Wait and hope.

Maleficent, Goddess of Revenge from Not Being Invited (Mistress of All Evil, The Dark Fairy, Draconic Mage)
Maleficent's Dragon Form 
Her appearance in her gaiden film 

    Niko Bellic 
*Pruit Igoe plays*

Life is complicated. I killed people. Smuggled people. Sold people. Perhaps here... things will be different.

Niko Bellic, Patron Saint of Hollow Revenge (Нико Белић, Nikolai, Nico, Nick, Nicky Boy, Mister Mansion, Bad Boy, Boy, N, NB, Brother, "Mysterious European", Yokel, Money)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His iconic Outfit.
  • Theme Song: Soviet Connection
  • Alignment: Intends to be True Neutral but heavily leans on Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: A (hinted) Serbian who moves to Liberty City out of a desire to have a new life, once a soldier of a war who resorted to crime, protective of his cousin Roman, retains his skills as a crminal since he's good at, entered the city out a desire for revenge and has a tendency to keep said revenge
  • Domains: Crime, War, Assassins, Revenge, the American Dream
  • Herald: Little Jacob
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Luis Fernando Lopez, Huang Lee (on more amicable terms), Tony and his crew, the Cabot Crew, the Boss of the 3rd Street Saints, Agent 47, Duke Togo/Golgo 13, Revy, Yoh Hinomura and Emu Hino
  • Source of Interest for: Many Goddesses from the subhouses of Lust
  • Opposed by: Travis Bickle
  • Enemies:
  • Coming from an unknown country, ex-criminal Niko Bellic entered Liberty City in the hopes of getting a new life thanks to his cousin Roman Bellic's emails of his rich life: mansions, sportscars and lots of women, were the experience his cousin described to him in his emails. Unfortunately, such a thing was considered too good to be true; the "mansion" was a run-down apartment, "sports cars" were taxi cabs and a large amount of debt was all Roman had, leading Niko back into the world of crime. Later on, he would reveal a dark motive for him entering Liberty City, as an ambush back in the war left him and two others to survive, wanting revenge for his lost friends. What was once just a desire for a new life turns into a desire for revenge as Niko would slowly go through his way to the ruts of the city, getting him and cousin away from various gangs and mafia and getting his conclusion, seeing the reason for his friends' betrayal. In the end, Niko got what he wanted, yet it dawned in him as to whether or not he was satisfied after the hell he went through, the hell known as Liberty City.
  • Following Niko's run-ins with the police, he escaped and was ready for a breather, of which he stayed in one of his apartments. Once he woke up, something changed, what was once the bustling city was turned into a serene background of blue skies and green grass, even the apartment he was in moments before turned into a golden temple in the blink of an eye. Shocked, he would turn around and see a new view, this time a heavy looking figure who was pointing at a certain direction, to which he recognized the person coming to him. Oddly enough, it was Roman, who was more than excited to see his cousin and just before he knew it, the figure was gone and he and Roman are back on the same apartment, only this time, the label "God" was on him.
  • Many deities are rather proud of their ascensions, though Niko is not one of them. Having dealt with the mired mess that is Liberty City, he has his reservations and doubts regarding the "new life". Having been sucked out to America for The American Dream, it is understandable, which makes him a rather odd one out as he tries to adapt to the Pantheon lifestyle, but can't seem to find a good footing for himself. This is normal for him, as he's not really someone who can blend in with the rest, and can often stick out very easily, ask Roman, as he has gotten into trouble thanks to his cousin's presence. In addition, being placed within the House of Revenge and Retribution made things more sour for him, as he is a very vengeful man and has not hesitated in stopping his revenge once he's targeted someone. Overall, he's very mixed on ascension as a whole.
  • While not as harsh as Liberty City, many news of various messes occur in many corners of the Pantheon, though he seems to be adjusting a bit due to Roman's presence. In truth, Roman is the last of Niko's life who he considers to be family, given that his homeland has effectively been broken by the war. Much like how his life in Liberty City imitates his Pantheon life, his cousin is the only reason why he's adamant in staying in the Pantheon, protecting and even bonding with him to expand his life. A common warning is that whenever someone harms Roman in any way possible, Niko will mostly definitely chase that person till his last breath, so many have avoided earning his wrath. Later on though, it seems that Roman's connections would show him a few recognizable figures, some of which he has seen in Liberty City, in both good and bad ways.
    • For one, Luis Lopez has no issue with Niko but is weirded out by him following the notable amount of times the two crossed paths following a certain diamond incident. They have no issues with each other but Luis has heard of Niko's infamy, mainly by one of the people he dealt with, Ray Bulgarin. He's more than happy to hear that Luis finished Ray off, which is something he would have had time with when given the chance. In addition, he's also one of the few who Roman often visits, mainly because the Maisonette 9 is a common place he parties at. Meanwhile, Huang Lee seems to have apathy towards Niko, but mainly because the two never met given Huang's events were a year after his and Luis' adventures came into light. Him noticing a Chinese Triad member entering Liberty City is a weird sight for him though.
    • Though as if Lady Liberty has come to curse at Niko once more, his most hated enemy came back in the same place as him: Dimitri Rascalov. Niko's testimonies are proof that trusting Dimitri is one of the worst ideas within the Pantheon, given his track record of betrayals and backstabbing tendencies that have ruined him and his cousin's lives. Unfortunately for Niko, Dimitri has come prepared and with the large-scale size the Pantheon is, he has found friends in various places, leaving him in a more dire situation. This also goes two-ways though as Niko has enough support and many people are aware of Dimitri's notoriety, enough to avoid him out of caution. To him, so long as Dimitri lives, the pain he has dealt with in Liberty City will remain. Oddly enough, he was not the only person he antagonized that ascended as Eddie Low of all people saw him, and Niko's reaction was of utter disgust, on how a creep like him managed to ascend in the Pantheon of all places. Nevertheless, these conflicts are what keeps him on watching over his cousin from time to time.
    • The city he resides in is often a visitor spot, and it seems Liberty City has a few visitors and connections within other states, the most notable being San Andreas and Vice City. Despite having wildly different stories, he has found comfort in some of the people he has met, Tommy Vercetti in Vice City and Michael, Trevor and Franklin, alongside Carl Johnson in Los Santos. While Niko has often remained off-grid in terms of popularity in the Pantheon (being a Guardian in the House he resides in does not help), he has on occasion met and interacted with them out of similar cases. He's also arguably the mediator between them and the silent Claude of Liberty City back in the past as his demeanor and attitude has left others in rivaled terms. In their times hanging out at Maisonette 9, Tommy has been giving Niko ways to cheer him up, and while it does work on occasion, he's still bitter about his lifestyle.
  • As he further explored the Pantheons, he has found and made progress on getting to know the place, with him slowly getting used to the whole deity shtick. Due to his criminal record, Niko's links mostly comes from criminals and outlaws, most of which who sympathize with his past. It also brought with it attention from other assassins and professional crooks, seeing his history to mark him as a rival to their jobs, while also getting attention from cops and the entire House of Law and Justice to finally give him jail time. He has evaded their clutches from time to time, making them a non-issue, not so much on the rivals he got himself into.
    • Having met him on his strolls at Maisonette 9, John Wick sees great company with Niko as the two have equal similarities, their revenge stories, notoriety and brutal executions and killing expertise made them great friends, with John having consideration of contacting him when the going gets tough. When John's past was slowly revealed, he was shocked that he was Belarusian, close to Niko as he is Serbian and thus likely of Russian descent. This made their bond even closer, as the Baba Yaga has taken common visits to the bar, seeing that he trusts him enough.
    Niko: Want to have a drink? Never hurts to see someone so similar.
    John: Yeah, I'll take a drink.
    • News of John's link to Niko attracted a similar man by the name of Mikhail, better known as the Heavy Weapons Guy, of which he was shocked to see that underneath such muscular mass is a man who still has a family with. Mikhail's protection over his sisters, his Russian ancestry and similar motif of entering America as a mercenary resonated with Niko very well, so much so that the Heavy considered him to be his tovarisch, something he trusts to be a good friend with. There are times where he has asked if Niko could work with him in his mercenary work though he has declined, seeing that there new opportunities to be found (even if a bit unpleasant at times).
    • Such friendship would then extend to various outlaws and criminals, who have slowly entered Luis' bar on the times of break and reprieve. He would be approached by three separate guys, Jules Winnfield, Neil McCauley and John Marston, all of which have enjoyed Niko's company despite their differences. Jules' violent demeanor, Neil's criminal advances and John's all-too-familiar revenge story have all been mediated by Niko whenever the three meet, and they seem to appreciate someone like him who is well-rounded to be with. Soon, the Serbian was struck with newer conversations, with Jules attempting to convince him into taking religion and Neil giving him advances on his next big heists. John seems to stay on the back, likely to have a private conversation regarding their revenge and how their lives are similar, too similar if anything is to go by especially by their inability to leave their criminal life for a life of normalcy.
      • The invitation Neil sent to Niko regarding heists has made him a prominent member of Neil's would-be crew for big scores. He has some experience, but that one time he did it ended in tragedy for the McReary family he worked with, so he's not exactly the first pick. His portfolio did earn him some respect to some of Neil's associates, namely the PAYDAY Gang, who sees Niko to be a legendary figure in the criminal underworld but is also a pain in the ass to be with by the likes of Tony's crew and the Cabot Crew, of which the two highlighted him to be too violent and untrustworthy, given that his presence has attracted a lot of heat from both the authorities and rival gangs. He seems to be fine with the offer so Neil has him in touch.
    • Niko's luck was about to run out eventually and once his name got on the headlines, many assassins have considered him to be a rival, if not a threat to their jobs. Now he has experience dealing with assassins by the likes of Yoh Hinomura and Emu Hino and other criminals belonging to other families, but persistent hitmen with the likes of Golgo 13 and Agent 47 has made him more vigilant. His military expertise has helped him escape and even kill anyone attempting to assassinate him, but his personal vendetta goes to Agent 47, not because of his persistent assassinations, but the fact that he looks like the very assassin Dimitri sent to kill him, but instead killed Roman in his wedding, which has left with him with rage whenever he gets into contact with him. It usually ends with 47 finishing him off with one clean shot, or Niko putting several bullets into his body.
    • Many of these rivalries stem from the assassination profession, then there is the Boss of the 3rd Street Saints. During the Serbian's slow debut, the Boss, seeing a radical departure from what he use to know about about his origin was heavily opposed from his extremely bleak worldview and was more than willing to prove that crime life is not all doom and gloom. Niko sees the Boss as extremely crass but has agreed alongside him to leave each other alone. That being said, he has not appreciated the various insults hurled towards him and his cousin, and has tried killing him several times, only to escape Niko's clutches, proving that the Serbian's reputation matters jackshit to someone as the Boss.
  • Out of all the adversaries he has faced, Revy seems to be the odd one out. She has a knack of poaching him and at one point, tried to kill him but her actions towards him are random and seem to be less of killing him for being a threat to the Lagoon Delivery Company and more of testing the waters. On the times she has decided not to kill Niko, she has made jokes of introducing him to Balalaika, of which he outright rejected as he already had enough of mafia work thanks to the Faustin and Bulgarin Bratvas. When she actually ascended, Revy was found humored at such coincidence, as not only does she get to see Niko attempting to flee Hotel Moscow, but has seen the numerous advances Balalaika has made towards him, both from the proposition to work with her, and attempts at romance, something he finds both amusing and weird.
    Revy: I hear Hotel Moscow are having tryouts, Russians only. You'd fit given your history no?
    Niko: Yeah no, I think I'm done with mafias.
    Revy: What about those love letters sent by her? Surely you'd match with her ahaha!
    Niko: (sees the various letters from his mailbox) I've had girlfriends before, but not two of them combined into one, how many letters are there?!
    • This led him to a subsection to the House of Love and Affection where he would be often found in if not in the bar. According to him, he has tried to find advances of love, as he has experience with Kiki, Alex and Carmen, though it does not actually go anywhere. His attempts at finding love, has left him still open but also attracted a lot of lustful deities, seeing his physique to be quite endearing, something of which he finds to be a compliment, if not a rather odd one at that. Since then, there are rumors that he has made some escapades with certain willing women, but has drawn the line at homosexuals, as due to his friend Packy McReary made him bait for one, and has since found it appalling to never repeat it.
  • When one asks why he hates his lifestyle yet actively participates in it, one of few chilling lines is that after the war, there was nothing he could ever go to that he belonged to. His neighbors are dead, his friends moreso, his mother raped and his homeland burned by the war. In addition, all the lessons he is taught as a soldier cannot be used in a "civil" society, leaving him no other choice but to use his skills for crime, which is where he is professional about it. This is one of the key aspects that drew a connection between him and Frank Castle, since Frank had a similar mindset ever since his family was gunned down, which lead to him taking the Punisher as his moniker. Much like Niko, he's simply out for blood and will gladly die doing what he does best, killing criminals.
    Niko: In the army they prepared me to die, but they never prepared me to live with the things I did.
  • Not all of Niko's experience is a tragedy, as thanks to Roman's connections, he is able to hang out and do weird stuff around the Pantheon, which he is no stranger to. Many of these weird gimmicks include Roman's bowling obsession, culminating in "dirty business", his attempts at being a cabbage farmer, an odd obsession with YELLOW CARS! while drunk and a brawl against his cousin. These string of events has led to an improved morale for him, even if it is for a short while.
    • The YELLOW CAR! incident did however backfire at one point where Niko entered a Taxi, unwittingly entering the taxi of Travis Bickle. Travis may be a no-name driver but his anger towards the population of New York City still rings true for most of the Pantheon, including those within Liberty City. His anger included people like him who enter the city only to shit things up, of which he came a bit to his senses and realized something was off. Moments later, gunfire was heard and police saw what seemed to be a firefight towards the two, seeing the taxi in bullet holes. Once he came back, Roman was in shock seeing that the news of what happened between him and Travis. When curiously asked, he sensed that something about him and the taxi driver felt similar, perhaps it must be about The American Dream, their history with war, or their general attitude.
  • Even with his criminal record, there are lines he has drawn never to cross, among which was drugs. Believe it or not, the person who ruined him in the war and killed his friends did it for drugs, since then he has a personal line that he puts when it comes to those around him, and he proved it, by interrupting a drug trade at one point. Unbeknownst to Niko, that was a package from the Salamancas, of which news came to Hector and ordered a hit to him, to which it did not succeed. Many people were shocked that he managed to anger one of the most dangerous drug cartels to have ever graced the Pantheon, but to him, it is one of the things he is admittedly good at and some argue that the drugs thing with Darko Brevic may have made it personal for him. This is also what got him into Jesse Pinkman's eyes, seeing a great deal of similarity with him due to their forced relations in the life of crime, and eventual escape, though the Slav has envied that Jesse managed to escape his life with a bright future, where as he is not so lucky.
  • "I was good once, I was a normal kid who got sucked into a war he didn't believe in and forced to watch his friends die. Forced to do things he didn't want to in order to survive. If I can get pulled into this world, I can pull myself out".

    Sakura Matou 
Sakura Matou, Goddess of Abuse Retaliations (SakuraFish, Sakura Tohsaka, Parvati, Lancer, Mother Goddess, Kama, Assassin, Avenger, Arcade Archer, Beast III/L, Kama/Mara, Beast of Depravity, Demon King of Summer Mara, Dark Sakura, The Incomplete Lesser Grail, Makiri's Black Holy Grail, Erotical Black Hole)
As Dark Sakura 
While possessed by Parvati 
While possessed by Kama 
Possessed by Kama as an Avenger 
Possessed by Kama as Arcade Archer 
  • Intermediate Goddess. Greater Goddess when summoned as a Lancer, Assassin or being influenced by Angra Mainyu, Overdeity as Beast III/L
  • Symbol: Her Command Seal and her red ribbon bow.
  • Theme Songs: "Another Heaven", "I Beg You" by Aimer, or "Hana no Uta/Song of Flowers". Kama Ataraxia" as Beast III/L
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, Lawful Good with Parvati in control. Chaotic Evil as Dark Sakura and with Kama/Mara/Beast III/L in control.
  • Portfolio: Raised to host and become a fake Grail, having a broken spirit as a consequence, Cherry Blossom Girl, Feminine Women Can Cook, Supposedly having E-Cup breasts, I Just Want to Be Normal, Jealous of anyone going out with Shirou, Beware the Nice Ones, Forced to threaten the world, Resents Rin out of jealousy
  • Domains: Magic, Shadows, Darkness, Sadness, Anger.
  • Heralds: Parvati, Kama and Mara. She only likes the former.
  • Allies:
  • Extremely Complicated Relations With: Miyu Edelfelt, Avenger
  • Enemies: Zouken Matou, Shinji Matou, Gilgamesh (Nasuverse), Kirei Kotomine, Noob Saibot, Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa, Monaca Towa, Ragyo Kiryuin, Fire Lord Ozai, Relius Clover, Professor Hojo, Tenjuro Banno, Dr. Sofia Lamb, Skull Face, Allant, Manus, Master Xehanort, Dante (Full Metal Alchemist), Molag Bal, Asdrubael Vect, Dr. James Marcus, Embryo, Griffith, Dharkon, Sheev Palpatine, Junko Enoshima, Akio Ohtori
  • Unknown Connection to: Zeref
  • Pitied by: Boa Hancock, Shiki Ryougi, Queen Medb
  • Gained interest of: The Pyro (TF2), Mara the Magnificent
  • Special Relationships: Rin Tohsaka (her sister), B.B. and Alter Egosnote 
  • Dreads: Kiara Sesshouin
  • Sakura Matou is Shirou Emiya's underclassman in Homurahara Academy, coming across as a Girl Next Door kind of girl who started to befriended him when he got injured once and sticked around him ever since. But underneath her cheery and nice exterior lies a broken shell of a girl abused by a family that wasn't even hers...
    • She was born Sakura Tohsaka, the daughter of both Tokiomi Tohsaka and Aoi Tohsaka, and the younger sister of Rin Tohsaka. Because of the laws of the Magus world stating that families are not allowed to train more than one heir, Tokiomi gave out her to Zouken Matou, who promised to "train" her to prevent her potential to going to waste, regardless if it was for ill intent or for protection due to her potentially gaining a Sealing Designation. However, this resulted in her life mostly being through hell, and even though Kariya Matou attempted to free her from the Matous, he ultimately failed, and Sakura suffered years of abuse under the Matous, resulting in her resentment for Rin Tohsaka due to her having a better life than her, which reached a breaking point during a timeline where Shirou abandoned his ideals to protect Sakura and as a result of killing Shinji Matou via decapitation due to his last attempt to rape her, she gave in to her bond of Aŋra Mainiiu, and becoming Dark Sakura in the process. Eventually, however, Rin managed to clear things up to her during the final days of the Holy Grail War, and this resulted in her breaking her bonds with Aŋra Mainiiu, though after managing to destroy Zouken's soul.
    • Sakura ascended for retaliating against her abusers, which most deities can't help but admit that it's cathartic to see. She decides to keep her title in order to empower and prove to the abused that what they are going through can be decided from within.
  • The two people she was ever truly nice to, Shirou and Rider are among the first to greet her in. Shirou was the one to truly save her from not only herself, but from All The World's Evil that was slowly corrupting her and Rider (her original Servant) also did helped him during that time; together, the two vow to always defend Sakura whenever she needs their help and console her in times of duress.
    • Saber was able to befriend Sakura in the modern age, even enjoying her cooking in her prominent timeline. After Sakura reprimand her for not stopping Shirou, Saber recognizes that she too have a guilty conscience like herself; when Sakura heard she brought up bad memories, she tries to make up to her though Saber insists she's alright. They have a more positive relationship than people thought, squabbles notwithstanding.
    • Saber Alter does not truly blame Sakura for everything (that "honour" goes to Avenger), in fact she also sees how she suffered and how she felt similar to hers given that she was the attempt of Britain's "ideal hero" aspect, albeit much darker. Sakura herself is creeped out by the fact that she has command over a corrupted version of Saber (though she doesn't question her as her dark self) so she tries to play nice to her every time they meet despite Angra Mainyu not bringing them together anymore.
    • She and Rin have been patching up their relationship once they heard each other's awful lives while growing up. Nowadays, their relationship is mostly postive with some arguements here and there and Shirou is a little afraid that Sakura might be becoming just like Rin now that she's more confident now.
    • Sakura and Taiga definitely get along well, though Sakura's only criticisms of her is that she goes overboard with the teasing of her relationship with Shirou and just her general behaviour in general. Illya is okay with Sakura dating Shirou, despite facing her dark self and not having any chance to hang out with Shirou herself and Sakura likewise doesn't mind having Illya around.
    • At first, the younger Illya from another world along with Miyu and Chloe are a little wary of Sakura considering that the Sakura they know was well-adjusted at first then died and later come back unhinged as a doll when she fought them; while Sakura has a dark self that can come up if she's angry or threatened, she's actively trying to keep it and her resentments in check which is better than nothing for them and besides, she is being nice to them.
    • It's obvious that Sakura is at unease when Zouken and Shinji are in the Pantheons, because they are the ones abusing her during her period of growing up and turning her into an artificial Grail in order to gain true immortality. Luckily for her, Sakura doesn't have to face them alone as she have friends old and new ready to defend her and besides, killing them in cold blood is already done since they have bad memories of their deaths at her hands. Gilgamesh wants her to pay for killing him unceremoniously when she became Dark Sakura and she likewise don't like him for his arrogant attitude; this extends to Kotomine, Gil's most trusted associate who played her and Rin like a fiddle by gaslighting her resentments towards her and also had a hand in turning her into Dark Sakura to satiate his desire of seeing the suffering of others.
    • The Master of Chaldea has met Sakura through Rin and his politeness actually warmed Sakura's heart, reminding her of Shirou's own kindness and gentle care and they become friends from there on. Ritsuka hears her story out, and now fully understands why Parvati and Kama both choose her as a vessel...
    • Sir Lancelot deeply sympathized with Sakura as he too lost his mind while swallowed whole by the darkness in his heart as a Berserker, so much so that he doesn't try to court her romantically out of chivalry. Sakura appreciates the gesture and she returns the same feelings of sympathy for him.
    • Shiki Ryougi can feel some pity for her, if only because of how she met a similar person, Fujino Asagami who also had the same backstory as her though she can tell that Sakura has been through worse than Fujino. Queen Medb also shares her sympathy to Sakura since she too was raped, even offering to end Shinji and Zouken's lives at her request which is usually answered with refusal.
    • B.B., as well as Meltlilith and Passionlip of the Sakura Five visited Sakura to see their "mother"note . Sakura was taken aback at first, since she finds it strange that these girls happened to look like her but later got herself used to their presences; she is also unnerved that B.B. is a lot like her dark self, only more manipulative and dangerously playful and hopes she herself and Rider can fully keep B.B. and the other two in check.
  • Like Rin before, Sakura's body was hijacked by Parvati, the Hindu goddess of fertility, love, and devotion and Kama, the Hindu embodiment of love and one of Parvati's enemies in an alternate reality. Parvati and Kama each possess her good and bad sides respectively with Parvati having Sakura's resentment as a little negative and Kama forgetting what was it's like to be loved; Sakura favours Parvati because of the latter's kindness and helping to preserve her life while trying not to speak to Kama who is just as heartless as her dark self.
    • Mara, Kama's Buddhist counterpart, also hijacked her evil side. Needless to say, there were some... adjustment issues when he and Kama ascended. Because of how her other counterpart (AKA Beast III/R Kiara Sesshouin) cannot stand her, the GUAG has authorized her becoming Beast III/L in the event this happens, much to her and Parvati's horror. And since the ascended Mara now wants to "get inside of her", she is still having flashbacks to the Crest Worms due to Mara resembling what basically is a giant dick.
    • Ganesha, Parvati's son pays a visit to Sakura once he heard she hosted his mother. After hearing of her tragedy, Ganesha assures her she will have his protection even if Sakura has no plans to convert to Hinduism.
  • After her ascension, she is still in the possession of Aŋra Mainyu's power and influence and can turn into Dark Sakura if her buttons are pressed inappropriately. Because of this, she is forbidden to go near the temple of Manus, Father of the Abyss less she be corrupted by the Abyss and ending up into something much WORSE than Dark Sakura.
    • Is often defended by the knight Artorias as he knows what it is like to live in that kind of state. However, she found herself more common in Slave Knight Gael, given that both went through hell in their lives and eventually were corrupted by external forces (Aŋra Mainiiu for Sakura, Consumption of the Dark Soul for Gael), though unlike her, Gael knew he had to consume the Dark Soul to obtain the blood of the Dark Soul for his lady's painting and didn't live to see that day come true. She pities them both because of this.
    • By virtue of allying with Artorias, Sakura became antagonized by King Allant XII who lost his mind when he found out that the "God" of his world is the Old One, who is hellbent on destroying everything. Allant wants Sakura to see his point of view that everything is meaningless and must be destroyed so that she understands but unfortunately for him, she refuses to subscribe to such a bleak worldview.
    • Speak of the devil, Avenger caught up to Sakura who had a contract while she was her dark self and while the contract was severed, he can make it anew if it's possible; he even calls her "mom" in jest in reference to the fact that she was supposed to give birth to him into the world. Sakura sees him as a dark reminder of said dark self, and wisely distances herself from him lest it happens again.
  • Has befriended both Raven and Shinji Ikari because of their shared background of being use by their families and nearly destroying the world, something that Sakura feels hit too close to home; Raven struggled hard to keep her father Trigon the Terrible sealed within her and Shinji ultimately wanting Gendo's approval even though the latter did not care for him. Riku Asakura AKA Ultraman Geed was not used by his father, Ultraman Belial but Belial did want his son dead which is just as worse than Trigon's and Gendo's ambitions.
    • Shiori Kurashiki sees a lot of herself in Sakura too, in being a Girl Next Door-type of love interest and having a secretive dark side that came up later in their respective conflicts and was horrified that Sakura has been through a lot worse than her while Sakura was saddened that Shiori was dead for a long time before any of her friends found out. Yuzu Hiiragi, a friend of Shiori also felt bad for Sakura, seeing her as not unlike Yuya who was planned to become Z-ARC's next reincarnation to destroy the dimensions and Sakura likewise was horrified that a war between dimensions can be just as worse as a Holy Grail War.
  • Was in the archery club in her mortal life and is pretty good with a bow, so much so that Ayako Mitsuzuri gave her the captain of the club position for that. This got the attentions of Yukari Takeba, Hanzo Shimada, Hawkeye and Merida who recognize her prowess with a bow and often invite her to practices; she often politely declines and she accepts when she's free but she's also willing to fill in for Yukari as the captain of Elysium Academy's archery club whenever she's unavailable.
  • Because of the sexual abuse by Shinji Matou and the crest worms, the latter of which she had suffered since she was five, Sakura has developed an inferiority complex and is disgusted with herself whenever she thinks of Shirou in a sexual manner.
    • Abuse victims like Casca, Mitsuko Souma, Painwheel and Boa Hancock have met up with her to relate their stories from various sources of abuse; their severities vary, but that does not stop Sakura from sympathizing with them all.
      Sakura: Oh dear... I'm so sorry...
    • As she went through the same level of abuse but with friends which ended up in death, Misao befriended Sakura out of relating to her pain. Ditto with Tsumiki, though she often let herself be abused just to find anyone that legitimately love her and greatly attach herself to them once she does. Sakura hopes that a support clique for girls like her will be formed soon because they can only rely on each other for so long.
    • Satellizer el Bridget was also a victim of abuse at the hands of her brother like Sakura, only that he's the younger one and they both made up; Satellizer is pissed that Shinji is like Louis' worst parts embodied and encourages Sakura to become stronger just like her and stay away from people like Shinji. Anri Sonohara also relate strongly to Sakura in admiring strong-willed men, having abusive pasts and trying to overcome their darkest sides (Dark Sakura and Anri's weapon Saika); she feels sad for Sakura's state and promises to help her vanquish her abusers, something Sakura is happily grateful for.
    • She also dislikes worms for that very reason, so the only worms in the Pantheon are Earthworm Jim, who happens to be a heroic figure, the Worms who happen to be too busy blowing themselves up in a lighthearted matter and Dr. James Marcus who disgusts her for not only allying with Zouken but also bringing up bad memories of having crest worms inside her and she is horrified of the implications that could happen should he tamper with them.
  • Despises Ragyo for her actions against her daughters, reminding her of her own sexual abuse; the fact that it brought up terrible memories of her biological father abandoning her didn't help that much. This also go out to other Abusive Parents like Fire Lord Ozai, Relius Clover, Tenjuro Banno, Professor Hojo and Dr. Sofia Lamb who all treated their children like dirt in order to achieve their selfish goals. The aforementioned villains all scoff sakura off, believing her to be a pushover, but Hojo and Relius recognizes her potential as a weapon of mass destruction and began to consider fitting her into their nefarious plans...
    • Similar actions are also why she despises Skull Face for what he did to Paz and Chico, and he had only one response to her:
      Skull Face: I know how you feel, I've felt that. So, show me that you can take your revenge against those you hate. Do you see me now?
  • Asdrubael Vect and Molag Bal got on the tippity-top of her shitlist just by advocating endless torture to their victims and Molag Bal especially for advocating rape, something she can't fully condone not after what Shinji had done to her. They both see her as the ultimate playtoy to torture, even after hearing about her despair and Asdrubael sees said despair to be worth for a feast, something that made Sakura very fearful of him.
    Asdrubael: “This child’s screams of yearly pain and agony; this will satiate Slaanesh for years, but for us it will keep us alive, forever!”
    • Abusers and rapists like Embryo, Akio Ohtori and Griffith also get no respect from Sakura as well for the above reasons. They don't mostly care for her, seeing her as a obstructing insect except for Embryo who was fascinated by her strong spirit in spite of her dark past and self.
    • Greater villains like Master Xehanort, Emperor Sheev Palpatine and Dharkon are seeking to utilize her into their respective plans once they heard of her terror as Dark Sakura. Sakura is having none of that and is currently seeking protection from the GUAG so that they can't lay their hands on her ever.
  • Despite her habit of resenting anyone, Sakura is ultimately a Nice Girl and she does not wish any further harm. This gotten her some friction with Masato Kusaka AKA Kamen Rider Kaixa, Monaca Towa and Junko Enoshima who have no problem expressing their jerkassery to everyone; Kusaka thinks she has stopped being a human the moment the crest worms entered her (which is a low blow), Monaca belies her ulterior motives behind a fake nice facade and Enoshima finds her despair something to totally live through for herself. Naturally, Sakura stays away from these toxic people.
    • Speaking of Kamen Riders, she also met Mitsuzane Kureshima AKA Kamen Rider Ryugen who also resents his older sibling out of jealousy and temporarily became a villain when their inner demons consume their mentality. Micchy was a little scared of Sakura at first, but later sympathized with her once he got to know her and Sakura was a sad that Micchy did not let his friends get close to him because he wanted his brother's acknowledgement, which is why Micchy fell into villainy in the first place.
  • Sakura and Rin hates Dante of the Deep Forest for her body-swapping ways which reminds them too much of Zouken. Dante herself even considered pulling this trick on them to take advantage of their levels of mana, but she knows their allies will prove to be tough challenges to face to get there.
  • During a visit to the House of Anger, Sakura was met by Zeref and he approached her for... something. Not many know what was discussed in their conversation, but Sakura seemed startled and confused by the black mage. It seemed Zeref wanted to learn about the female after hearing some details about her suffering. He felt the woman could have been given a Curse like he was and planned to offer some support, but then his thoughts became twisted as he all of a sudden instead he wanted to help her gain revenge against those who hurt her. Sakura was wise enough to politely turn him down and he strangely accepts; to this day, she still doesn't know why he approached her for.
  • Thanks to a certain incident involving her dreams of her being a princess and candy, she has caught the interest of the Pyro, who believe that she has a connection to Pyroland. She is unnerved by this.
  • She is often considered to be the Good Counterpart of Noob Saibot, due to having darkness powers, getting corrupted by dark entities, once was under control of an evil sorcerer and having problems with a sibling. Sakura is horrified at this comparison since Noob embraced his evil unlike her who wanted to be good and live normally in spite of her resentments. Noob treats her abusive past like it's nothing and made it all about himself going to kill Sakura in cold blood, which both offended her and put her and Rider on high alert.
  • Has no idea where those pics of her biting on a fish came from. Well, at until she found out that the Itazura Griefers have been actually posting those pictures every day until she liked it. She was not amused.
  • "If I become a bad person, would you be able to forgive me?"

Since his ascension, Naughty Bear has been placed as one of the house's go to allies to help with their plans of revenge.

Alternative Title(s): Vengeance